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Interview with Aleksandr Faustov, Deputy Director General, Chief Engineer, PJSC “ROSSETI”. The topic of the interview is electrical grid facilities preparation for autumn and winter period


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Interview with Nikolay Shulginov, Chairman of the Management Board, Director General, PJSC “RusHydro”




All-Russian Electrical Engineering Institute named after Vladimir Lenin turned 95


FIFA World Cup 2018

PJSC “Lenenergo”





Regulations and Standards

Lidiya Kovernikova, ESI SB RAS, Vladimir Tulskiy, National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, Roman Shamonov, PJSC «FGC UES»


The paper presents the results of regulatory requirements analysis for power quality monitoring. Some problems associated with automated monitoring systems implementation, conducting measurements and its results are given. The experience of power quality monitoring in European countries is presented.

power quality, power quality index, continuous monitoring, distribution network, backbone network, measurement points




Electrical Power Supply

Aleksandr Letyagin, PJSC “IDGC of North-West”, Pavel Shevkoplyasov, Aleksandr Nazarychev, FGAOU DPO “PEIPK”


The paper justifies the suggestion of improving IDGC business assets volume calculation. Transition from “conventional units” to the index expressed in named units (kVA, MVA) through the installed capacity of electrical installations in distribution networks is presented. A methodology for calculating business assets volume in named units is given.

power grids reliability, electricity market, business assets, balance sheet attribution, working capacity, installed capacity, factor of effective use of installed capacity

Asset Management

PJSC “IDGC of North-West”


Maintenance and Refurbishment

CJSC “Tekhnicheskaya inspektsiya EES”


Overhead Transmission Lines

Aleksandr Vedernikov, Valeriy Gol’dshteyn, Evgeniy Shishkov, SSTU


The paper presents some important issues related to implementation of specific innovative designs of multicircuit overhead transmission lines. The necessity of multicircuit overhead transmission lines implementation is confirmed by electrical grids and power supply systems operation under modern development conditions. Especially, such implementation is important to ensure electrical power supply of megacities.

multicircuit overhead transmission lines, electrical power supply for megacities, composite transmission lines, active power losses




Cable Lines

Mikhail Dmitriev, St. Petersburg Polytechnical University


In medium voltage networks there are many ways of grounding of a neutral. Among them are well-known insulated neutral, the neutral grounded through a reactor or resistor. The choice of optimal method of grounding depends upon many factors, including the characteristics used in network equipment. The article discusses the reasons for networks 6–35 kV containing cable lines with XLPE insulation to have resistive neutral grounding.

cable line, single-core power cable, cross-linked polyethylene insulation, neutral grounding, single-phase fault


Andrey Mayorov, JSC “UNECO”, Andrey Shuntov, JSC “SPKB RR”


In recent years single-phase cables with XLPE insulation have been widely used in distribution networks. They consist of isolated conductors and screens, as well as external insulation. A large number of publications have been dedicated to justifying and choosing the methods of cable screens grounding. Those publications contain a lot of cumbersome arithmetic, complicated formulas and calculation programs for computers. When designing cable lines, the issues of cable screens grounding are central from the standpoint of power losses minimization (power losses impact on lines capacity significantly). Probably, this problem is presented as too complicated for 20 kV electrical networks. Relevant arguments are given in the paper.

single-phase cables with XLPE insulation, design of cable lines, power losses, 20 kV electrical networks, cable screens grounding


Andrey Antonov, Oleg Gusev, Yuriy Gusev, Yuriy Monakov, Evgeniy Oknin, Gvan Chun Cho, National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”


The paper considers and compares the methods of screens connecting and grounding for phase-screened cables with XLPE insulation in 20 kV distribution networks. In addition to screens grounding methods are widely used in practice, the methods using discontinuities and joints of screens in the middle of the line, grounding through a resistor, grounding at one end of the line, and joint without grounding at the other end are considered. The impact of cable screens grounding methods on electrical safety, voltage on the screen in the steady state, advection of grounding device potential of main substation to distribution substations, electric power losses in the screens in the steady state, cable screens thermal resistance, voltage drop in cable lines and cable lines transmission capacity are analyzed.

power cable, XLPE insulation, cable screen grounding, thermal resistance of cable screens, advection of potential, fault voltage, cable screens connection diagram


JSC “Sverdlovskiy zavod transformatorov toka”


Relay Protection

PJSC “MOESK”, “Relematika”, LLC






Vladimir Lachugin, Pavel Platonov, Aleksandr Smirnov, JSC “ENIN”


The paper considers current problems of implementing modern methods and devices for fault localization. Application prospects and effectiveness of fault localization through wave methods are analyzed. The results of devices development are presented. The structure, parameters, hardware and software, test and implementation data of the devices are given.

fault localization, wave methods, synchronized measurements, multifunction device, power quality indexes





“MTK Biznes.Optima”, LLC


Breakthrough In Power Engineering

Interview with Aleksey Mlotok, the winner of the All-Russian competition ” ENERGOPRORYV-2015″, Deputy Chief Engineer for production control and labor protection, “Chelyabenergo” — a branch of “IDGC of Urals”, JSC



Aidar Sabitov, Director of “NPP “Sakosa”, LLC



Andrey Medvedev, Director of “AY-TOR”, LLC


Exhibitions and Conferences


Production Staff

IDGC of Centre, PJSC



Power Systems Management



Renewable Energy

Interview with Adnan Amin, Executive Director of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)