Август-Сентябрь 2014

22 августа 2014

Special issue “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and Distribution” for the 45th CIGRE Session (Paris, France), August 2014

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Asset Management

Approach to Developing the Asset Management Maturity Model for JSC “Russian Grids”

Evgenia KORNIENKO, JSC “Russian Grids”, Irina VOLKOVA, National Research University

At present, development and integration of uniform principles and mechanisms of physical asset management (PAM) in all subsidiaries of JSC “Russian Grids” is one of priority directions of the company’s activities. Assessment of PAM organizational maturity level is a tool which enables estimating the maturity degree of PAM components in Subsidiaries. At JSC “Russian Grids” the given tool was suggested as an auxiliary method of shaping PAM development plans of subsidiaries based on common logic. The approach for developing the asset management maturity model is based on quality analysis of conformance of Subsidiaries’ PAM to the upper-level PAM model of JSC “Russian Grids”. PAM maturity organizational level assessment model was developed with reference to the international standard PAS 55 and materials of international companies accredited for PAS 55-based qualifi cation, with account for the nature of currently implemented projects in transmission and distribution companies. The results of the conducted work were used for choosing main directions of PAM development at JSC “Russian Grids” and its subsidiaries.

Grid Control

Development of Monitoring and Control Systems in UES of Russia on the Platform of Phasor Measurements

Andrey ZHUKOV, Deputy Director for UES operation control, Dmitry DUBININ, Head of Department of transient operation monitoring, Oleg OPALEV, Chief Specialist of Department of transient operation monitoring, JSC “SO UES”

Improving the efficiency of modern systems of power system operation supervisory and automatic control is powered by deployment of IT-technology achievements with the use of synchronized phasor measurements of power system operation parameters.

Grid Control

Multifunctional bay controller ARIS C303

Alexander GOLOVIN, Alexey ANOSHIN Engineering company TEKVEL Ltd.

To develop a controller with a unique set of functions, which is capable of operating in harsh environments (wide temperature range, electromagnetic interferences, etc.) as well as simple to use, is a difficult job.

Grid Control

Temperature and Grid Control Density Simulation in Overhead Ground Wire Cable with Fiber Cable (OPGW) under Short Circuit Current Passage

Leonid GUREVICH, Vladimir DANENKO, Dmitry Pronichev, Мikhail TRUNOV, Volgograd State Technical University

Along with the standard information fiber optic cables (FOC), made with dielectric self supporting cables, overhead ground-wire cables made of steel wires with different coatings containing stainless steel module which comprises optical fibers in hydrophobic semi-liquid gel are widely used (OPGW). This design provides necessary mechanical strength and is a product of dual purpose: it performs the traditional role of protecting power lines from lightning strikes and used as communication and data transfer cable.

Equipment Protection

Tеst Models for Explosion Protection of High Voltage Oil Filled Electrical Equipment

Leonid DARIAN, Vladimir POLISCHUK, Aleksey SHURUPOV, CJSC “Technical inspection UES”, Russian Federation Joint Institute for High Temperatures of RAS

Life time of transformers or another HV oil-fi lled electrical equipment (HV OFEE) is about several decades. The gradual degradation of paper-oil insulation occurs under the infl uence of partial discharge, heating, cavitation and other factors in service.

Real Time Monitoring

Solving Tasks of Preventing and Reducing LLC “Gazprom Energo” Power Equipment Malfunctions

Sergey ASOSKOV, Chief Engineer, First Deputy Director General, Vladislav KRUPOVICH, Advisor to Director General, Interim Deputy Director General for Automation, Alexander TSAPENKO, Engineer, Industrial Engineering Division of Technical Department, LLC “Gazprom Energo”

Within the framework of implementation of JSC “Gazprom” energy strategy, LLC “Gazprom Energo” was assigned the role of a unified power grid company. LLC “Gazprom Energo” renders a full range of services on power supply of JSC “Gazprom” subsidiaries, as well as outside consumers by efforts of 11 branches in 42 subjects of RF.

Real Time Monitoring

Diagnostics and Analysis Tools

Andrey LAPTEV, Director General, Pavel LIPATNIKOV, Deputy Head of Development Department, CJSC “Intera”

The technical policy of JSC “Russian Grids” (Rosseti) on development of digital substations without permanent operating personnel, improvement of reliability and operation effi ciency of power grid facilities impose strict requirements on all substation automation components and products.

Real Time Monitoring

New Paradigm of a Digital Substation: Breakthrough Solution from Russia

Working in concert with the Ministry of Energy of Russia represented by Russian Energy Agency, International Exhibition CIGRE 2014 in France will demonstrate the joint technical solution of Russian companies Lysis and PROFOTECH.

Integration of Renewable

“Childhood Diseases” of Small Scale Power Generation


Construction of small-scale generation facilities with their connection to public distribution grids has recently become a world-wide trend, which is actively promoted by government programs on “green energy” development. However, with all advantages of renewable energy sources, their connection to the energy system in long term aspect still arouses many questions. For instance, lately in the energy community one can frequently hear experts airing concerns about the fact that wider integration of small scale and distributed generation facilities creates difficulties in controlling energy system operation and ensuring system reliability, as, comparing to conventional generation, such energy facilities are much less sustainable.


Prospects of Implementation of Electrotechnical Equipment with Superconductivity Technology Elements in JSC “UNECO”

Andrey MAYOROV, General Director, Vitaly NAUMOV, Head of Department of Advanced Projects, JSC “United Energy Company”, Sergey SAMOYLENKOV, General Director, CJSC “SuperOx”

Moscow energy system supplies power to consumers in the territory of Moscow City and Moscow Region, with the total area of 47 000 m2 and population of over 19 million people.


Pilot project for grid energy storage application in Unified National Energy Grid (UNEG)

Alexander FEDOROV, Head of infrastructure projects, Ivan ILYIN, the team leader of special projects, the Department of JSC «FGC UES» infrastructure projects

Creating intellectual electric network is a global trend. Work in this direction has been successfully carried out in many countries. In order to implement a number of elements that will provide UNEG with new properties it is necessary to create a technological basis, involving international experience, and to ensure in-home development and production of the state-of-art electrical equipment. One of these elements is Energy Storage Systems (ESS) based on high power batteries.

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