The Far East Becomes Closer

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The point of departure for the 

Far East power engineering in-
dustry development was the year 
of 1912, when the 


 rst CHP was 

constructed in Vladivostok. Geo-
graphic features of the region, 
such as signi


 cant  environmen-

tal assets and its deployment dif-


 culties, isolated from the center 

of Russia location and proxi mity 
to the ocean coast, huge terri-
tory and low population density, 
have de


 ned the further economic 

development of the region and 
its power engineering industry.
Probably none of the Russian 
regions hasn`t developed in the 
same hard and bendy way, as the 
Far East, occupying 36% of the 
country territory.

Large Bureyskaya and Zey-

skaya HPP with the total capacity 
of 3.3 GW, Khabarovskaya CHP-1 
and CHP-3 with the capacity of 
over 1.1 GW, Neryungrinskaya 
SDPP are situated near the hund-

Powerhouse hall of the Far East largest 

Bureyskaya HPP 


 tted with

“Power Machines” equipment


“Power Machines” company takes part in the works on the three of four  heat 

generation units erected within the federal program of economic and social 

development of the Far East and Transbaikal: this is Blagoveshchenskaya CHP 

2nd construction stage, Yakutskaya SDPP-2 1st construction stage and also the 

CHP in the city of Sovetskaya Gavan. In addition, the company takes part in the 

large hydropower project of the region – Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP construction.

The Special Region

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reds of DP supplying one or two 
small villages. Also dozens of 
units, similar to Mayskaya SDPP 
in Sovetskaya Gavan, Artemovs-
kaya CHP and Komsomolskaya 
CHP-1 are situated there. Men-
tioned plants were put into opera-
tion already in 1930s and have 
been overaged at the moment.

All four projects are aimed to 

the signi


 cant alterations of the 

power engineering situation in the 
region starting with the amount of 
the generated power and 



with its cost and operating plants 
ecological cleanness.

As for today the potential of

enterprises forming part of “Power
Machines” allows to  meet cus-
tomer requirements in almost all 
the types of power plant equipment 
starting with turbines and 



ing with boilers and trans 



Red Alert

Two steam turbines with the 

regulating cogeneration steam 
tapping with the capacity of 
63 MW each were delivered to 
the CHP in Sovetskaya Gavan 
by OJSC “Kaluga Turbine Works” 
in 2015. According to the Chief 
Structural Engineer of OJSC 
“Kaluga Turbine Works” Leonid 
Muzarev opinion, the equipment 
was designed especially for the 
mentioned unit: “Special feature 
of the turbines produced for the 
“Sovetskaya Gavan” CHP is main 
steam high pressure which is 
13 MPa. The turbine is single-unit 
and the rotor is solid-forged”.

Taganrog boilermaker “Krasny 

Kotelshchik” became one more 
“Power Machines” enterprise, 
which takes part in the works for 
Sovetskaya Gavan. It produced 
three new boilers for the CHP 
electrical power units. Every boiler 
steam-production capacity is 
210 tons of steam per hour. For 
its construction staged scheme of 
fuel burning was implemented. It 
allows to increase environmental 
measures of equipment by oxygen 
level and 


 ame body temperature 

decrease. At the moment the 
boilers, produced for Sovet-

skaya Gavan in Taganrog, as the 
turbines of OJSC “Kaluga Turbine 
Works”, have been delivered to 
the plant.

In the Perma-

Frost Zone

Also “Power Machines” takes 

active part in the production of 
equipment for the Yakutskaya 
SDPP-2. The new plant will 
replace the retired capacities 
of the operating SDPP, which 
provides 94% of the electrical 
energy consumption of the Sakha 
Republic (Yakutia) nine districts 
and 54% of its capital – Yakutsk 
heat consumption. Rated electrical 
capacity of the new Yakutskaya 
SDPP-2 will be 193 MW, heat 
capacity – 469 Gcal/h.

Yakutskaya SDPP-2 speci



characteristic is its location in the 
permafrost zone, which assumes 
a number of design features both 
for the plant building and for the 
equipment applied at it. So, the 
base plate of the plant building 
in the permafrost conditions is 
established on piles at the height 
of three meters over the earth. 
At the same time temperature 
around Yakutsk falls up to –64°C 
in winter. Units that are similar to 
the plant in region have not been 
built in the region since 80s, so 

in the new project a number of 
modern technical solutions have 
been applied for the 


 rst time.

