For Authors

Requirements for submitted articles

The article has to contain:

  • UDC;
  • information about authors;
  • short abstract;
  • keywords;
  • text of the article;
  • conclusions;
  • list of references.

Article heading, information about authors, short abstract and keywords should be presented in Russian and English.

Sheet format — A4, font — Times New Roman, font size — 14, line interval — 1.15. Document margins: left margin — 3 cm; right, head and bottom margins — 2 cm. Preferable number of characters in the article is up to 25 000.

Graphic material and figures made in .jpg and .tif formats (resolution has to be not less than 300 dpi) should be placed in the text. Also, graphic material and figures have to be submitted as separate files with names “Figure1”, “Figure2”, etc. The number of figures is no more than 10.

Lists of references should be executed in a single format established by Russian Scientific Electronic Library (download template of reference list execution) in accordance with the requirements of Higher Attestation Commission (Resolution of the Presidium of Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation no. 45.1-132 dated 14.10.2008) and Russian National Standard 7.0.5-2008 “Bibliographic reference. General requirements and rules of execution”. When referring or citing, it is necessary to indicate the ordinal number of information source in square brackets.

Abstract and conclusions. The abstract includes one paragraph with 10–12 lines at least. The abstract describes the nature of the article and general results concisely. Brief conclusions in the end of the article should contain an integration of obtained results. However, brief conclusions should not repeat the abstract and include recitation of performed work.

Tables. All tables and illustrations (charts, diagrams) have to contain references in the text of the article. Each illustration should have a name and ordinal number. It is necessary to use continuous numbering (with Arabic numerals) for illustrations and tables separately. Tables are numbered if their number is more than one. Table headers are essential.

The author’s card is attached to the article. This card consists of:

  • Author’s full name, academic degree, academic rank, job position;
  • Place of work (long title) with indication of the index and postal address, office phone and email;
  • Contact number for discussing issues concerning text of the article.

Aforementioned information should be presented in Russian and English.

The article should be sent by e-mail: [email protected]

«ЭЛЕКТРОЭНЕРГИЯ. Передача и распределение»