The VIIth International Scientific and Technical Conference “Development and Reliability Improvement of Distribution Networks” has completed its work in Moscow

On July, 14th the VIIth International Scientific and Technical Conference “Development and Reliability Improvement of Distribution Networks” held by Rosseti Group of companies and the journal “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission & Distribution” has completed its work. Besides live presence, the foreign partners could participate online as broadcasting of reports was arranged in Russian and English. Such combined format of participation has made it possible to gather the record number of speakers and the audience — 820 persons.

The conference has been arranged in association with CIS Electric Power Council, National Research University MPEI, Melentiev Energy Systems Institute, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Partners: JSC UNECO, Tavrida Electric Group of companies, Association ERA Rossii, Encore Engineering (TransEnergoSnab), OOO PROMENERGO, PO Forenergo, OOO POLYPLASTIC  Group, OOO EastEnergyService.

Top strategy issues of distribution network development and their operation efficiency improvement have been considered in 50 reports. Different non-typical solutions that imply the use of new technologies have been discussed. In particular, the participants have talked over the power supply security of small far-away settlements and socially significant facilities by using the feedback in transformer circuits and applying the energy storage systems. Maintenance of power supply security of such facilities is also a key matter. In this respect, a good solution might be the use of self-restored and service lines. Suitable technologies have been discussed at the conference as well.

Digital technologies have been paid great attention to. Reports on state-of-the-art control systems, technical condition diagnosis and fault location detection means, methods of unaccounted energy determination have drawn a lot of interest, too.

In addition to technical and technological issues the participants of the conference have discussed several key aspects of arranging safe operation of electrical networks, protection of life and health of the attending personnel. For the first time ever the issues of customer service quality improvement and customer service development have been discussed at the conference.

Concluding the conference, Andrey Mayorov, first deputy Director General, chief engineer of PJSC Rosseti, has talked more specifically about the main challenges of distribution network development and pointed to the need of improving the level of control automation and intelligence, introducing the innovative technologies and elaborating the regulatory documentation. Rosseti Group of companies welcomes comprehensive proposals that could be mailed either directly or to the editorial group of the journal “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission & Distribution”.

Conclusions of the conference will be formulated and coordinated with PJSC Rosseti top management within a month. Besides, the management of Rosseti company has settled to arrange the next conference in summer 2023. Proposals on issues for discussion and the format of arrangement are also accepted via the editorial group.

Detailed picture story of the conference has been published.

The journal “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission & Distribution” will keep informed its readers about decisions made by conclusions of the VIIth International conference and preparation of a new, the VIIIth International conference-2023.  

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