Sakhalinskaya SDPP-2: Focus on the Reliability

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New Energy

of the Far East

Nowadays three power plants operate on Sakhalin: Noglikskaya GTP in the North, 

Yuzhno-Sakhalinskaya CHP-1 in the South and Sakhalinskaya SDPP in the central 

part of the island, which has been put in operation half of a century ago. Sakhalin 

power system is isolated and has no network communications with the continent. 

The island region is badly in need of its own reserve source of power supply.

1st construction stage of Sa kha-

linskaya SDPP-2 which is under 
construction on the bank of Strait 
of Tartary aimed at replacing of the 
dropout capacity of Sakhalinskaya 
SDPP outmoded equipment and at 
solving a problem of the electrical 
power de


 ciency on the island 

taking into account its economic 

The new power plant is 50 hec-

tares of the territory, 120 MW of 
capacity. It is erecting in the open 


 elds according to the system 



 eld. In the same way, “ab 

initio”, the infrastructure for power 
station operation is erecting. 
Today it is the most large-scale 
and signi




procurement construction of the 
island region.

First Units

More than 800 constructers 

are working around the clock on 
construction of a new Sakhalin 
power facility. 

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Outlines of the Sakhalinskaya 

SDPP main building, the heart of 
the station, are already visible. 
Concrete works on the foundation 
of the main facilities on the station 
are coming to the end. Nearly 
80 thousand tons of reinforced 
concrete have already been 
laid below the ground ahead 
of schedule, 75–77% of main 
building metal frame mounting 
works have been completed. “Our 
paramount task is to complete 
main building metal frame before 
the approaching cold weather, to 
sheathe the main building with 
sandwich panels, to ful


 ll  roof 

coating mounting, in other words to 
cover thermal envelope in order to 
carry out basic facilities installation 
in winter”, JSC “Sakhalinskaya
SDPP-2” CEO Vladimir Sidorenko 

Basic facilities of the station 

have been already produced. The 


 rst boiler, turbine and turbine-

type alternative have been de-
livered to the site area. In July
power engineers have started 
boiler carcass mock-up pre 


“Nowadays on Sakhalin Island three power plants operate, 
excluding the isolated Okhinsk energy area. These are Nog-
likskaya GTPP, Yuzhno-Sakhalinskaya CHP-1 and Sa kha-
linskaya SDPP. Two of them were put into operation in the 
years of USSR. Noglikskaya GTPP, the latest plant, was put 
into operation in 1999, its elecrical  capacity is 48 MW. The 
latest upgrade of Yuzhno-Sakhalinskaya CHP-1 took place in 
2012–2013, when the 4th and the 5th electrical power units 
have been put into operation. Those two units added 230 MW 
to the Sakhalin energy system. That allowed carrying out power 
facilities repairs without large-scale customer curtailment, but 
the essential problem concerning power shortfall hasn`t been 
solved. The 


 rst turbine-type alternative of the Sakhalinskaya 

SDPP with installed electrical capacity of 315 MW was put into 
operation in 1965. Today the plant installed electrical capacity 
is 84 MW (two turbine-type alternatives of 42 MW each). 

150-meter long chimney

of Sakhalinskaya




r s





sembly. Start of the turbines in-
stal lation has been planned in 
November this year. 

New power plant 1st con struc-

tion stage consists of two turbines 
with steam-generating units, 
two steam boilers, dry cooling 
tower, administrative building and 
dozens of service department and 
plant premises. By the way, the 
economic crisis has not affected 
the SDPP construction conditions 
completely – basic facilities have 
been produced on the Russian 

48 Days

for the 



150 meters chimney erection 

has become the 


 rst key event of 

construction. It has been erected 
in 48 days only through continuous 
pouring of concrete method by 
making use of slip forming. Thanks 
to modern technologies the 
chimney used to grow for 3 me-
ters a day. In the old-fashioned 
way power engineers would have 
spent not less than two years for 
such unit construction. 

Station dry cooling tower is 

also unique. It is of a dry type, 
unlike the similar power facility at 
the Yuzhno-Sakhalinskaya CHP. 

