Reports of the VII International Scientific and Technical Conference “Development and Reliability Improvement of Distribution Networks”

Organizer: PJSC ROSSETI.
“ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and Distribution” journal.
In association with: 
CIS Electric Power Council, National Research University MPEI, Melentiev Energy Systems Institute, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
JSC UNECO, Tavrida Electric Group of companies, Association ERA Rossii, Encore Engineering, Promenergo, Forenergo®, POLYPLASTIC Group, VostokEnergoService.

Plenary part
150SpeakerTopic of the report
Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
Opening speech
Deputy Minister of Energy of the Republic of Belarus (Minenergo)
Opening speech.
The current state and development prospects of the electric grid complex in the conditions of power industry digital transformation of the Republic of Belarus
Andrey V. MAYOROV, 
Ph.D., First Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of Rosseti, Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC ROSSETI)

Opening speech.
Improving the reliability of Rosseti Group distribution networks by increasing its observability and controllability

Nikolay D. ROGALEV,

D. Sc., Rector of National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”
Opening speech (video message)
President of the Energy Employers’ Association “ERA of Energy”
Opening speech.
Possibilities of using Federal Law no.238 “On independent assessment of qualifications” for monitoring the training level of distribution networks employees and improving their qualifications

Roman V. KUTASIN, 

Deputy Head of the Department of State Energy Supervision of Rostekhnadzor
Opening speech
Section 1: Strategic Issues of Electric Distribution Networks Development
SpeakerTopic of the report
Dmitry B. GVOZDEV, 
Ph.D., First Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of Rosseti Moscow Region, PJSC
Experience in the implementation of innovative equipment in the distribution electrical networks of PJSC Rosseti Moscow Region
Anatoly I. KIVA, 
Ph.D., First Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of Mosoblenergo JSC
System for automatic disconnection of 6–10 kV overhead transmission lines with insulated neutral in case of a single-phase ground fault
D. Sc., Head of the Center for Intelligent Electric Power Systems and Distributed Power, the Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ERI RAS)
Improving the reliability of distribution electric networks operation through the introduction of power storage systems
Dmitry S. KRUPENEV, 
Ph.D., Head of the Laboratory “Reliability of Fuel and Energy Supply” of Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ESI SB RAS)
Reliability assessment of modern distribution networks during operation
Mikhail Y. LVOV, 
D. Sc., Director for Technical Policy and Audit, Joint Stock Company “United Energy Company” (JSC “UNECO”)
Technological design of the 20 kV megapolis electrical network
Alexander V. SHATERNIK, 
First Deputy Director – Chief Engineer of the Branch “Enterprise of dispatching and technological control facilities” of Grodno republican unitary enterprise of electric power industry “Grodnoenergo” (Republic of Belarus)
Communication systems development in power distribution networks
Andrey V. ANTONOV, 
Head of the Information Security Department of the Samara Distribution Grids, Branch of Rosseti Volga, PJSC
Burning issues of ensuring cybersecurity
Section 2: Increasing the efficiency of distribution electrical networks
SpeakerTopic of the report
PhD, Deputy General Director for Technical Policy Rosseti R&D Center
Development of distribution power system based on scientific approach, 6–20 kV network’s operating modes and introducing specialized software solutions
Alexey A. MISHANIN, 
Deputy General Director for Technical Issues – Chief Engineer of Public joint stock company of power industry and electrification of Kuban (Kubanenergo PJSC)
Power supply reservation for remote settlements located in hard-to-reach areas using a reverse transformation scheme and reclosers
Yuri A. ROGACH, 
Director of the RUP “Minskenergo” branch “Molodechnenskie elektricheskie seti” (Republic of Belarus)
OMZAL-3 microprocessor-based system for identifying and localizing the place of insulation damage relative to the ground
Head of Electrical Equipment Department, RN-Vankor, LLC
