Review of reports of the VI Research and Practical Conference “Technical condition monitoring and fault location of substation equipment, overhead transmission and cable lines”



Smirnov V.V., Strel’tsov K.S., Kalinin N.V., Chernov N.A. (Tyumen Electric Networks affiliate of Rosseti Tyumen JSC)


Abstract. An approach to justify cost efficiency of introducing reclosers from a beneficial effect inherent in valid regulatory acts – change of gross revenue of a local grid company that gets transmission service tariffs set on the base of long-term regulation parameters, is proposed.
Keywords: required gross revenue, feasibility study, recloser, distribution network, SAIDI, SAIFI, lost energy, optimal equipment arrangement





Ensto Rus, LLC





Volkova T.A. (Rosseti Tyumen JSC), Lykin A.V., Fishov A.G., Enkhsaykhan E. (Novosibirsk State Technical University)


Abstract. The task of separated calculation of steady modes of electrical networks with distributed generation, that include Minigrids, local power supply systems, has been formulated. Minigrid mode calculation is carried out with consideration of synchronized voltage and current phasor measurements in its scheme of power distribution. General mode calculation is performed in two stages: 1) in a Minigrid and 2)in the network control center. Based on synchronized phasor measurements taken in every Minigrid, network parameters are defined along with all mode parameters, including for connections to the external network. Values of obtained voltage and power phasors at Minigrid connection points are transmitted to the upper level. Then, using Minigrid connection node models available in programming and computing suites, steady mode parameters of the general network diagram are calculated, taking into account all Minigrids that operate in the network.
Keywords: electrical networks, distributed generation, Minigrid, established modes, synchronized phasor measurements, identification of network parameters



Kachanovskaya L.I., Kasatkin S.P., Romanov F.K. (Scientific Research Laboratory of electrical grid construction, PO Energozhelezobetoninvest, LLC)


Abstract. Experience of development and application of reinforced concrete and metal transmission towers arranged in the unified design model – twinpost free-standing constructions with horizontal arrangement of wires and internal connections, has been studied. Modern production solutions for reinforced concrete towers and possibility of their installation on footing have delivered them benefits compared with metal towers due to sufficient cost saving in construction and less problems in maintenance.
Keywords: gantry transmission tower, reinforced concrete sectionalized rack, footing made of centrifugally-cast racks

Galiaskarov I.M. (JSC “CIUS-EES” – CIUS Center), Misrikhanov M.Sh., Shuntov A.V. (National Research University MPEI), Ryabchenko V.N. (JSC “NTC FGC UES”)


Abstract. The rate of accidents of 500 kV overhead lines in a large region has been studied during a long period of time. Failure frequency (failure rate) of overhead lines sufficiently varies affected by natural and social-economical factors in long-term periods. Wavelet patterns of the failure rate have been drawn, which reveal renewals of historical periods of failure frequency. Approaches to failure frequency forecasting in the bulk power system have been estimated.
Keywords: overhead lines, failure frequency (failure rate), waylet pattern, forecasting

Shevchenko N.Ju., Soshinov A.G., Lebedeva Ju.V., Elfimova O.I. (Kamyshin Technological Institute — the branch of Volgograd State Technical University)


Abstract. The article presents a comparative analysis of the main directions of technical re-equipment of overhead power lines operating in difficult climatic conditions. The following strategies of technical re-equipment were chosen: reduction of span length; replacement of AC wire with compact wires such as AAAC-Z, AACSRZ, GZTACSR without replacing the supports and replacing the supports with multifaceted metal with a decrease in overall span, increasing the period of repeatability up to 50 years. Eight variants of reconstruction are made. The analysis of expected mechanical loads under changing weather conditions is carried out. The most reliable are the options with a reduced span of multi-faceted metal supports when replacing the AC wire with AAAC-Z and AACSRZ wires.
Keywords: overhead power lines, compact and high-temperature wires, ice deposits

Kachanovskaya L.I., Kasatkin S.P., Romanov P.I. (Scientific Research Laboratory of electrical grid construction, PO Energozhelezobetoninvest, LLC)


Rogachev M.E.