In parallel with the power plant 

main site area work on the offsite 
units located beyond its limits 
is humming. Electrical power 

output scheme construction is 
well under way. High voltage 
lines of 220 kV will be drawn 
from SDPP-2 to the closest high-
voltage lines of a power supply 
system. One more line of 35 kV 
will be drawn from the power plant 
to the new substation in the village 
of Ilyinskoye. “We should put 
230 electrical transmission towers 
for these four lines. Today we 
have to lift about 100 more pieces. 
Electrical power output scheme 
construction has been planned 
in the 


 rst three months of 2017”, 

senior engineer on supervision of 
the “SakhalinEnergo” construction 
Alexey Nefedov said. 

Glaze-clear Ice 

is not a Problem

On the Sakhalinskaya SDPP 

high voltage lines special system 
of glaze-clear ice melting will 
be implemented. It is aimed at 
considerable facilitation of power 
engineers life. “The main point 
for successful abatement of ice 
hillock is to notice the beginning 
of its appearance in time. When 
the weather conditions become 
dangerous for the lines, dispatcher 
has to react quickly, JSC 
“Sakhalinskaya SDPP-2” CEO 
Vladimir Sidorenko highlights. – 
Water particles get clogged easily 
into the tightened up lines gaps. 
Than it is freezing step by step and 

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ice hillock up to 15 cm appears. 
At the high of 500–700 meters 
such weighty “coat” provokes line 
break easily. Dispatcher starts to 
provide lines with direct current 
with speci


 ed parameters instead 

of AC current. Due to this action 
metal line heats and “ice coat” 
melts. During ice melting problem 
line is pulled out of service. It 
doesn’t provide customers with 
electric power. Reserve high 
voltage lines are used. After that 
the installation protecting lines 
from accretion switches on. As 
soon as the danger passed by, the 
line is connected again.

On the Sakhalin island such 

installations are successfully 
involved in Vakhrushev SDPP 
and in three more substations: 
“Tymovsk”, “Ilyinsk” and “Yuzhno-

In the construction plan of 

infrastructure offsite units for 
Sakhalinskaya SDPP drinking 
and household and technical 
water supply system installation, 
ash-disposal and slag disposal 
areas, approach automotive roads 
with total length of 1.8 km and 
railway from the stop “Ilyinsk” to 
Sakhalinskaya SDPP with length 
of 6.5 km are planned also.

As for social infrastructure 

for future station employees 
and their families, directly in 
the village of Ilyinskoye the 
settlement for power engineers is 
building. Construction works are 
conducted at the expense of the 
regional budget under the capital 
construction management of the 
Sakhalin region Government 

“Sakhalinskaya SDPP 1st con-

 struction stage is meant for 
120 MW, perspective total 
capacity is 360 MW, Vladimir 
Sidorenko explains. – For 
reference, Yuzhno-Sakhalinskaya 
CHP rated capacity is 455 MW. 
In winter time both plants have to 
be in operation. If one of them is 
damaged, which occurs from time 
to time due to Sakhalin severe 
weather conditions, the second 
one will provide sustainability 
of island energy system. It is 
planned that the new SDPP-2 will 

function in the basic mode: one 
reserve electrical power unit and 
operating one. This will help to 
avoid blackouts, when settlements 
become completely deenergized 
due to the lines break. 

Taking into account island 

energy system isolation and lack 

of network communications with 
the continent, Sakhalin needs to 
obtain its own reliable reserve 
source of power supply. The new 
Sakhalinskaya SDPP aimed to be 
such a reserve source, replacing 
the retired capacity of operating 
Sakhalinskaya SDPP. 





replacement of operating Sakhalinskaya SDPP retired 


providing energy security of the region,


isolated Sakhalin Island energy system total capacity 


Electrical capacity:  

120 MW

 (1st construction stage)


Heat capacity:


18,2 Gcal/h 

(1st construction stage)



Sakhalin coal



of Sakhalin region:


500 thousand people


Population of

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city:


200 thousand people



t s





Metal skeleton of the power 

plant main building

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Nowadays three power plants operate on Sakhalin: Noglikskaya GTP in the North, Yuzhno-Sakhalinskaya CHP-1 in the South and Sakhalinskaya SDPP in the central part of the island, which has been put in operation half of a century ago. Sakhalin power system is isolated and has no network communications with the continent. The island region is badly in need of its own reserve source of power supply.


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