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Interview with Aleksandr Faustov, Deputy Director General, Chief Engineer, PJSC “ROSSETI”



PJSC “ROSSETI” and Rosneft Oil Company




Unified Energy System of Russia turned 60



“Izolyator” plant turns 120 years old


Technical Council



Electrical Power Supply

Lidiya Kovernikova, ESI SB RAS; Vladimir Tulskiy, National Research University “Moscow power engineering institute”; Roman Shamonov, PJSC “FGC UES”


The paper presents large-scale measurements of power quality indexes, as well as a comprehensive analysis of the regulatory and legal framework and power systems design and operation practices that allow to identify systemic problems and to offer solutions for power quality management in electrical grids of Russia.

technical regulation, power quality, regulatory requirements, efficiency


IDGC of Centre, PJSC



“Prosoft-Sistemy”, LLC


Grid Control

Oleg Sukhanov, All-Russian Institute of Electrical Engineering; Aleksey Sednev, MSTU “MAMI”


The paper considers an issue of large power systems optimal control. The analysis of basic control system concepts for normal and emergency operation conditions is performed. A general structure and organization of distributed control system operation of the large power system are presented (the control system provides automated coordination of actions from local control centers for power system operation). The task of distributed control system practical implementation is set up. It will give an opportunity to ensure global optimality of power system modes while providing a minimum level of power system vulnerability.

power system, distributed control system of power modes, local control centers, control actions

Asset Management

20 kV Electrical Grids

Interview with Sergey Suslov, Head of distribution network department, JSC ” Energokompleks”


Overhead Transmission Lines

Cable Lines

Mikhail Dmitriev, St. Petersburg Polytechnical University


In recent years in our country on several different substations were recorded power transformer insulation damages. They occurred while switching of cable lines with XLPE insulation that is attached to windings of 6–35 kV. The article discusses the possible causes of accidents. In particular, attention is drawn to the fact that the cable lengths was not less a few kilometers, and often the line had multiple cables per each phase, i.e. in all cases it was about the connection of considerable capacity.

power transformer, cable line, cable capacity, switching overvoltages


Interview with Aleksey Stepantsev, Director General, JSC “Zavod RETO”





Relay Protection and Automation

Stanislav Kuzhekov, SRSPU (NPI); Andrey Degtyarev, “NPF Kvazar”, LLC



The paper considers some problems of functional coordination between relay protection systems and current transformers. Nonselective actions of relay protection devices when saturation of current transformers are analyzed. The application of new current converters is also considered and methods of relay protection devices adaptation to operate current transformers are proposed.


: relay protection, core saturation, residual magnetic induction, error compensation


PJSC “IDGC of North-West” corporate presentation day



“Siemens”, LLC



Leonid Daryan, СJSC “Technical inspection UES”; Roman Obraztsov, National Research University “Moscow power engineering institute”


The paper is dedicated to the development of general technical requirements for automated diagnostic monitoring systems of 110 kV and above substation equipment. The paper is a continuation of the article named “Automation system for monitoring and diagnostics of substation equipment. Part 1. General technical requirements”, which focuses on the development of standard technical solutions for automated diagnostic monitoring systems of substation equipment.

automated diagnostic monitoring systems, automatic workstation, data warehousing, fault with standability, engineering infrastructure


CJSC “Intera”



Testing of portable digital X-ray in IDGC of Urals, JSC


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Human factor in power engineering



Professional orientation


Power systems management