Август-Сентябрь 2018

21 августа 2018

Special issue “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and Distribution” for the 47th CIGRE Session (Paris, France), August 2018

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Russian Members in CIGRE: 95 Years of Partnership

Russian National Committee of CIGRE

As of 2017, the Russian National Committee of CIGRE is the 1st in Europe and the 5th in the world by the membership rating. This is the result of a long way of developing partnership with the largest non-governmental international association in the industry lasting for as long as 95 years.


Target Model for Ensuring Power Supply Reliability in Russia

Interview with Andrey Cherezov, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation

To date, the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation pays much attention to the comprehensive solution for reducing emergencies in the electric power industry and improving power supply reliability. In this regard, almost every year quality requirements for utilities repair and investment activity have been raising and paperwork has been detailing. Due to power grid digitalization is approved at the state level, some specific requirements will be impacted on the plans of utilities. Approaches and plans of the Ministry of Energy related to the afore-mentioned issues are the topic of our conversation with Andrey CHEREZOV, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, “Digital transformation of Russian electric power industry” project supervisor.


Russian Power System Operator: Advantages and Current Сhallenges

Interview with Fedor Opadchiy, "System Operator of the United Power System" JSC Vice Chairman of the Management Board, GO15 Vice President

Among the global power organizations comprising power engineers pursuant to their interests and directions of activities GO15 Association can be distinguished. GO15 includes the world’s largest power system operators. Unlike many other professional unions GO15 is a sort of elite club as to enter it the system operator must control the power system which total load exceeds 50 GW. Such large power systems are few in the world and their amount remains unchanged for many years. The Russian System Operator plays an important role at GO15 not only due to the dimensions of the power system but also thanks to the efforts of its specialists. This year the official representative of the company at GO15 Governing Board and Steering Board member, “System Operator of the United Power System” JSC Vice Chairman of the Management Board Fedor Opadchiy was elected GO15 Vice President. In his interview Fedor OPADCHIY spoke about the peculiarities of the Russian Power System and its dispatching control, history and future as well as on the major challenges it faces.


Expansion of PJSC ROSSETI International Cooperation

The leading position of large-scale power grid digitalization in Russia is assigned to Russian producers of power grid equipment and PJSC ROSSETI foreign partners with networks digitalization experience. It has become a key topic of the negotiations, discussions, and agreements performed by PJSC ROSSETI within St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2018).


Digital Networks Construction in ROSSETI Group

Dmitriy GVOZDEV, Chief Engineer, PJSC ROSSETI, Vladimir UKOLOV, Deputy Director of the Situation and Analytical Center, PJSC ROSSETI, Dmitriy KHIZHKIN, Deputy Head of the Information Security Department, PJSC ROSSETI, Evgeniy SELEZENEV, Deputy Head of the Technical Department, PJSC ROSSETI, Aleksandr KARTUSHIN, Chief Expert, Technical Solutions Division, Operational and Technological Management Department, PJSC ROSSETI, Valeriy KIRILENKOV, Chief Expert, Division of Relay Protection and Automation Development, Operational and Technological Management Department, PJSC ROSSETI

Today power engineering development is largely determined by technological breakthroughs, taking place in various economy sectors. Within this framework, electric power industry task is not only to keep up with constant technology changes and power consumers requirements, but also to be one step ahead, as global energy changes with technological paradigm shift is instantly impossible.


Development of Cooperation in Power Industry

Izolyator Company

Russian companies actively work to set up interstate integration with power engineers and electrical engineering companies of the world. The most important targets of the work are European countries and rapidly developing regions of Asia.


Optimal Solutions for Power Grid Development Problems

"Energoservis", LLC

In the conditions of constant power consumption increase, the problem of optimizing long-distance energy flows transmission needs to be solved. One solution could be the creation of innovative conductors providing transmission capacity enhancement while reducing technical power losses, including corona losses.


ThermoSensor. Monitoring of the State of the Electrical Equipment Сontact System in 0.4-20 kV Networks

ThermoElectrika, LLC

Trends of modern power engineering are focused on digital network development. One of the tasks of PJSC ROSSETI Concept of Networks Digitalization for 2018-2030 is the implementation of electrical network equipment capable to continuous condition monitoring and defects identification.


KOMORSAN – Remote Digital Monitoring System for Overhead and Underground Cable Networks


An aggregate data processing from the intelligent monitoring system sensors, which is based on heuristic algorithms, brings an opportunity to manage problems before accident occurs. The integrated systems of overhead lines and underground power cables outage monitoring and management provide a simple solution in terms of the power system reliability enhancement and removing the problem of false operating and functional losses of separate diagnostic devices. Implementing modern hardware-software systems that are using complex data processing algorithms, deriving data from various diagnostic devices, is a vital component of an effective decision-making.


TOPAZ Hardware and Software Complex

"PLC Technology", LLC

LLC “PLC Technology” is an engineering and production company dealing with specialized infrastructure facilities automation. At present and well into the future, electric power supply, safety and life quality are primary needs, so PLC Technology works in 4 key segments.


Synchronous Сlosing During High-speed Transfer System Operation

"NTC Mekhanotronika", LLC

One of the requirements to high-speed transfer systems is busbar coupler (BC) closing when voltage vector on the intact busbar section and EMF vector of the generalized motor running down to the busbar section with power failure have a small phase difference.

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