Interview with Andrey Cherezov, Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia


Positive Technologies



Fedor Opadchiy, President of GO15, Deputy Chairman of SO UPS JSC Management Board



The 16th annual meeting of GO15 Association of major power system operators


Andrey Mayorov, Deputy Director General – Chief Engineer of ROSSETI Group




Gvozdev D.B., Bolonov V.O., Oknin E.P. (PJSC “MOESK”, Moscow)


Zdiruk K.B., Kuzminov I.M. (Bauman Moscow State Technical University)


Abstract. The article describes the approaches to the use of technology digital twins, as an element of digital transformation of processes of management of objects of electric power industry, for reduction of time of performance of tasks of operational personnel and increase of reliability of data on the current state and residual resource of the equipment. Solutions for the formation of separate data banks of primary and secondary information, collectively containing accumulated knowledge about the subject area, are proposed. It is shown that the performance of the transfer of facilities management from its current state to a given (preferred), determined by the charge collection digital counterparts-information containers of knowledge-behavior on the stages of the life cycle (past / present / future) must match the behavior of real prototypes.
As an example, the digitization of typical processes of preparation for the withdrawal of equipment for repair at 110-220 kV substations is performed.
Keywords: big data, digital twins, digitalization, internet of things






LLC “PO Energozhelezobetoninvest”, Rosseti FGC UES – UDGC of North-West


LLC Tulskiy Electromechanical Plant


Zasypkin A.S., Shchurov A.N. (SRSPU (NPI), Novocherkassk)


Abstract. The algorithm of choosing the sequence of ice melting on the highvoltage transit lines is developed, which includes two stages – “Before” and “After” the beginning of ice formation. The proposed algorithm allows to take into account at the stage “Before” the efficiency of ice melting schemes, the level of responsibility of the transmission line and deterioration of the technical condition of the transmission line, which are in long-term operation, and at the stage “After” – the forecast of ice formation and power consumption. When drawing up the ice melting schedule, the principle of directional search in the sliding class was used, which provides a significant reduction in the number of calculations.
Keywords: overhead power line (OHL), sequence of ice melting, efficiency indicator, emergency limitation of power consumption regime

“Russian Bird Conservation Union” (RBCU), LLC


Abdurakhmanov A.M. (“UNECO”, JSC, Moscow), Glushkin S.V., Osintczev K.A., Shuntov A.V.


(NRU “MPEI”, Moscow)


Abstract. Principles of 20 kV overhead network design have been investigated. Preconditions of rated voltage 20 kV application have been considered. Grounds for selection of their structure and parameters, including the neutral mode, have been provided. Preferrable configuration of such networks have been justified with consideration of reliability and requirements to their sectionalization.
Keywords: reliability parameters, 20 kV networks, neutral mode, recloser, neutral grounding








“Ensto Rus”, LLC




“Izolyator” Company

“Minsk Electrotechnical Plant Named After V.I.Kozlov” JSC


Rosneft Oil Company




“Phoenix Contact RUS”, LLC



PLC Technology, LLC





Lukovenko A.S. (MES Siberia, Krasnoyarsk)


Abstract. The article is dedicated to the acute issue of improving the stick-pedestal porcelain insulation reliability at power substations. Physical and obsolete depreciation leads to breakdown of porcelain stick-pedestal insulators, that, in turn, can often induce substation busbar system disconnection, emergency trip of substation equipment, substation load reduction and endangers the operating personnel that performs online switches. Possible failure causes were studied with the help of C&ED. The article shows that extreme daily temperature deviations, especially zero-crossing, have substantial negative impact. External impacts lead to secondary stresses in the isolator, break of new particles and intermittent growth of micro cracks. Main methods used in stick-pedestal insulator diagnosis are specified. They found that so-called stick-pedestal porcelain insulation diagnosis systems are highly efficient for power substations. The method proposed is described.
Keywords: stick-pedestal porcelain insulation, diagnosis system, failures, reliability, digital substations



“Rosseti Lenenergo” — SPbVS



Tulsky V.N., Korolev V.M., Silaev M.A., Suvorova E.A. (NRU “MPEI”, Moscow),


Radilov T.V. (Technical University




f Moldova, Chisinau)


Abstract. As of today, power quality assurance according to State Standard 32144-2013 is an focus area in distribution electrical networks. However, power quality problems have not been solved yet. The paper considers time history of power quality indexes from 2015 to 2017. The causes of the observed time history were analyzed. The research results were compared with the similar studies in 2002.

Keywords: power quality, distribution electrical networks, steady-state voltage deviation,


-harmonic distortion factor, zero-sequence voltage unbalance factor


Korolev I.V., Valuev P.V., Burdyukov D.A. (NRU “MPEI”, Moscow)


Abstract. The use of protection devices arc breakdowns (AFCI) aimed at improving electrical safety circuits up to 0.4 kV (arc breakdown) with the aim of reducing the number of fires caused by electrical faults. The paper proposes a method of testing the effectiveness of such devices for arc breakdowns under specific network conditions, and provides guidance on its implementation in order to be able to select the most optimal equipment.
Keywords: electric fire, arc breakdown, AFCI, electrical safety


ROSSETI – Technical Inspection Center




“Promtehresursy” Industrial Enterprise, LLC




Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision




Interview with Yoshinori Kaneko, President of TEPCO Power Grid, Inc.