Delegation of leading power engineering managers visits industrial and research enterprises ofChuvash Republic





PJSC “Rosseti” chief engineers meeting in the framework of Russian Energy Week International Forum (REW-2018)








“Siemens”, LLC




IDGC of Center and Volga Region, PJSC



Mayorov A.V.


Abstract. Development of 20 kV power energy system which is implemented on Metropolis should be coordinated with the development of relay protection and automation technical solutions. This quotation has modern technical solutions of relay protection and automation for decreases of time tripping and localization of damage area 20 kV power grids. Also it has automated algorithms with methods ofdigital processing of information for reconstruction power grids. Release of modern digital equipment of Russian and international manufactures allows to consider new aspects of construction reliable and high-tech protection systems for 20 kV grids.
Keywords: relay protection, IEC 61850, power grid, metropolis, selectivity, observability, differential protection, logical protection of grids, distance protection






IDGC of Center, PJSC



Gvozdev D.B., Arkhangelsky O.D.


Abstract. In this article methodological approaches to risk assessment of complex EPS are proposed. In the proposed methodology both statistical (quantitative) indicators and qualitative (expert) assessments can be used as input data. It is proposed to use neuro-fuzzy networks (NNS) as a mathematical tool. To solve the problem of creating a training sample for the NNS, it was proposed to use the concept of HIL-modeling using the digital simulator RTDS.

automated control systems, SCADA, security of automated systems, dispatcher staff efficiency, expert assessments, fuzzy logic, risk assessment in conditions of uncertainty

Ilyushin P.V.


Abstract. The analysis of emergencies with main technological production shut- down and significant damage at industrial enterprises is performed. It is proved that one of the main shutdown reasons is electromechanical transients incorrect calculation when integrating distributed generation facilities into the internal power supply network of enterprises. In the networks under consideration, transients are the same for generating plants and loads. Parameters of these processes substantially depend on the technical characteristics of generating plants and load. It is proved that replacement of load dynamic characteristics with static ones when calculating transients in networks with distributed generation is generally unacceptable. It is proved that increased requirements for main power consumers modeling accuracy give a possibility to avoid significant calculation errors and adoption of unreasonable technical decisions for ensuring power supply reliability. Recommendations for load modeling and calculating the modes in industrial networks with distributed generation are presented.
Keywords: distributed generation, generating plant, electromechanical transients, static load characteristics, dynamic load characteristics, distribution network


Blokhin A.A., Lozenko V.K.


Abstract. The paper is devoted to the analysis of relationship between per capita energy consumption and demographic environment in Russian regions. The aim of the paper is to identify the dependence ofenergy consumption changes in territorial entities of the RF on population dynamics and to analyze energy conditions in the studied regions. A retrospective analysis of the dependence between energy consumption and limiting values of population dynamics in regions was carried out. The dependence ofenergy intensity on population changes in territorial entities of the RF was identified. The possibility of suggested analysis method application for planning activities of regions with similar indicators was analyzed.
Keywords: energy supply, energy and demographic diagrams, energy intensity


Kondratyeva O.E., Loktionov O.A., Gasho E.G., Myasnikova E.A.


Abstract. The paper considers the problem of ensuring overhead power lines efficiency in terms ofclimate changes. Regulatory framework overview in the field of ensuring the reliability and stability of power lines to meteorological factors is presented. The causes of accidents in the Moscow region’s electrical networks are analyzed. The most significant groups of factors leading to technological disruptions are identified. Correlation coefficients for these groups are obtained.
Keywords: power transmission lines, accident rate, climatic factors, reliability analysis

“Energoservis”, LLC





Dmitriev M.V.


