Сентябрь-Октябрь 2013

2 сентября 2013

Special issue “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and Distribution” for the 15th International Exhibition “Electric, Power & Renewable Energy Indonesia-2013” (Jakarta, Indonesia), September 2013

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Reliable Power Supply at the Universiade is the Result of Power Engineers’ Coordinated Work

Zulfat Mingaliev, JSC “Grid Company”, Kazan

Head of Tatarstan Government Ildar Khalikov met with Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia Andrey Cherezov, who supervises preparation of electric power facilities for holding the Olympic Games in Sochi, in order to summarize on the power supply of Universiade-2013 in Kazan.


New Energy for the East of Russia

Spotlight Interview with first deputy general director for investment and development of JSC “Far East Energy Management Company” (FEEMC) Dmitry Selyutin.

Alternative energy

The Role of Electric Grid Companies in the Development of Solar Energy

Oleg Basenko, director for development of Non-Commercial Partnership “Association of solar energy enterprises”

Within the context of the Energy Strategy of Russia for the Period up to 2030 (approved by Decree 1715‑р of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 13 November 2009) a significant role is assigned to the development of new renewable energy sources and energy carriers: “Introduction into the fuel and energy balance of such new renewable energy sources as… solar energy,… will enable balancing of the demand for energy and reducing the impact of energy enterprises on the environment”.


Wind energy in Russia: state, trends, prospects

Ekaterina Miroliubova, senior analyst, RBC.research, RBC Consulting Department; Marina Karnaukhova, RBC.research analyst

Russia from the standpoint of wind energy potential is one of the richest countries in the world due to its vast territory favorable for siting wind farms (the longest coastline, abundance in forestless flatlands, large water areas).

Asset and Risk Management

Distributed resources control system for rescue and recovery operations

Ruslan Magadeev, Director, Oleg Sukhov, director deputy, Department of operations and process management at Russian Grids JSC, Sergei Kuzhekov, director deputy of Department of automated systems of technological management, JSC “Russian Grids”

Recently industry and agriculture, and residential customers have faced the increased significance of the effects of major, including bulk contingencies in the integrated power grid, which in turn is conditioned by a progressive growth in power availability in all spheres of human activity and its involvement in direct dependence on electricity.


Russia’s power equipment trends

Ekaterina Miroliubova, senior analyst, RBC.research, RBC Consulting Department

The current equipment fleet has become technologically and morally outdated. So, from the RF generating equipment, namely turbines, 16.5% require immediate replacement, 43.8% require either upgrading or gradual replacement. Figures 1 and 2 show the percentage distribution of turbines and boilers over 50 years by generating companies.

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