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Vorotnitskiy V.E., Dementev Yu.A., Lazarev G.B., Shakaryan Yu.G. (“R&D Center FGC UES”, JSC)


The paper presents interrelated problems of power quality, reliability and economical efficiency of power supply which take place in electrical power engineering of Russia at the present stage of its operation and development. Also, the implementation of modern technical means for power quality and reliability maintenance is presented. The suggestions for technical standards basis update effectively addressing the challenges of power quality maintenance are formulated.

power quality, technical standards basis, energy efficiency, energy security

Migranov M.M.




, Melnikov A.V.


(Chelyabinsk State University)


Following the exponential growth in the amount of available information, a need for its processing arose. So Big data phenomenon appeared as a way of solving new needs. This term implies not only a huge amount of data but also ways of its storing and processing. Big data has penetrated into all spheres of human activity such as science, industry, medicine, sociology. It also became a part of all branches of economy. Big data allows to make a quantum leap to a new level. The paper reviews software solutions using Big data in electrical engineering.

big data, machine learning, electrical power engineering, information technology


“Smolenskenergo ” — a branch of IDGC of Centre, PJSC





Golovshchikov V.O. (




In recent years many new terms have been used in the scientific and technical community, for example: smart grids, micro and minigrids, intellectual power system, distributed generation, virtual power plant, etc. Various experts often understand these terms in the different ways. When developing new models of wholesale and retail electricity markets, which include those terms, it is necessary to specify their definitions.

smart grids, micro and minigrids, intellectual power system, distributed generation, virtual power station

Mayorov A.V., Ph.D., Director General of JSC “UNECO”







Dmitriev M.V.


St. Petersburg Polytechnical University)


The issues of high voltage power cable cores selection are considered to be already developed sufficiently. They are given in catalogs of leading cable producers as well as in Russian and international standards. However, there are reasons to believe that sometimes, significant errors occur during core section selection.

cable line, single-phase cable, thermal calculation, pipe-type cables placing, permissible current of cable, correction indexes


Poleshchuk S.I. (


Subsidiary of PJSC “FGC UES” — MES of East)


The paper summarizes the results of investigations related to snow thermal-insulating properties. Special features for thermal resistances of cable covering are shown (cables have equilateral-triangle arrangement). The formulas for calculating the thermal resistances of the snow cover over direct buried cable lines are proposed. The formula of permissible current for direct buried cable lines under snow cover is proposed. The least cross-sections of copper cable conductors for 220 kV direct buried cable sections are determined.

electric cables, thermal calculations, thermal resistance, permissible current








PJSC “Kubanenergo”


Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (Rostechnadzor)


The results of the XXV International scientific and technical conference





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