Liu Zhenya, Chairman of Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO)



Bachurin P.A., Gladkov D.S., Zyryanov V.M., Kuchak S.V., Reshetnikov A.N., Nesterenko G.B. (Novosibirsk state technical University); Lebedev D.E., Prankevich G.Al.., Savickiy A.M. (Energy Storage Systems, LLC)


Abstract. This work presents results of testing of industrial design energy storage system (ESS-10-1200-400) and gas piston units in experimental power system with abruptly variable load. The power system structure and ESS parameters are described in the article. The ESS is based on a 10 kV voltage bidirectional power converter rated power 1200 kVA and 400 kWh lithium-ion batteries. The monitored data have confirmed that the expected targets in terms reduction surges of power have been successfully achieved. Keywords: energy storage system, gas piston unit, experimental research, autonomous electrical system, abruptly variable load, load diagram, lithium-ion battery







Shvedov G.V., Shchepotin A.S. (National Research University MPEI, Moscow)


Abstract. The article proposes a way to improve the accuracy of calculating load losses of electricity in the overhead power lines wires, which application reduces the mathematical expectation of the error arising from neglect of meteorological factors and heating by the flowing current. The main advantage of the proposed method is its simplicity, since it does not require any source data other than those that are already known in the “traditional” calculation of energy losses. A specific example illustrates the application of the proposed approach and evaluates the economic effect of increasing the accuracy of calculating the loss of electricity.
Keywords: electric power losses, electric network, energy efficiency, overhead power transmission line, meteorological factors

Titov E.V. (Altai State Technical University n.a. I.I. Polzunov, Barnaul)


For electromagnetic compatibility we recommend an approach based on the so-called danger pictures in the form of an allowed stay time for human in various zones of the space under study. The map is based on the results of limited number of measurements and of the electromagnetic field modeling in conditions of multifactorial influence of several sources of electromagnetic radiation and microclimate. The article provides the structure and technical characteristics of the main devices of the hardware unit of the intellectualized system. The article provides the variant of a point combined picture of danger of electromagnetic radiation near the test facility (rated voltage up to 35 kV) for testing dielectric materials and electromagnetic portraits of the 50 Hz electric field for sections of the cable line with the absence and presence of «problem zone». The article presents calculations of the total year economic effect of using the developed monitoring system to reduce power losses in power lines.

intellectualized system, automatized control, electromagnetic environment visualization, complex impact of EMR, computer modeling, electromagnetic compatibility, power loss

Byk F.L., Myshkina L.S. (Novosibirsk state technical University); Vasiliev V.G., Karpukhin V.A. (Rosseti Tyumen JSC, Surgut)


Abstract. The paper studies the effect of local power systems integration on the expansion of the functions performed by distribution network. Particular attention is paid to electricity demand management; mutual backup, multi-agent voltage control, functions of local energy systems integration with distribution networks.
Keywords: distributed generation, distribution network, local energy system, regional electric network company, power supply reliability and stability, demand side response aggregator, energy efficiency


Orlov V.V. (UTs Energetik, Vologda); Orlova E.O. (Vologda State University)


Abstract. The increase in the magnitude and asymmetry of consumer loads, the extension of distribution lines with a voltage of 0.4/0.23 kV due to new subscribers, leads to non-compliance with GOST 32144-2013 for the quality of electricity. The article is devoted to the analysis of the results of an experimental study of various methods of balancing voltages and proposing optimal solutions to the problem of voltage unbalance in a comprehensive way: minimizing costs, losses, simple means with the prospect of developing electricity of the net. It is proposed to turn on the idle at the end of the transformer line with the circuit Y0/Δ. This solution not only balances the voltage, but also protects against a break in the neutral wire and increases the sensitivity of line protections. The problem under consideration has long been interesting to specialists of the electric grid complex.
Keywords: voltage unbalance, unbalance load, voltage deviation, long feeder, ways voltage balancing, load concentration point, loads booster transformer, booster transformer

Kulikov A.L., Osokin V.J., Bezdushniy D.I., Petrov A.A. (NSTU n.a. R.E. Alekseev, Nizhniy Novgorod)


