Interview with A.V. Cherezov, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, “Digital transformation of the Russian electric power industry” programme coordinator



To the 80th anniversary of the head of Yeltsin UrFU department and professor of Ural Energy Institute



Lebedev V.D., Yablokov A.A., Panashchatenko A.V., Filatova G.A., Litvinov S.N.


Interest in the use of digital technologies grows every year in electric power industry. This paper is devoted to digital current and voltage transformers. The results of their frequency and thermal characteristics analysis and performed tests are presented. Algorithms for self-diagnostics of digital current and voltage transformers critical parameters are proposed.

digital substation, digital measuring transformers, Rogowski, potential dividers, direct current sensor, AFC, PFC


Kononenko V.Yu., Murachev A.S., Smolentsev D.O.


Power quality assurance should be viewed as an independent cross-sectoral task in the light of large-scale digitization of the branches of national economy and modernization of generating and electric grid companies equipment. The paper considers the special features of the existing approach for power quality management taking into account sectoral development trends. The impact of approaches to power quality indexes calculation on the production processes of individual industrial enterprises and relationships between consumers and suppliers is analyzed. Practical steps for scientifically based solution of power quality problems are proposed.

power quality, reactive power, inter-industry approach, quality control, quality parameters, electricity consumers, damage, industrial processes

Ivanov A.V., Kucherov Yu.N., Karmashev V.S. Nikiforov V.V.


The paper considers the issues of power quality assurance for consumers in the Russian Federation, with the use of standardization and conformity assessment mechanisms. The general analysis of the current legal acts and reference documentation in the field of power quality standardization and conformity assessment is given. The main problems of regulatory activity implementation in the field of power quality in Russia are shown and solutions of these problems are suggested.

standard, standardization, conformity assessment, certification, electric power

Chumachenko V.V., Verigo A.R.


The paper considers the problems of ensuring power quality and power supply reliability related to insufficiently developed design solutions (the example of a large industrial enterprise is considered). Technical measures and means for eliminating the shortcomings of power supply scheme are proposed. The effectiveness of those means is demonstrated using mathematical modeling tools.


44 Electricity consumption forecasting. Practice of application

Migranov M.M., Ustinov A.A., Melnikov A.V.

Current trends in the development of the electric power market in the Russian Federation are characterized by: aconstant increase in the prices of resources that are needed for the fuel and energy complex for the continuous production of electricity; rise in the cost of the construction of new power plants and power grids for energy transportation; widespread rise in insolvency of enterprises-consumers of electricity. The reform of RAO “UES of Russia” in 2008 led all participants of the wholesale electricity and power market to the need to develop their own unique strategies and tools for using energy resources to ensure a balance between the energy produced and consumed. In this article, we compare the various methods for predicting electricity consumption using machine learning algorithms and statistical methods using the example of the forecast of the electric power consumption for own needs of the 500kV SS Chelyabinsk PJSC “FSK UES”


54 The system of energy management asaplatform for progressive solutions

IDGC of Centre, PJSC


56 “Nizhnovenergo”: preparation of electrical networks to World Cup is close to the final


58 Joint oscillations calculation of conductors and transmission poles within section of an overhead transmission line under the action of periodic wind load

Kravchenko A.Ya., Krasnorutskiy D.A., Levin V.E., Rodenko S.V.

The paper presents the results of joint oscillations calculations for conductors and transmission poles of power transmission line section with P110-3 poles. Transmission poles are represented by reduced finite element models with preservation of internal dynamics in the range of several lower eigenfrequencies and are included in the nonlinear dynamics of framework which is simulated conductors, insulator strings and ground wire. After calculating the response of the system to lateral wind load, the displacement amplitudes are applied to the full-size finite element pole model and stress distribution throughout the pole is determined.

64 Air support

PJSC “IDGC of North-West”

66 New solutions of “NILED” company for distribution networks

68 A modern solution for connecting high voltage overhead and cable lines

JSC “NPO “Strimer”


70 New stage of “EM-CABEL” development. Production of medium and high voltage cables

74 New standards as a guarantee of quality

Association of pipeline systems manufacturers


76 Digital energy accounting platform TOPAZ ASKUE

PLC Technology, LLC

80 Made in Russia for worldwide operation

“Izolyator” plant

84 35-110 kV equipment — successes and complexities

JSC “Sverdlovsk plant of current transformers”

86 TRANSEC modules as a reliable and safe way of solid insulation drying for oil-filled power transformers under voltage

JSC “NPO “Strimer”


90 Power supply of relay protection devices and switching devices using alternating control current

“NTTs “Mekhanotronika”, LLC

92 Digital distribution network



94 Complex system of optical diagnostics for high-voltage cable lines


102 Methodical basis for the rapid determination of liquid dielectric acid number

Vysogorets S.P., Gorets I.A.

The paper presents first developed methodological basis for determining the acid number by means of rapid method. In order to increase the reliability of acid number semi-quantification through rapid method, the application of the recommendation model based on naive Bayes classifier via use of the corresponding indicators in the RGB system is demonstrated.

108 Innovative solutions for partial discharges measuring

PJSC “Kubanenergo”

114 Arm manipulator as a new tool of energy saving for companies

“SKB elektrotekhnicheskogo priborostroeniya”, LLC


116 Fire hazard of cable lines in plastic pipes laid in the ground

Smelkov G.I., Ryabikov A.I., Pekhotikov V.A., Nazarov A.A., Kuznetsova E.V.

The paper considers the selection of plastic pipes (mainly polyethylene pipes) for purpose of cable laying and wire installation. Previously published articles recommend to select pipes on the ground of thermophysical and mechanical properties of materials used for pipes manufacture. In addition to those publications, the paper considers new dimension of the problem — cables fire protection inside the pipe.

122 Fire-resistance of 6-500 kV power XLPE cables laying in polymer pipes

Dmitriev M.V.

Recently several new articles were published, which presents the results of power cable pipes testing. It is impossible to leave these papers without comments.

128 Analysis of advisability of arc breakdown detectors for integrated protection from fires caused by failures of electrical equipment

Korolev I.V., Kondratieva O.E., Valuev P.V, LoktionovO.A.

Analysis of fires, arising during the operation of electrical installations, shows that one of the main causes of their occurrence is the electric arc. Herewith, the majority of the classic protection means does not prevent the ignition of cables in this case. The article presents an overview of foreign experience in the development of the regulatory framework and technical solutions for detecting arc breakdown and increasing the efficiency of protecting electrical networks from fires. A comparative analysis of arc-breakdown detection devices on the Russian market is carried out.


132 Lessons learned from accidents

Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision


136 Analysis of advisability of arc breakdown detectors for integrated protection from fires caused by failures of electrical equipment

Kondratieva O.E., Korolev I.V., Borovkova A.M., VasilyevaN.V.

The modern stage of civilization development is characterized by the increasing of power-to-weight ratio and therefore by the expansion of the circle of persons, linked with exploitation of various electrical installations. In these terms, health and safety issues in the exploitation of electrical equipment gain specific value. In this article the review and systemization of basic demands about maintenance safe work under voltage and analyze of demands regarding safety at various schemes of carrying out such works are represented. Basic ways of increasing safety works in grids under voltage are suggested, including of accounting for the influence of atmospheric conditions on work outside.


Case-study method and its application for the training of electrical engineers in Russia


146 Important issues of world energy will be discussed in St. Petersburg

Interview with D.I. Osadchiy, Director for development of “EkspoForum-Interneshnl”, LLC

148 Smart Energy Summit 2018 completed the work in Moscow

152 “Cabex” exhibition as a mirror of cable industry


154 Innovative policy of the British network complex