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Interview with Evgeniy Golubchenko, Director of the branch of PJSC “MOESK” — “New Moscow”


Technological Connection

Grid Control

Magomed Gadzhiev, Dmitriy Kravets, Ilgiz Murzakhanov, Vladislav Plotnikov, Nikita Vasilenko, National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”


Multiple calculations of electrical networks modes require high-power computing centers, volume data storage and quick access to the data. Cloud technologies meet all afore-mentioned requirements. They are considered in the paper.

cloud technologies, PAAS, IAAS, SAAS, data processing, energy efficiency

Overhead Transmission Lines

Experience of implementation at PJSC “FGC UES” facilities





Cable Lines

Mikhail Dmitriev, St. Petersburg Polytechnical University


In recent years, a growing number of cable lines of class 6–500 kV with sections laid in plastic pipes. Also gradually increases the length of such sections, reaching 300–500 m, and now it is possible to find lines where a total of more than half length are placed in the pipes. Consequently, there are some questions about pipes selection and pipes impact on the reliability and efficiency of cable lines. The article describes the main ways to improve long-term permissible current of cables laid in pipes.

cable line, single-core power cable, cable laying in pipes, cable pipes selection, cable thermal calculations







“Elektroshchit Samara” company



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Rosneft Oil Company


20 kV Electrical Grids

Viktor Kotlyarov, Galaktion Shvedov, National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”


The natural growth of electrical loads led to the transition of distribution networks to a new voltage class — 20 kV. However, there are still no final solutions on many issues for the new voltage class. One of these is capacity determination for transforming substations. An original model of electrical power supply system for high-density development areas is given (the model allows to consider 20/0.4 kV transforming substation and low voltage distribution networks separately). Rational installed transformers capacity is determined on the basis of presented model.

transforming substation, installed transformer capacity, electrical power supply of cities

Relay Protection

Andrey Trofimov, NSTU, Boris Zelentsov, SibSUTIS


The paper presents an analytical model for the operation of relay protection of power systems. The model takes into account three groups of failures and functional testing. The model is based on the description of operation process with semi-Markovian process. Through the model, operation and reliability indexes are obtained. Unavailability factor, average repair frequency and inoperative states frequency are among mentioned indexes.

relay protection of power systems, failures of relay protection, relay protection recovery, reliability model of relay protection system, semi-Markovian process


“NPP Bresler”, LLC



Yan Artsishevskiy, Andrey Kuzin, National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”


The paper presents an attempt to analyze the volume of telemechanics information collected from the feeders of existing 6–20 kV distribution networks. The possibility of using this information is estimated. The information can be used for implementation of additional functions improving the efficiency of dispatching control.

6–20 kV distribution network, relay protection, remote control systems, TOPAZ, networks reconstruction


“MIKRO-Inzhiniring”, LLC



“NPP Bresler”, LLC; IDGC of Volga, PJSC



Leonid Daryan, Aleksey Maksimchenko, JSC “Tekhnicheskaya inspektsiya EES”, Le Khak Lam, National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”


The paper presents the results of methanol formation investigation when accelerated aging of paper insulation in transformer oil (under the temperature effect). All the studied materials (cable paper, transformer oil) are produced domestically. Results of similar studies conducted abroad are presented. Comparison of methanol concentration dependence on the degree of paper insulation polymerization, obtained by Russian and foreign researchers, is executed.

power transformer, methanol formation, paper insulation, aging marker, gas chromatograph


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Self-Regulatory Organizations in Power Engineering

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