(Rybinskenergozhelezobeton, PO Energozhelezobetoninvest, LLC)


Abstract. This article reveals how modern reinforced concrete towers come back to transmission lines. Their durability is comparable with the service life of metal constructions but they are half price. The tower design for 110-500 kV transmission lines is based on sectionalized centrifuged racks, which makes transportation easier and reduces the cost of line construction. For 0,4 and 6-10 kV lines the factories of Energozhelezobetoninvest have mastered production of famous extra-strong vibrated constructions. Modern standard designs of transmission towers could be put on common digital space of the line design, where the actual information is available to all departments in need during the whole life time of an object online.
Keywords: reinforced concrete tower, sectionalized centrifuged rack, vibrated rack, footing, durability, standard design, information model






Korotkevich M.A. (Belarusian National Technical University), Podgaysky S.I.


(PA “Energocomplekt”, Belarus)


Abstract. Long-term permissible load currents are determined in accordance with GOST R IEC 60287-1-12009 for three-core (6-35 kV voltage) and single-core (6-110 kV voltage) cables with XLPE insulation with copper and aluminum conductors, which laid singly and in groups in the ground and in the air at different calculated ambient temperatures. The conditions for laying single-core cables in the ground (along a triangle or plane), as well as the values of the coefficients of the surface effect, the proximity effect, the effect of copper screens on the total power loss in the cable are taken into account. It has been established that the long-term permissible load currents on current-carrying conductors of cables laid in air are greater (contrary to the opinion) than similar values on current-carrying conductors of cables laid in the ground.
Keywords: power cables, cross-linked polyethylene, permissible currents, laying conditions, environment temperature



Megger, LLC




Kachesov V.E., Finashin R.A. (Novosibirsk State Technical University)


Abstract. Method of pulse-resistive high-impedance neutral grounding is proposed for MV networks. The neutral (neutral-grounding) resistor is connected to the station/substation grounding wire in conditions of transient (intermittent) earth faults, when the voltage derivative in the network neutral (




) is significant. In the majority of networks (




)~ is far less in conditions of a sustained single- phase earth fault than during a transient single-phase earth fault (trans.1-ph EF), i.e. (




)trans.1-ph EF >> (




)~. This phenomenon enables efficient control of the resistive network neutral grounding mode. Operating efficiency of pulse-resistive grounding and its capability of eliminating drawbacks of permanent resistive grounding caused by increased fault power currents has been theoretically proven. A LV physical model of the electrical network has been designed and made with using different inefficient neutral grounding methods, including pulse-resistive.

Keywords: three-phase power network, neutral, grounding, resistor, neutral-to-earth voltage derivative


Klimova T.G., Safronov B.A. (NRU “MPEI”)


Abstract. When generating and grid companies create their relay protection and automation complexes that measure frequency and/or consider frequency values in other operating parameter monitoring algorithms, they have to take into account frequency fluctuations caused by variations of synchronous generator rotor speed and vector rotation speed in different situations and events in electrical grids. This article is aimed to study and to estimate quantitatively the impact of rotor speed variations on operating parameter frequency values in different network points in disturbance conditions.
Keywords: synchronous generator rotor speed, operating parameter frequency variation, “network” component in operating parameter frequency


“Izolyator” С






Chelenergopribor, LLC



Vysogorets S.P. (FSEE “PEIPK” of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation)


Abstract. The problem of improving the methodological support of the technological processes control during the repair work is stated. A minimal set of quality indicators of a liquid dielectric indicative to regenerative processes is presented. Described the newly-created express method for estimating the acid value and the prototype of a portable analytical system for visual semi-quantitative determination of acid value in the quality management system of repairs based on physicochemical analysis.
Keywords: express method, analytical system, quality indicators, measurement, liquid dielectric



Electrotechnical Systems, LLC



Following the International Conference “Present day aspects of the energy sector of the Russian Federation” (November, 25–29, 2019, Budapest, Hungary)


Following the Round Table “Provision of quality of electrical safety devices used in electrical networks. Problems of purchasing high-quality electrical safety devices” (December, 10, 2019, Moscow, VDNH, Safety and Labour Protection-2019)



Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision


Interview with Fedor Opadchiy, GO15 Association Vice-President, Deputy Chairman of SO UPS JSC



Elpidiforov V.Yu.



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