“Waste-heat recovery units 

designed for the Yakutskaya 
SDPP-2 possess high stability to 
the thermal shocks and low heat 
retention. This feature will allow the 
equipment putting into operation 
in short terms, design engineer of 
Taganrog design center Alexander 
Kolesnikov says. – In addition, 
the possibility of trouble-free 
operation at seismic in


 uence  by 

intensity to 7 points is involved in 
the boilers of that modi



Lack of the developed transport 
infrastructure around Yakutskaya 
SDPP-2 was also estimated at the 
design stage. This condition has 


 uenced on mass-dimensional 

parameters and separate units 
design signi



General Contract

In the project of the Blago vesh-

chen skaya CHP 2nd construc-
tion stage “Power Machines” is 
a gene ral contractor. After the 2nd 
con struction stage ful


 llment  the 

plant installed electrical capacity 
was 400 MW, heat capacity was 
1005 Gcal/h.

Blagoveshchenskaya CHP is 

the newest in the Far East quad-
ruple. Its 1st construction stage 

Unique unit – Yakutskaya SDPP-2 – is constructed
under  severe conditions of permafrost

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was put into operation completely 
in 1985. CHP project includes also 
the 2nd construction stage, but the 
construction was interrupted be-
cause of economy problems in the 
middle of 90s. As a result the lack 
of capacity has led to the freeze 
of engineering speci


 cations  out-

putting for new connections to the 
networks from the part of the plant. 
Also the reserve of heat capacity 
in boiler rooms which provide heat 
power to the housing stock was 
depleted. For the actively deve-
loping Blagoveshchensk it meant 
a suspension of many plans, so 
the CHP inclusion in the list of the 
most priority objects of the region 
is more than justi



The contract signed between 

“Power Machines” and CJSC 
“Blagoveshchenskaya CHP”, “Rus -
Hydro” absolute af


 liated  depen-

dent society, included implemen-
tation of installation and mounting 
works within the reconstruction 
of the earlier preserved site area, 
production and delivery of all ne-
cessary equipment for the opera-
tion. The list of equipment included 
a steam turbine with the capacity 
of 120 MW completed with tur-
bine-type alternative, gene 


unit with excitation system, PC-


 red steam boiler and power and 

unit transformers with the capacity 
of 160 and 25 MVA.

The First Stage of 

the Large-Scale


On the eve of 2016 “Power 

Machines” has 


 nished the 1st 

stage of the Blagoveshchenskaya 
CHP 2nd construction stage. The 
new stage was put into opera-
tion. “Power Machines” realized 

that owing to the consolidation of 
the company`s diversi


 ed compe-


All involved divisions and plat-

forms functioning was coordi-
nated within the single integrated 
activity-based network. According 
to the project manager Vladimir 
Mirzak, not only the short terms 
of construction were the feature 
of the project. “Much work had 
to be carried out just-in-time, and 
we managed to sign contracts, to 
purchase the equipment and to 
start implementation during the 
time which usually only the study-
ing of documentation takes. In 
conditions when the track of time 
was estimated in hours, accurate 
performance of technical proce-
dures became especially impor-
tant. Implementation of the SAP 
system and also the Oracle Pri-
mavera program in the company 
became not the last factor which 
has de


 ned the project success, 

due to the capability of mentioned 
programs to increase projects 
management to the level of the 
international standards”, Vladimir 
Mirzak tells.

Feature of the project also con-

sisted of the fact that its realiza-
tion was carried out on the site 
area of the already operating plant 

Transformers for the Blagoveshchenskaya CHP 2nd construction stage were 

produced at the Power Machines Toshiba High-Voltage Transformers LLC

Generating unit stator 

coil laying for the 

Blagoveshchenskaya CHP 

2nd construction stage

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Power house of Blagoveshchenskaya CHP

2nd construction stage

1st construction stage. Besides 
not all the units were under con-
struction from the green 


 eld: the 

part of the construction designs 
built in the late 80s – the early 90s  
was reconstructed and built-in to 
new buildings. “To 


 t the size of 

the previous model machine, plant 
designers have improved the cool-
ing system of the new turbine-type 
alternative for the Blagoveshchen-
skaya CHP. Another fan, another 
distributor of the stator coil cool-
ing system have been installed. In 
addition, isolation with increased 
thermal conduction was imple-
mented in the machine”, turbine-
type alternative Chief Structural 
Engineer of “Power Machines” 
Oleg Antonyuk says.


Is Own

Availability of own production 

at “Power Machines” became one 
more important component of the 
project. After the signing of the 
contract work on its implementation 
has begun in parallel at a site 
area in Blagoveshchensk and at 
production site: in St. Petersburg 
and Taganrog.

