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Udintsev D.N., Shvedov G.V., Koroleva E.S., Merzlikin A.B. (NRU MPEI, Moscow)


Abstract. One of the ways to increase an efficiency of power supply systems and solve the natural resource depletion and environmental pollution is development of alternative and renewable energy sources such as sources based on solid municipal (MSW) and sewer (SW) wastes. In this article the rates of accumulation of MSW and SW mass per person were calculated based on a large city, for initial were used the values of biogas output from the considered sources and the average morphological composition of MSW in Moscow. The analysis of existing technologies for the processing of human waste with an assessment of the generation of electric energy for each person was made. The calculation of the energy potential of processing technologies is carried out, reduced to the amount of waste produced by one person per year. In conclusion, was made an assessment of the electrical energy consumption of one person per year, and a conclusion was drawn on the effectiveness of the prospective use of MSW and SW as an alternative energy source.
Keywords: recycling solid municipal wastes, recycling sewer waste, renewable energy sources, alternative energy sources, distributed generation, cities power supply systems

Kakosha Yu.V., Fishov А.G. (Novosibirsk State Technical University)


Abstract. Isolated operation of low power generation is considered. On the basis of its disadvantages, options for its integration into current electrical networks are analyzed. Also, creation of small island electric power systems combining several midget power plants in parallel operation are considered. Advantages and disadvantages of the presented options both in terms of technical properties and in terms of the procedural and institutional possibilities for their implementation are analyzed. Particular attention is paid to the mode control of low-power island electric Cybersecurity power system.
Keywords: distributed low power generation, parallel opera- tion, pool of electric generating stations, island operation mode, peninsular operation mode


On the problems of the retail electricity market and the implementation of the Federal “Last Resort” Supplier concept




Introduction to a series of articles on laying the groundwork for power industry development validation by N.I. Voropay, academic director of Melentiev Energy Systems Institute, Siberian Branch of RAS




Galperova E.V., Mazurova O.V. (ESI of SB RAS, Irkutsk)


Abstract. The role of electricity in the economy and people’s life has been increasing worldwide in recent years, and demand for it is ahead of other types of energy carriers. Meeting the increasing demand for electricity is a key task for the energy sector. Prediction of energy demand is an important part in developing prospects for the development of economy and energy sector in national and region level. The article describes a multi-stage approach to forecasting market demand for energy, taking into account uncertainty of the country’s socio-economic development and situation on regional energy markets. Some forecast estimates of electricity demand in Russia and
its regions are given. It is shown that the obtained dynamics of individual forecast indicators generally corresponds to existing global trends, that confirms the correctness of the presented approach.
Keywords: long-term forecasting, energy demand, uncertainty, the power supply system, price, elasticity

Stennikov V.A., Dobrovolskaya T.V. (ESI of SB RAS, Irkutsk)


Abstract. Technological integration of heat supply and electric power systems at the level of CHP, network elements and consumers determines the existence of a functional relationship between them and is significantly manifested in the formation of the heat balance and determining the direction of heat supply development. The article presents a methodology for developing scenarios for the development of heat supply based on fore- casting heat consumption using regression models that take this aspect into account. The dependence of heat consumption on a number of social, technical and economic parameters is revealed. Based on the research results, a methodology and tools for evaluating forecasts are proposed and the results of their practical use are presented.
Keywords: heat energy consumption, regression, retrospective, analysis, prediction


Nazarov A.A. (Branch of SO UPS JSC, Smolensk) Kavchenkov V.P. (Branch of the NRU MPEI in Smolensk)


Abstract. Due to the significantly increased amount of information received about equipment parameters, network companies are gradually switching to risk-based management of their as-sets. However, information about the state of electrical network equipment is not fully taken into account by dispatch centers when planning repairs and managing the operation modes of the power system. The article presents amethod for determining the risk of an emergency shutdown of a 110 kV transmission line, taking into account the criteria for managing the mode and technical and economic efficiency of the power system.
A comprehensive indicator is proposed that integrates information about different properties and indicators of reliability of power plants and the risk of an emergency shutdown, allowing you to rank objects according to the priority of planning repairs and managing the modes of operation of the power plant.
Keywords: reliability, maintenance planning, management modes of operation of the power system, acomprehensive indicator of risk


