Abstract submission for the VIII International Scientific and Technical Conference “Development and Reliability Improvement of Distribution Networks”

The organizers of the VIII International Scientific and Technical Conference “Development and Reliability Improvement of Distribution Networks” led by Evgeny Lyapunov, Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of PJSC ROSSETI, approved the topics of technical sessions that will structure the industry experts’ discussions during the two days of the event:

Session 1: Planning of the distribution network development

1.1. Formation of regional development programs with distribution network automation and optimization, efficiency criteria for such programs in accordance with regional development programs.
1.2. Criteria for cost allocation between replacement, reconstruction and new construction of power networks (topology change, automation, reliability increase). Optimal values of reliability indicators.
1.3. Technical solutions for the operative control of distribution networks. Formation principles of digital power distribution zone.
1.4. Solutions for topology of medium and low voltage electrical networks containing automation units. Using the experience of operating digital power distribution zone.

Session 2: Possibilities of applying innovative solutions in distribution networks

2.1. Application of storage units in low-voltage and medium-voltage distribution networks.
2.2.Connection of small generation plants to medium voltage distribution networks. Problems and solutions.
2.3. Import substitution of power network equipment. Innovative home-grown technologies. Current problems and possible solutions.

Session 3: Application of new diagnostic methods and tools for repair activities planning

3.1. Use of remote earth fault protection to assess the volume and frequency of clearing areas close to overhead power lines from tree and shrubbery vegetation.
3.2. Experience of UAV usage in distribution networks.
3.3. Monitoring of ice loading formation.
3.4. Control of equipment insulation, cable network and overhead lines.
3.5. Monitoring the serviceability of lightning protection and earthing circuits in real time.
3.6. Application of mobile solutions in the diagnosis of power network equipment.
3.7. Modern robotic platforms for monitoring the technical condition of power network facilities.
3.8. Planning of networks and equipment repairs by technical condition.
3.9. Calculation and consideration of condition indices and risk indicators in the formation of production programs. Risk-oriented approach to technical servicing and repair.

Session 4: Power supply reliability during scheduled and emergency operations

4.1. Development of live line working methods.
4.2. Improvement of methods for searching 6-10 kV power lines fault location during emergency outages.
4.3. Application of service lines and temporary quickly erected transmission poles.
4.4. Prospects of self-repairing lines application.
4.5. Application of mobile solutions for technical servicing and repair.
4.6. Increase of reliability and safety of networks with insulated neutral.
4.7 Compensation of capacitive currents in 6-20 kV distribution networks.

Session 5: Relay protection and automation of distribution networks

5.1. Experience and problems of the implementation of highly automated substations.
5.2. Development of typical solutions for relay protection, plant control system and operating DC voltage system of 6-750 kV highly automated substations.
5.3. Maintaining the life cycle of relay protection and plant control system with the transition to maintenance according to the technical condition.
5.4. Implementation of plant control system at 6-750 kV facilities.

Session 6: Occupation safety and health. Achieving the goal of zero injures

6.1. Prospects for reforming the occupational safety and health management system in the context of changes to the labor law.
6.2. Main barriers to implementation of the Vision Zero concept and well-being programs (comfortable environment for employees) at power engineering companies.
6.3. Analysis of the main causes of occupational injuries in electric networks.
6.4. Role of occupational risk assessment in implementing the concept of zero injuries.
6.5. Improvement of knowledge in the field of occupational safety
6.6. Risk assessment and preventive measures.
6.7. System of training and competence.
6.8. Application of electrical protection means and personal protection devices.

The conference will be held on July 5-6, 2023 at the World Trade Center, Moscow.

Organizers: ROSSETI, ”ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and distribution” journal with the support of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.
Supported by: EPC CIS, ESI SB RAS, MPEI.

General partner: Group of companies “Tavrida Electric”.
Official partners: Encore Engineering, Forenergo, Holding Company “Energorazvitie”.
Partners: Eastenergyservice, JSK “UNECO”,  Group of companies “Armatech”, PLC Technology, Thermoelectrika, LLC “Energotek”, MNPP “ANTRAKS”, LLC “Prosoft-Systems”, LLC “TEMZ”.

The conference will be structured into thematic sessions held simultaneously in several halls of the Congress Center.

The conference will include the EEPIR technical exhibition where manufacturers will present new developments and the latest achievements.

The event will be attended by over 1000 specialists, including representatives of the Rosseti Group companies, territorial grid organizations, power engineering companies of the CIS countries, electric grid divisions of the oil and gas complex and industry-specific higher educational institutions.

The working language of the conference is Russian.

The abstract submission for discussion is open within approved sessions. Applications for participation (download application form) are accepted by the editorial board of the journal “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and Distribution” journal until March 31, 2023.

Registration for the conference will be opened on the official website of the event on April 3, 2023. At the website, all interested persons have the opportunity to get more information about the conference and see the outcomes of previous events.


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