Speaking about the equipment 

technical features, we should pay 
special attention to the turbine-
type alternative, designed and 
produced owing to “Elektrosila” 
works, and also a boiler, designed 
by the specialists of the Barnaul 
branch of Taganrog “Krasny 
Kotelshchik” boilermaker.

According to the contract re-

quirements, a new much more 
heavier generator was necessary 
to be combined with the param-
eters of the buildings constructed 
in 1980s. Structural alteration of 
the machine cooling system as-
sisted to achieve the necessary 
result. That alteration allowed to 
use air instead of hydrogen, and 
also to implement stator coil with 
the usage of insulating materials 
with the increased parameters of 
thermal conduction. As a result, 
turbine-type alternative with inte-
grated water cooling of stator, ro-
tor and the core with the capacity 

of 130 MW could save the model 
size of turbine-type alternative 
with hydrogen forced cooling and 
the capacity of 110 MW obtaining 
20 MW of additional capacity.

As for the boiler, the require-

ments of ecological safety 
meeting became one of the 
major tasks at its production. 
Low-issue burners and fuel con-
sumption staged system have 
been applied for the emission 
of nitrogen oxides decrease. 
Up to 98% of exit-gas ash can 
be collected now by the con-
temporary electro


 lters, and slag 

is directed through the bottom 
ash-handling system to the 
water channel and to storing. 
Thus, a new electrical power unit 
with the capacity of more than 
120 MW and 188 Gcal/h putting 
into operation practically hasn’t 
increased an environmental 
pressure on the city.

For ecological and techno-

logical safety the new electrical 
power unit in Blago veshchensk is 
equipped with automatic control 
system, capable to con


 gure work 

settings independently.

At the moment the new elec-

trical power unit has success fully 
passed certi


 cation and guarantee 

tests. 200 hours of tests of boiler 
unit  number 5 and boiler unit 
number 4 proved the equipment is 
managed to operate satisfactorily. 
Till October, 2016 the 



work will be continued at the plant: 
fuel feeder is updating, ancillary 
facility is at the 


 nal  construction 

stage, and provision of amenities 
is carried out. In 2 years ahead 
“Power Machines” has to ful



warranty obligations, including 
advising personnel of the plant on 
the questions connected with its 


the Nature

The largest waterways – 

Zeya, Amur and Bureya rivers 
of the region have always been 
a great resource for the Far East 
power engineering industry. So 
that Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP in 
the Magadan region and Nizhne-
Bureyskaya HPP in the Amur River 
region construction works are going 
on. Equipment for mentioned plans 
will be delivered also by “Power 

Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP will 

become not just the heaviest 

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power generator for the region, 
but also will undertake a mission 





plant will be so-called counter-
regulator for Bureyskaya HPP, 
in which construction, by the 
way, in due time the “Power 
Machines” enterprises also took 
part. Among its functionalities 
the equalization of Bureyskaya 
HPP discharges during the day 
and also settlement waterlogging
prevention will be.

Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP esti-

mated capacity will be 320 MW, 
annual average generation will 
be 1650 million kWh. The agree-
ment on the delivery of four 
hydro electric installations with 
the capacity of 80 MW each for 
the Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP was 
signed in the end of 2013, put-
ting it into operation is planned 
till the end of 2016. Ecologically 
safe design of hydroturbines is 
among distinctive features of 
the project: six meters impel-
ler cavity, where the mecha-
nism of runner-vane opening is 

located, won’t be 


 lled with oil. 

That excludes a possibility of its 
leakages in water. “On produc-
tion of such components – eco-
logically safe impellers large 
in size – “Power Machines” is 
second to none,” head of design 
engineering sector of radial-
axial hydroturbines companies 
Alexey Roganov says. “Modern 
steam path with a new bucket 
wheel system will also become 
the important feature of the 
Nizhne-Burey skaya HPP aggre-
gates. This will allow  providing 
as great as practicable ef




According to the agreement 

con ditions “Power Machines” will 
design, produce and deliver four 
equipment package of hydro-
electric installation to the custo-
mer. Each of them includes Kap-
lan hydroturbine completed with 
a system of automatic con 


water-wheel generator com-
pleted with excitation system and 
ancillary equipment of hydro-
electric installation as well. 

Equipment production for

Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP

PJSC “Power Machines”

3A Vatutina St.,

St. Petersburg, 195009, Russia 

+7 (812) 346 70 37

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“Power Machines” company takes part in the works on the three of four heat generation units erected within the federal program of economic and social development of the Far East and Transbaikal: this is Blagoveshchenskaya CHP 2nd construction stage, Yakutskaya SDPP-2 1st construction stage and also the CHP in the city of Sovetskaya Gavan. In addition, the company takes part in the large hydropower project of the region – Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP construction.


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