Abstract. National standards prescribe testing of 6-500 kV single-core cable lines after installation and periodically during operation. In particular, it is necessary to measure currents induced in the screens, with the purpose of their comparison with each other. In addition, it is necessary to check the integrity ofthe outer sheath by applying a 10 kV DC voltage for a time of 1 min. The article shows that the difference in screen currents for a completely serviceable cable line can be noticeably greater than the threshold of 10% set by the norms. It is also shown that the use of special surge arresters in the grounding schemes significantly reduces the time of preparation for the tests of the sheath with a voltage of 10 kV.
Keywords: single-core cable, screen grounding, screen current, cable testing, surge arrester


Glazyrin G.V., Mitrofanov N.A.


Abstract. Transients in an autonomous power system consisting of a synchronous generator, step-up transformer and active-inductive load are considered. A method for numerical simulation of transient processes in a synchronous machine is proposed. The method considers stator winding asymmetry, which can occur if the synchronous machine is damaged (in particular, when inter-winding fault takes place). The method is based on simultaneous solving rotor motion equation and differential equations ofEMF and voltage drops equilibrium in the windings in phase coordinates. It should be noted, that each phase of stator winding is described by a separate equation, and different phase parameters can be taken into account. The analysis of generator relay protection sensitivity to inter-winding fault is performed. As an example, calculation results in the proposed mathematical model of transients, taking place in a generator with stator winding asymmetry are considered. As a result of the research, it was revealed that generator protection is often incapable for catching stator winding damages, accompanied by a small amount of damaged winding turns (3-15% of the total).
Keywords: inter-winding fault, synchronous machine, transient process, electric power system, differential equations, numerical method

JSC “RTSoft”







Rosneft Oil Company



Davidenko I.V., Moiseichenkov A.N.


Abstract. A system for evaluating the DGA results of power transformers 35-220 kV ac- cording to the criteria for permissible and maximum permissible values of gas concentrations and their growth rates is given in the article. By means of an variance analysis, design features of transformers have been revealed that have the greatest influence on the rate of formation of gases. The results of the variance analysis were then taken into account when constructing the system under consideration. The criteria are calculated on the basis of an impressive array of DGA results accumulated in the database of the expert-diagnostic system for 25 years of its work. The algorithm for determining the required periodicity ofDGA and necessary maintenance operations is given in the article.
Keywords: analysis of dissolved gases (DGA), transformer oil, power transformers, expert-diagnostic information system





Kravchenko A.Ya., Rodenko S.V., Safonov O.N.,Snezhkov I.I., Chaplin I.V.


Abstract. The paper presents the results of experimental studies for overhead line supports dynamic operation. Using the models of overhead line supports, the optimal installation sites of vibration sensors and required sensitivity of vibration sensors- accelerometers for fixing natural vibration frequencies were determined. The impact of conductors on natural vibration frequencies of overhead line support model was analyzed. The results of laboratory experiments were tested on real structures. During experiments on real facilities, it was determined that passive method of excitation (under the action ofwind) is the most convenient for producing natural frequencies, because supports with conductors are high enough from the ground level, and wind load is constant. According to research results, “LEPton” measuring complex for assessing technical condition of power transmission line supports was developed.
Keywords: overhead line support, technical condition assessment, diagnostics, measuring complex, dynamic parameters, natural vibration frequencies



“Megger”, LLC


Afanasyev A.D., Stradomskiy A.Yu., Tsfasman Gr.M. Valuyskikh A.O., Zhukov A.M.


Abstract. The article proposes a method of calculating the economic efficiency of the transformer equipment monitoring systems. Consistently used methods for determining certain significant parameters permitted to obtain the final generalized universal formula for determining the total economic effect, taking into account discounted costs. That allows to determine the payback period and the maximum economically justified cost of the monitoring system for each type of transformer equipment. The final calculation takes into account the type and purpose of transformers in the power system, the hardware set and the complexity of the monitoring system, the probability of undersupply ofelectric power, the false alarm rate of the monitoring system, the current and prospective regulatory framework taking into account the possibility of transition from scheduled maintenance to condition based maintenance.
Keywords: method of calculation, economic efficiency, monitoring system, power transformer, transformer equipment


Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision



Interview with F.Yu. Opadchiy, Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC “SO UPS”, Member of the Management and Administration Councils of GO15 Association





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