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LC "PLC Technology" is an engineering 
and production company dealing with spe-
cialized infrastructure facilities automation.

At present and well into the future, elec-

tric power supply, safety and life quality are pri-
mary needs, so PLC Technology works in 4 key 
•  electric power supply automation for backbone 

and distribution networks;

•  urban engineering infrastructure automation;
•  transport automation (airports, ports, highways, 


•  local isolated systems automation.

As of 2018, over 3000 projects related to auto-

mation, telemechanics and dispatching control of 
urban, transport and energy facilities have been 
implemented. Among the areas of projects imple-
mentation were:
•  the largest energy facilities of ROSSETI Group, 

PJSC MMK and power grid companies in Rus-
sian regions (St. Petersburg, Simferopol, Ka-
zan, etc.);

• signi


 cant urban and transport infrastructure 

facilities (Moscow International Business 
Center  "Moscow-City";  Skolkovo  Innova-
tion Center; State Hermitage Museum); 2014 
Winter Olympics facilities in Sochi; Saint Pe-
tersburg Stadium (Zenit Arena) built for FIFA 
2018; Rostov, Saratov, Volgograd and Severo-
morsk airports; Vnukovo International Airport; 
Moscow-St. Petersburg motorway and others.
LLC "PLC Technology" implements turn-key 

projects by means of its own research and produc-
tion resources, including:
• engineering 


• design 




•  microprocessor devices production; 
• metrological 


• assembly 


•  software development department;
• design 


• development 


•  branches in federal districts;
• training 


The production of equipment and automation 

tools at the company is focused on minimizing 
time of installation and commissioning. That is why 
"PLC Technology" is the only Russian company 
and one of the few world companies producing 
both individual devices and integrated manufactur-
ing pyramid for automation systems.

At the moment, "PLC Technology" is actively 

engaged in the development and production of 
equipment for digital substations (DS). 

By 2018, the company formed its own DS con-

cept vision and designed special equipment and 
software for DS construction.

"PLC Technology" is one of the few companies 

offering a full range of equipment for DS turnkey 
construction. The company doesn’t use hardware 
and software supplied by third-party vendors. That 
is why its equipment and software have an impor-
tant advantage compared to peers.

Special features of TOPAZ are (TOPAZ is 

a software and hardware of "PLC Technology"):

Information security.

 Specialized software 

is developed by Russian specialists and does 
not use the source codes of similar foreign sys-
tems. LLC "PLC Technology" has a license for 
ensuring information protection in automated 
control systems for production and technologi-
cal processes in critical facilities, hazardous fa-
cilities and facilities posing an increased risk to 
human life and environment.


Compatibility with third-party systems.


equipment is built in accordance with domestic 
and international standards, ensuring informa-
tion compatibility with third-party equipment. In-
formation exchange in TOPAZ devices is con-
ducted in accordance with IEC 61850. It was 
tested in DNV GL international laboratory (for-
mer DNV KEMA, Netherlands). Also, it has 
UCA certi


 cate (Level A). TOPAZ software and 

hardware has certi


 cates and application rec-

ommendations from Schneider Electric, Sie-
mens, ABB and other manufacturers and sup-


Clean license.

 The company has certi



for trademarks usage and software registration 





 The company has a permis-

sion for equipment implementation at hazard-
ous production facilities.


Operating system.

 TOPAZ software and hard-

ware uses Linux operating system in control-
lers and servers.



 TOPAZ provides critical pro-

cesses independence of third-party hardware 
and software. 




tion & t



117246, Moscow 

Nauchnii proezd, 17

Tel.: +7 495 510-49-61

Fax: +7 495 510-22-18

TOPAZ Hardware and Soft ware 

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LLC «PLC Technology» is an engineering and production company dealing with specialized infrastructure facilities automation. At present and well into the future, electric power supply, safety and life quality are primary needs, so PLC Technology works in 4 key segments.


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