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Petrosenko V.A., Tulsky V.N. (NRU “MPEI”, Moscow)


Abstract. The paper considers production program optimization of electric grid companies for the comprehensive solution of the following tasks: power losses reduction, power quality assurance, power supply reliability procurement and network connections accessibility. Amathematical model of the optimization problem is formalized based on the additive convolution of particular criteria of a multicriteria utility function, followed by combinatorial analysis. The model takes into account restrictions on financial costs related to containment of electricity tariffs growth. The optimal selection of electric grid facilities to be included in the production program is established.
Keywords: electric grid organization, production program optimization, multicriteria utility function, additive convolution, combinatorial analysis, optimal sampling


Ilyushin P.V. (FGAOU DPO “PEIPK”, St. Petersburg), Gurevich Ju.E. (Moscow)


Abstract. General issues of 110-220 kV distribution network sectionalizing have been studied including cases with application of current-restricting equipment. Comparative evaluation of sectionalized and de-sectionalized network has been done. The method of distribution network operation reliability-based energy assessment has been proposed. Grounds for the need of excess disturbance recording in the sectionalized network have been provided. The aim is to develop and to implement the measures intended for minimization of disturbance damage. Results of linear automatic transfer switch application efficiency and recommendations on its implementation are provided.
Keywords: distribution network, sectionalizing, de-sectionalizing, current-restricting device, reliability of consumer power supply



Udintsev D.N., Shvedov G.V., Milovanov P.K. (NRU «MPEI», Moscow)


Abstract. Nowadays a power system is subject to many conditions in which a disturbance is likely to evolve. These conditions could be either forecasted or random. This article reveals relevant cases of disturbance evolution in a power system and proposes a method of flexible power consumption adjustment as a means to prevent their evolution. How to make use of this method applying a special technical complex that includes several device sets and an example of its application in practice are provided in this article.
Keywords: power system, power supply reliability, load schedule, flexible adjustment, disturbance, technical devices

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Bartolomej P.I., Pazderin A.V. (Ural Federal University), Pazderin A.A., (PJSC “FGC UES”)


Abstract. Based on review of international practice, it has been shown that in world power industry there is no uniform payment system for the transmission of electric energy. The pool principle of tariff formation laid down in domestic tariff setting system, although it requires the use of fairly simple mechanisms of formation the cost of transmission services, but this does not create stimulus not for the network companies and not for consumers to increase efficiency. To solve the problem, it is proposed to introduce correction factors for the basic transmission tariffs, which help to reduce losses, equalize the load of elements in the network and increase the reliability of power supply.
Keywords: electric energy transmission, electricity transmission tariff, technological connection, power loss, increase of efficiency


Nasyrov R.R., Aljendy R. (National Research University “MPEI”, Moscow), Kherbek T. (Tishreen University, Latakia, Syria)


Abstract. Currently, the policy of most countries is to use renewable energy sources and dispense with traditional energy sources to meet the growing demand for electricity. In the Syrian Arab Republic, in order to eliminate the power shortage, maintain the required voltage level in the network nodes and minimize the loss of active power, it is planned to use solar and wind power plants with traditional sources. The article provides an approach to select the optimal size of solar and winds stations at specified locations, and shows its effectiveness. The modeling of the studied distribution system, as well as the algorithm of optimization, was carried out in the MATLAB package Simulink.
Keywords: renewable energy sources, shortage, selection optimal size (RES), Simulink MATLAB







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Dmitriev M.V. (St. Petersburg Polytechnic University)


In the previous issue of the journal was published an article, which considered the difficulties that arise when testing cable lines laid in polymer pipes. The new article is designed to develop the topic and is devoted to the search for locations of cable damage. It should be noted that the search for cable damage and related problems are so important that in September 2019, the international Council of CIGRE devoted them a whole technical brochure No. 773, numbering 152 pages.

Keywords: cable line, cable in the pipe, cross-linked polyethylene, damage search


Biserov D.M, Klimova T.G. (NRU “MPEI”, Moscow)


Abstract. This article contains results of investigation of frequency distribution in different points of the electrical network in conditions of topology and parameter changing. The reason of “network” component appearance in frequency that is measured as the derivative of phase oscillations of the electrical value.
Keywords: “network” component of operating parameter frequency, factors that influence the operating parameter frequency, frequency meter accuracy

Akhmedova O.O., Soshinov A.G. (Kamyshin Institute of Technology of the VSTU)


Abstract. Global manufacturers of devices of relay protection headed transition to digital microprocessor terminals. There are insufficiently worked questions connected with collecting necessary information, ways of adaptation, effect of not recognizability of some short circuits. It is caused by the shortage of information, assessment of the distinguishing ability of the received algorithms of relay protection and automatic equipment. In article algorithms the main (a current cut-off) and reserve (the maximum current protection) protection with an adaptive setting, with the increased sensitivity coefficient are offered. They will allow to adjust operation parameters depending on change of external weather conditions and fluctuations of power consumption in network. The method of calculation of current of operation of relay protection based on accounting of a type of damage at a fault and calculation of a setting of the operation for a short-circuit current of the direct, return and zero sequences corresponding to a type of damage in real time is offered.
Keywords: relay protection and automatic equipment, adaptive setting, sensitivity coefficient, electricity transmission air-line



Vysogorotets S.P. (FGAOU DPO “PEIPK”, St. Petersburg), Gorets I.A. (HSE University, St. Petersburg)


Abstract. The optimal scope of regeneration activities for different oil conditions
required in power generation. Based on results of the research the “Method of experimental determination of liquid dielectric resource and measures of its restoration” and the “Algorithm of liquid dielectric quality control in transformers” have been developed. They are used to support the adequate oil operating characteristics. To improve the decision-making process, they have developed the software-based analytic complex “Transformer maintenance advisor ” that supports the operator in selection of the correct operation algorithms and gives optimal recommendations for technical maintenance and repair.
Keywords: regeneration, liquid dielectric, transformer, method, algorithm, software-based analytic complex



Korolev I.V., Zavyalova A.A., Borovkova A.M., Zvonkova N.V. (NRU “MPEI”, Moscow)


Abstract. Work at height is an integral part of the production process in the power industry. The installation and operation of electrical equipment is often associated with a certain risk, the great contribution to which is made by the likelihood of injury from falling. The article reviewed the existing “Rules on labor protection when working at height”, and also made recommendations to ensure further improvement of safety of this type of work.
Keywords: work safety, work at heights, labor protection



Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision





“Rosseti Kuban” (PJSC “Kubanenergo”), EIPK “Kubanenergo” and Kuban State Agriculture University






Interview with Fintan Slye, Director of National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO)




Elpidiforov V.Yu., UK



Joint project of National Research University “MPEI” and Polytechnic Museum