New approaches to the electric grid complex organization based on ready-to-use mobile modular electrical installations
Alexander M. BORZYKH, 
Head Of The Department Of Distribution And Cable Networks Of PJSC Rosseti Kuban
Solving the issue of electric power supply for challenging settlements with a constant increase in population and load in conditions of limited sources of financing
Head of the Technical Department, Limited Liability Company “ROSTEKELEKTROSETI”, Krasnodar
Power supply reservation of the 10 kV electrical network for socially significant facilities. Application of independent power supply sources
Igor N. DMITRIEV, Ph.D.,
Head of the Department for Technical Re-equipment and Reconstruction, Maintenance and Repair of IDGC of Urals, JSC
The practice of using backup power supply sources for reverse transformation to ensure uninterrupted power supply during emergency recovery work
Andrey Y. MAKAROV, 
Ph.D., Professor of the Department of Energy Industry and Industrial Enterprises Management Systems, Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin
Automation of medium voltage networks as a key direction in the development of power grid
Head of the substation and underground crew, Isla de la Juventud Electric Company
Control system at electrical substations of the electrical network
Section 3: Implementation of new technologies (experience of electric grid companies)
SpeakerTopic of the report
Vladimir N. TULSKY,
Ph.D., Director of MPEI Institute of Electrical Power Engineering
Welcome speech of the moderator
Noradlina ABDULLAH,
Technical Expert (Lightning Protection) TNB Research Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Up-to-date data on the implementation and use of a new type of lightning protection devices for overhead power lines at Tenaga National Berhad, Malaysia
Wei LIU, 
Ph.D., Senior Expert of the Power Distribution Center of the China Electric Power Research Institute (China)
Energy supply reliability evaluation of energy Internet with distribution network as the core
Mostafa SHAABAN, 
Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering College of Engineering (UAE)
Theft detection unit for photo-voltaic generation in smart grid networks
Director of the RUE “Vitebskenergo” Branch Glubokoye Electric Networks (Republic of Belarus)
Ways to reduce technological consumption of electric power in
0.4–10 kV distribution networks of the “Glubokoye Electric Networks”, RUE “Vitebskenergo” Branch
Deputy General Director for Digital Transformation of “Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Centre”, Public Joint-Stock Company (IDGC of Centre, PJSC)
Technologies development for energy storage systems. Practical results
Ph.D., Head of the Department for Technical Re-equipment and Reconstruction, Maintenance and Repair of Rosseti Urals Region (IDGC of Urals, JSC)
Functional implementation of the system “Mobile solutions for maintenance and repair” of IDGC of Urals, JSC
Deputy Director for Technical Issues – Chief Engineer of the branch of Public Joint Stock Company “Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Siberia» (PJSC “IDGC of Siberia”) – “Buryatia Energo”
Experience of 10 kV reclosers application in the construction of a LV switchgear at the 110 kV Sosnovo-Ozerskaya substation (branch of PJSC “IDGC of Siberia” – “Buryatia Energo”)
Deputy Director for Technical Policy and Audit – Head of the Department for Technical Policy and Standardization of Production Processes, Joint Stock Company “United Energy Company” (JSC “UNECO”)
State assessment of the contacts and contact connections of electrical equipment and power lines using thermal indicators
Vyacheslav V. LITVINCHUK, 
Deputy Chief Engineer for the High-Voltage Equipment of the Branch Mogilev Electric Networks RUE Mogilevenergo (Republic of Belarus)
Replacement of 10 kV overhead lines passing through forests with 10 kV cable lines with cross-linked polyethylene insulation. Operational experience. Performance evaluation
Mikhail G. ASTASHEV, 
Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the Converter Technology Laboratory named after K.A.Krug (Stock Company G.M.Krzhizhanovsky Power Engineering Institute)
Power electronics devices for balancing the operating modes of three-phase transmission lines
Jamshed Sh. SHOSAFEDOV, 
10/0.4 kV Distribution Networks Manager, Pamir Energy, OJSC (Tajikistan)

