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1 июня 2019

Special issue “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and Distribution” for the 25th CIRED Conference & Exibition (Madrid, Spain), June 2019

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On the Way to the Future

Interview with Andrey Mayorov, Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of Rosseti

“Digital Transformation 2030” concept was approved within the framework of Rosseti Board of Directors offi cial meeting chaired by the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak on December 21, 2018. The concept implies a complete transformation of power grid infrastructure through the introduction of digital technologies by 2030. The key issues of concept implementation are the topic of conversation with Andrey MAYOROV, Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of Rosseti.


Digitalization of Northern Power Distribution Zone in PJSC “LENENERGO”


Digital transformation of electric power industry is one of the purposes of the national program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” (approved by the Russian Federation Governmental Order no. 1632-р dated 28.07.2017 and recognized by the Russian Federation Presidential Decree no. 204 dated 07.05.2018). “Digital Transformation 2030” сoncept was developed by PJSC “Rosseti” for establishing one-for-all approach to the digital transformation of processes in power grid. In accordance with the principal provisions
of the Concept, digital transformation of PJSC “LENENERGO” electrical grid is performed and a pilot project to create digital power distribution zone is implemented.


The First Digital Substation in the Moscow Region


In May 2018 the 110 kV “Medvedevskaya” substation was brought into operation in Moscow High-voltage Networks (a branch of PJSC “MOESK”). It is the fi rst digital substation in the Moscow region. This paper presents its key features and differences from substations where traditional technologies are applied.


Experience оf Smart Grid Implementation for Optimization of the Distributive Electric System Operation Expenses


Nowadays half of World’s population is living in the cities. According to the forecasts urban population will reach 60% by the 2030. Successful city growth is highly depend on its energy system growth and improvement. Russian innovative energy company BESK, who owns transmission and distribution power grids 0.4 to 500 kV implements complex renovation of the energy system based on Smart Grid principles during last 3 years.


Effi ciency of Implementing Domestic Innovative High-strength and Hightemperature Steel-aluminum Сonductors

"Energoservis", LLC

PJSC “Rosseti” maintains 44 thousand km of new conductor types or 1% of the total conductors’ length (4.5 million km). Among these conductors are self-supporting insulated wires of various modifi cations (more than 41 thousand km or 0.9% of the total conductors’ length) and bare conductors (less than 3 thousand km or less than 0.1% of the total conductors’ length). In addition, Russian modern power grid is characterized by physical deterioration and obsolescence of equipment. As a result, low energy effi ciency of power facilities takes place. The most important indicator of power system effi ciency is the level of energy losses. With the growing power losses in electrical networks, the number of urgent problems increases. Reconstruction and technical re-equipment of electrical
networks, application of advanced technical developments in design solutions, implementation of modern technologies and materials increasing reliability, durability and maintainability of power transmission lines are among these problems.


Durable Reinforced Concrete Power Transmission Poles Made of Nanomodifi ed Concrete — the Future of Digital Distribution Networks

Scientifi c Research Laboratory of Electrical Grid Construction

Improving the reliability and durability of reinforced concrete poles for overhead transmission lines is a direct way to reduce costs when constructing and operating energy facilities. Modern chemical additives can signifi cantly affect the structure of concrete and improve its operational properties: strength, density, freeze-thaw, water and corrosion resistance. Identification and digital certifi cation of power transmission poles with new properties is a guarantee of their sustained quality. The paper presents data on the industrial production of poles from nanomodifi ed concrete. Also, the paper considers directions for further work on creating the unifi ed series of 0.4 and 6-10 kV reinforced concrete power transmission poles characterized by high durability for digital distribution electrical networks.


NPO Streamer JSC Announces the VII Russian Conference on Lightning Protection

NPO Streamer JSC

On April 21-23, 2020, St. Petersburg will host the VII Russian Conference on Lightning Protection organized by NPO Streamer JSC. It will be held at Astoria Hotel. Preparations for this event have already started – the Company used the experience of previous conferences to make the event even more interesting and informative the next year.


To Stay Ahead of the Curve, Keeping Adherence to Traditions

Izolyator Company

For more than 120 years of its history, Izolyator plant has produced more than 620,000 high-voltage bushings, operating in the vast majority of power facilities in Russia and the CIS countries, as well as in 30 countries of the world. Due to active research and development activities, continuous expansion of international relations both in business and in engineering direction, the company is constantly improving its products, offering perfect innovative solutions, which provide the highest level of reliability.


Online Transformer Drying Solution

Streamer Electric AG

Moisture is one of the major cause of failures for power transformers and one of the main degradation factor for the insulation paper. It is therefore increasing the risks of operation failures and shortening the life expectancy of the asset.


Application of 110 kV SF-6 GIS Produced by “ZETO – Gas Technologies” in the Сonstruction and Modernization of Electric Grid Facilities


In the last decade the plant of electrotechnical equipment, CJSC “ZETO” located in Velikie Luki has been actively working in the fi eld of integrated supplies to 35-750 kV power facilities. This approach is focused directly on customer needs and is convenient for projects implementation. It provides a signifi cant reduction of open switchgear area and terms for substations design, construction and commissioning.


Advanced Protection Suite by RTSoft: Your Utility is under Reliable Protection

RTSoft Group of Companies

For more than 100 years power systems have been constantly evolving and recently the pace of their development is only growing. Despite of such rapid modernization relay protection systems still play a key role in providing their reliability. Global changes in power industry, such as: implementation of intelligent electronic devices, development of smart grid networks, DER deployment, introduction of FACTS and wide implementation of electric vehicles lead to the inevitable complication of design, operational management and relay protection operation systems tasks. According to North American Electric Reliability Corporation statistics, up to 70% of large-scale failures and major accidents in power systems occur due to its incorrect operation.

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