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Interview with Andrey Epifanov, Deputy chief engineer for major equipment operation, PJSC «FGC UES»


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Interview with director of TATCABLE factory




Russian power grids 2015. XVIII international special exhibition


Electrical Power Supply




Leonid Neganov, Minister of Energy of Moscow Region, Vladimir Tulskiy, Boris Oleksyuk, National Research University “Moscow power engineering institute” staff members


The paper presents the structure of the system under development for uninterruptible power supply indexes monitoring. Functional description and main structural elements of this system are given. It is shown that components of automatic system for commercial measurement of power consumption, structural units of implemented smart voltage control system for 6–20/0.4 kV networks and installed multifunction metering devices can be used as information sources for the monitoring system operation. The main categories of system users and available information for each category are given. The main stages of monitoring system implementation are proposed.

uninterruptible power supply, power failure, overvoltage, uninterruptible power supply indexes monitoring


Dmitriy Udintsev, Pavel Milovanov, National Research University “Moscow power engineering institute” staff members


The paper considers the problematic issues of power supply systems under conditions of negative external effects from affecting factors of various sources of emergencies. Technical decisions to increase power supply reliability and to ensure the electrical networks resilience are described.

power supply system, increase of reliability, loss minimization, power shortage, critical load

Technological Connection





Overhead Transmission Lines

PJSC “IDGC of North-West”


Cable Lines

Mikhail Dmitriev, St. Petersburg Polytechnical University


Single-core a number of features, and one of them is the presence of induced currents in double end grounded copper screens which resulting in addition active power losses. For power reduction there are some technical solutions like one end screens grounding or screens transposition. In particular, one of the pressing questions is, are there any restrictions on the length of the connecting wires, which connect transposition joints with link boxes.

cable line, single-phase cable, cross-linked polyethylene insulation, earthed screens, screens transposition, link boxes, overvoltage protection

TATCABLE factory



Interview with Vladimir Molokovskikh, Director General, “Kamskiy kabel”, LLC



“Transenergo”, LLC


Electrical Substations

Moisey Safyan, expert, USA


Outdoor switchgears without portals with one and a half breaker bus systems and 4/3 breakers bus systems are designed for power systems of Russia and other countries that operate 500 kV backbone power lines and generate electric power by means of thermal, nuclear and hydro power plants. There is no bus arrangement around circuit breakers in all switchgears. It creates favorable conditions for quick and safe circuit breaker cells replacement. Constructional units with double-deck rigid tubular buses give a possibility to avoid construction of bulky resource-demanding portals and busbar system portals in outdoor switchgear. Application of those constructional units provides a significant reduction of land dedicated to outdoor switchgears, reduction in consumption of construction materials and an increase instructural reliability. Besides, the value of outdoor switchgears building and costs for repair and maintenance of equipment are declined. Developed constructional units can also be used for other bus connection schemes such as mesh-connected scheme, “transformer-buses” scheme and others. Technical decisions can be used for advanced development of 300 and 400 kV outdoor switchgears.

outdoor switchgears without portals, bus arrangement, operational factors





“Izolyator” plant


Relay Protection and Automation

IDGC of Centre, PJSC



National Research University “Moscow power engineering institute”


Exhibitions and Conferences

VI International scientific and technical conference



“Polymer and porcelain insulators and high-voltage insulation system. Impact of overvoltage on solid insulation of overhead lines and substations” VI International scientific and technical conference





Vasiliy Mikhaylov, Director General, CJSC “Roskommunenergo”



Interview with Izmail Khuzmiev, D. Sc., Prof., corresponding member of the Academy of Electrical Engineering Sciences, NCIMM (STU)



Construction of Transmission Lines


Power Systems Management