Rosseti Tyumen JSC







Galiaskarov I.M. (JSC CIUS EES-CIUS Center, Moscow)


Abstract. Accident rate of 500 kV overhead transmission lines (OTL) has been studied in a wide region. Increase of failure frequency (failure rate) of OTLs with expired standard service life has been proven. Results of random study of the technical condition of towers and footings of such OTLs are provided. Limit service life of 500 kV OTLs has been estimated based on these results, on expiration of which they require total reconstruction or replacement.
Keywords: overhead lines, failure frequency (failure rate), service life, footings, towers, wires, ground wires, insulators

Rosseti Moscow region




PO Energozhelezobetoninvest, LLC, Rosseti FGC UES Company




Kulikov A.L., Pelevin P.S., Loskutov A.A. (Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University n.a. R.E. Alekseev)


Abstract. The application of combined overhead and cable power lines (OCPLs) of 110 kV voltage rate and higher call for new features for power system protection and automation devices. One of the most urgent is the problem of autoreclosing (AR) of OCPL. One or another solution to this problem significantly affects the reliability and efficiency of the OCPL operating. In many countries, both non-selective AR and selective AR are used. A method of selective AR of OCPL based on traveling waves is proposed, which increases the reliability of OCPL protection and automation. The method uses a special procedure of traveling wave pattern classification for faulted section identification.
Keywords: autoreclosing, combined overhead and cable power lines, transients, traveling wave pattern, pattern classification, simulation study, reliability


Darian L.A., Obraztsov R.M. (JSC Technical Inspection UES, Moscow); Grabchak E.P. (Ministry of Energy of Russia); Nikitin O.A., Kazak A.O. (Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Russian Federal Nuclear Center – Zababakhin All-Russia Research Institute of Technical Physics”); Ozerov O.V. (Federal State Unitary Enterprise Dukhov Automatics Research Institute (VNIIA))


Abstract. Results of X-ray examination of a special defective sample of the HV small-oil-volume circuit-breaker, series VMT, for 110 kV (VMT-110) are presented in this article. The betatron with maximum photon energy of 9 MeV was used as an X-ray source. It was shown that application of the radiographical system with the betatron as an X-ray source for monitoring of technical condition of a HV small-oil-volume circuit-breaker helps to detect at least 75% of typical defects of the tested circuit-breaker. Reliability of the detected defects was proved by comparing actually incurred defects with X-ray pictures. The investigation result is that X-ray picture resolution is at least 1 mm in the original scope of equipment.
Keywords: X-radiography, X-ray examination, HV equipment, defect, special defective sample, small-oil-volume circuit-breaker

Obalin M.D. (JSC SO UPS affiliate – Nizhegorodskoye RDO), Maystrenko G.V. (R&D company Microprocessor-based technologies)


Abstract. Method of fault location detection algorithm error compensation by fault parameters is proposed. Errors arise due to power quality index deviation within the limits permissible in the normal operating mode of the electrical network. The compensation method uses the simulation model of a transmission line.
Keywords: adaptation, power quality, fault location detection, fault parameters


Makarichev Yu.A., Ivannikov Yu.N. (Samara State Technical University)


Abstract. Using of magnetic bearings is perspective in many division of industry. In this paper energy processes of a radial magnetic bearing considered and base losses described. Copper losses and aerodynamic losses were searched by means of an analytical approach. Core losses was divided on losses in a rotor caused by rotation in magnetic field of electromagnets, core losses caused by response of control system and core losses caused by PWM. These losses were searched by means of computer simulation. In the end of paper provided a recommendation for basic losses decrease.
Keywords: active magnetic bearing, magnetic bearing, energy processes, energy efficiency, core losses, mathematic simulation


Korolev I.V., Shcherbacheva O.S. (NRU MPEI, Moscow); Galunov I.S. (SC FPG Energocontract)


Abstract. The article describes the process of arc formation, considers the methods for determining the incident energy of an electric arc and the main approaches to the selection of heat-resistant PPE to protect personnel of electric power enterprises from the effects of the arc, as well as offers to improve the methods for determining the incident energy of an electric arc, which will further improve the safety of this type of work.
Keywords: electric arc, arc flash, work safety, arc protective PPE (personal protective equipment)


Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision




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