Abstract. The transmission line of medium-voltage network are characterized by high wear and tear. Single-phase earth faults is the predominant type of damage in these network. The determining fault location is the most difficult and longest operation for restoring damaged sections of the network and does not have an accurate solution accepted by operating organization. The method of specifying the distances to single-phase earth faults by means of applying short-term double earth fault. In the future by recorded oscillograms of currents and voltages, an accurate calculation of the distance to the damage is assumed. Acknowledgments: The reported study was funded by RFBR, project number 19-38-90144.
Keywords: single-phase earth fault, double earth fault, fault location, network with isolated neutral, ballast resistance, simulation model


Ilyushin P.V. (Federal State Educational Establishment “PEIPK” of the Ministry of Energy of RF); Kulikov A.L. (NSTU n.a. R.E. Alekseev, Nizhny Novgorod)


Abstract. They have studied operating mode aspects in the regions with distributed energy sources (DES) in different circuit-mode conditions. They have revealed considerable deviations of energy quality indices and short-term fluctuations of mode parameters in a wide dynamic range in conditions of quick transients, especially in the island operating mode. They have considered main factors that justify the need of development of technical requirements to relay protection and automation devices in conditions of massive adoption of DES into distribution grids. They have provided recommendations on approaches to solve the revealed problems in design and operation.
Keywords: relay protection and automation, technical requirements, distributed energy sources, island mode, transients, energy quality indices, speed of response, sensitivity, selectivity

“Relematika”, LLC


Efremov V.A., Efremov A.V. (“Relematika”, LLC, Cheboksary)


Abstract. Aspects of instantaneous current protection application for lines with individual phase control of reclosers in conditions of unsuccessful single-phase autoreclosing are considered in this article. The procedure of calculating protection operation parameters depending on the actual load mode is described.
Keywords: protections with absolute selectivity, line protections in open-phase modes, unsuccessful single-phase autoreclosing, open-phase current protections, adaptive current protections




Streamer Electric AG





Pelymsky V.L., Pavlenko S.V. (TES, LLC, Moscow)


Abstract. Almost all emerging types of developing damage to the insulation of high-voltage equipment-transformers, reactors, electric motors, generators are inextricably linked to the occurrence of partial discharges. Many processes in electrical insulation are caused by the peculiarities of its structure – the manifestation of polarization and redistribution of the electric field. Differences in the dielectric properties (dielectric permittivity) of the insulation cause the redistribution of the electric field and the formation of sections of insulation with increased electric field strength. During operation, the insulation properties deteriorate (or “aging”) and its destruction under the influence of an electric field, temperature, moisture, vibration, etc. The article is devoted to the application in the organizations of the Transneft system of the method of diagnostics of high-voltage electric machines by means of measurements of partial discharges in the winding insulation, as the most effective method for detecting local insulation defects of high-voltage electric machines.
Keywords: technical diagnostics of power equipment, high voltage motor, a method of registration of partial discharges, stator winding of the motor, the control of insulation condition of the motor,
the amplitude-phase distribution diagram of the pulses of partial discharges

Megger, LLC


Vysogorets S.P. (Federal State Educational Establishment “PEIPK” of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation); Gorec I.A. (NRU “Higher School of Economics, Saint-Petersburg”)


Abstract. The problem of organizing operational control of oil quality parameters in the field circumstances is described. The system for determination of Acid Value (AV) by an express method based on the additive RGB color model is presented. A predictive self-learning model for determining AV based on the RGB response is described. A prototype of a digital analytical test tube for the semi-quantitative determination of AV by an express method using the RGB color additive model is described.
Keywords: express method, digital test tube, model, quality indicator, liquid dielectric

Vodennikov D.A. (Rosseti FGC UES Company); Korobeinikov S.M., Ovsyannikov A.G., Ridel A.V. (Novosibirsk State Technical University)


Abstract. Typical defects in the insulation of power transformers are gas bubbles and thin layers of oil between insulating paper. A partial discharges can occur in them under certain conditions. It was experimentally established that the time delay in ignition of partial discharges in a gas bubble can reach hours in the absence of an initial electron from discharge starts at sufficient electric field strength. Initial electrons are generated mainly by external ionizing radiation, the penetration of which into the internal volume of the transformer is hindered by the metal walls of the tank. For this reason, the duration of the overvoltage tests may not be sufficient to detect potentially dangerous insulation defects.
Keywords: transformer, isolation, partial discharge, delay, occurrence voltage, initial electron


Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision





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