Improving reliability and reducing emergency outages in the electrical network on the example of Pamir Energy Company
Head of the Department for Technical Re-equipment, Reconstruction, Maintenance and Repair of Electric Grid Facilities of IDGC of Northern Caucasus (Rosseti Northern Caucasus), PJSC
Power grid facilities construction and modernization in cramped conditions
Roman V. IVANOV, 
Director of the 0.4–20 kV Networks Operation Department at Rosseti Moscow Region, PJSC
Technologies and methods for the construction of temporary and service lines in Rosseti Moscow Region, PJSC
Deputy Head of the Relay Protection and Emergency Automation Central Service, Department of Operational-Technological and Situational Management, Rosseti Volga, PJSC
Innovative algorithms for building relay protection of electrical networks with a distributed architecture
Head of Department for services implementation and electric power metering of “Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Centre”, Public Joint-Stock Company (IDGC of Centre, PJSC)
Implementation of the software package for identifying unaccounted electric power: results
Mikhail P. FEDOSKIN, 
Deputy Chief Engineer for Technical Development and Operation, Mordovenergo, Branch of Rosseti Volga, PJSC
New technologies for 6-20 and 35 kV overhead lines lightning protection
Veronikа V. BUSHANOVA, 
Deputy Head of Electrical Modes Service of Network Control Center, the Department of Operational, Technological and Situational Management, Rosseti Lenenergo, PJSC
Influence of disconnected arc-suppression coils (lack of capacitive currents compensation) on power supply reliability and damage of cable lines in 6-20 kV distribution network on St. Petersburg city example
Section 4: Work process optimization and personnel safety
SpeakerTopic of the report
Alexander S. PAVLOV, 
Director of Strategic Projects of the “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and Distribution” journal
Welcome speech of the moderator
acting Deputy Director General for Development and Digital Transformation of Rosseti Yantar, JSC
Work process optimization and personnel safety: application of augmented reality technologies and VR simulators for training and advanced training of electric grid companies personnel
Pavel N. YUSHKO, 
Head of the Department of Human Resources Management and Organizational Design, JSC Tyumenenergo (ROSSETI Tyumen)

Organizational structure typification of distribution grid companies on the ROSSETI Tyumen example


Head of the Department of Power Quality and Live Working, Joint Stock Company “Grid Company” (JSC “Grid Company”)

Live working in JSC “Grid Company”
Director of the private educational institution of additional professional education “Center for live working”
Experimental and design activities of the private educational institution of additional professional education “Center for live working” as a contribution to the development of live working method in Russia
Section 5: Power quality assurance and development of new services
SpeakerTopic of the report
Vyacheslav S. MATVEEV, 
Chief Expert of Department of Operational and Technological Management of Rosseti, Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC ROSSETI)
Experience of automatic voltage regulation in electrical networks: modern technologies
Head of Grid Assets Division of the Power Engineering Department of Rosneft Oil Company, PJSC (Rosneft)

Challenges of ensuring power quality in case of equipment damage in 6–35 kV electrical networks
Alexander V. SADOV, 
Head of the Project Office, Acting Head of Digital Transformation Department of JSC “Rosseti Tyumen”
Improving reliability and power quality of “isolated” territories. The use of autonomous hybrid electrical installations based on renewable energy sources and energy storage systems
Sergey E. ROY, 
Chief Engineer of the Production Department “South Karelian Electric Networks” of the Karelian branch of PJSC “Interregional Distribution Grid Company of North-West”
Comparison of ways to improve power quality: strengthening the network or using booster transformers
Bakhtiyor D. RAHMATZODA,
Deputy Director General, Distribution Electric Networks (Tajikistan)
Vyacheslav V. BARTSEV, 
Head of the Department of Dispatch and Technological Control Facilities of RES JSC (Novosibirsk)

Digital telephone information system for consumers due to power outage
Andrey V. MAYOROV, 
Ph.D., First Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of Rosseti, Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC ROSSETI)
Closing speech

«ЭЛЕКТРОЭНЕРГИЯ. Передача и распределение»