Август-Сентябрь 2019

23 августа 2019

Special issue “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and Distribution” for the 24th World Energy Congress (UAE, Abu Dhabi), September 2019

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Dear participants and guests of the 24th World Energy Congress and Technical Exhibition!

I wholeheartedly welcome you at the largest international event covering the whole range of main issues in energy industry.

The World Energy Congress traditionally brings together the world’s best managers and experts in the field of building and developing modern highly efficient energy systems.

Every three years the Congress is held by the country and the city which are most fully demonstrated the success in developing energy systems, increasing their energy efficiency and reliability, and introducing up-to-date digital technologies into management systems. In this regard, The United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi are an excellent example of an integrated approach to addressing all issues.

As of today, the Russian Federation is also one of the world energy leaders: new oil and gas fields are being actively developed, new hydro and nuclear power plants are being built, extensive power links with other countries are being created, and an active power grid modernization and digital transformation are underway. The success of our country in all these and many other areas will be demonstrated at the jubilee 25th World Energy Congress, which will be held in St. Petersburg in 2022.

Rosseti, the largest electric grid operator of the Russian Federation, is ready to present its advanced technical solutions, being a part of the new Concept of power grid digital transformation, to the world community. All implemented power grid technologies are focused on increasing power supply reliability and power grid services quality for our customers.

General information about the Concept of digital transformation, the Unified technical policy of Rosseti and the main technical solutions is contained in a special issue of “ELECTRIC POWER: Transmission and Distribution” journal that you hold in your hands. For more detailed acquaintance with Russian experts achievements and capabilities, I invite all interested persons to take part in discussions within the framework of “Power Grids” International Forum, which will be held in Moscow in VDNKh on December 3‑6, 2019.

I am confident that the leaders and specialists of Russian companies, participating in the 24th World Energy Congress, will demonstrate the best achievements of the Russian energy industry to the world community and contribute to spread our best practices in the world.

I wish all participants of the 24th World Energy Congress interesting communication, fruitful work and significant results. Only through collaborative efforts, it is possible to implement large innovative projects aimed at improving power industry efficiency and environmental progress worldwide.

Andrey MAYOROV, Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of Rosseti


Electric Power Supply Reliability is Our Top Priority

Interview with Andrey Cherezov, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation

In an exclusive interview, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Andrey CHEREZOV and editorial director of “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and distribution” journal Ekaterina Guseva discuss the implementation and improvement of risk-based management of facilities and resources in the Russian energy companies, broach the questions of improving the reliability of energy systems and districts characterized by high-risk of power supply interruptions, and examine successful implementation of projects aimed at improving reliability. Much attention is paid to preparation for the autumn-winter period and improvement of the methodology for assessing the entities readiness for the autumn-winter period.


On the Way to the Future

Interview with Andrey Mayorov, Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of Rosseti

“Digital Transformation 2030” concept was approved within the framework of Rosseti Board of Directors official meeting chaired by the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak on December 21, 2018. The concept implies a complete transformation of power grid infrastructure through the introduction of digital technologies by 2030. The key issues of concept implementation are the topic of conversation with Andrey MAYOROV, Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of Rosseti.


«Fuel of Freedom» Originated in Russia

Interview with Alexander Yatsuk, General Director of Special Design Engineering Bureau in Electrochemistry with experimental factory (SKTBE)

…the transition to new alternative energy sources is a dire necessity. Scientists may be mistaken for 50 or even 100 years, but fossil fuels will be exhausted someday. Loss of energy sources is the same “end of the world”, as any other global catastrophes and troubles. That country, the scientists and specialists of which will be the first ones to find the optimal solution to the problem of switching to inexhaustible energy sources, will gain a dominant position in the world. This is especially important for Russia…

From the book of V. Andreev and others “Attention – Gases. Cryogenic fuel for aviation”, published in 2001 at the Moscow Worker Publishing House


Developing an Effective and Reliable Power Grid in the Arctic Region Using Rosseti Tyumen Innovative Solutions

Igor Bogach, Andrey Burov, Konstantin Zhuravlev

The paper considers decisions on developing an effective and reliable power grid in the Arctic region of the Russian Federation using the solutions of Rosseti Tyumen. These solutions are needed for creating up-to-date Arctic electrical network using the positive results of research and development implementation and taking into account existing climatic conditions.


The Functionality of Monitoring Systems under Transforming Power Grid of Active Сonsumers


The current transformation of power system towards a decentralized model brings some features in the changing power supply from the practice of complex distribution networks. The presence of prosumers in the grid and the need to integrate renewable energy sources require a dynamic change in the transmission and distribution of electricity. The key features of new generation networks are power lines operation with alternating feed from different directions and smart control of power system facilities, which require not ordinary maintenance, but a quick response to the state of power equipment.


Efficiency of Implementing Domestic Innovative High-strength and High-temperature Steel-Aluminum Сonductors

"Energoservis", LLC

PJSC “Rosseti” maintains 44 thousand km of new conductor types or 1% of the total conductors’ length (4.5 million km). Self-supporting insulated wires of various modifications (more than 41 thousand km or 0.9% of the total conductors’ length) and bare conductors (less than 3 thousand km or less than 0.1% of the total conductors’ length) are among these conductors. In addition, Russian modern power grid is characterized by physical deterioration and obsolescence of equipment. As a result, low energy efficiency of power facilities takes place. The most important indicator of power system efficiency is the level of energy losses. With the growing power losses in electrical networks, the number of urgent problems increases. Reconstruction and technical re-equipment of electrical networks, application of advanced technical developments in design solutions, implementation of modern technologies and materials increasing reliability, durability and maintainability of power transmission lines are among these problems.


Sectionalized Reinforced Concrete Power Transmission Poles for Reducing Overhead Lines Cost, and Modern Projects of Power Transmission Poles as a Basis for Digital Network Space Formation

Scientific Research Laboratory of Electrical Grid Construction

The paper is devoted to the erection of modern reinforced concrete poles to power transmission lines. The durability of those poles is comparable to the service life of metal poles while the cost is half. Sectionalization of spun concrete poles simplifies their transportation. New solutions for erecting power transmission poles on foundations raise the height of conductors’ suspension. Thus, new reinforced concrete poles are capable to replace metal structures effectively in more than 60% of cases. Modern typical projects for overhead transmission lines can be incorporated into a single digital space of power line design, where necessary information will be present for all interested units throughout the entire life cycle of the facility


NPO Streamer JSC Announces the VII Russian Conference on Lightning Protection

NPO Streamer JSC

On April 21-23, 2020, St. Petersburg will host the VII Russian Conference on Lightning Protection organized by NPO Streamer JSC. It will be held at Astoria Hotel. Preparations for this event have already started – the Company used the experience of previous conferences to make the event even more interesting and informative the next year.


To Stay Ahead of the Curve, Keeping Adherence to Traditions

Izolyator Company

For more than 120 years of its history, Izolyator plant has produced more than 620,000 high-voltage bushings, operating in the vast majority of power facilities in Russia and the CIS countries, as well as in 30 countries of the world. Due to active research and development activities, continuous expansion of international relations both in business and in engineering direction, the company is constantly improving its products, offering perfect innovative solutions, which provide the highest level of reliability.


Online Transformer Drying Solution

Streamer Electric AG

THE ISSUE: Moisture is threatening the transformer. Moisture is one of the major cause of failures for power transformers and one of the main degradation factor for the insulation paper. It is therefore increasing the risks of operation failures and shortening the life expectancy of the asset.

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