“RusHydro” Charitable And Sponsored Programs

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PJSC “RusHydro”, as a social-

ly responsible company, con 


ders the charity and sponsorship 
to be very important components 
of its activities. The company 
implements a long-term charitable 
program “Clean energy” and 
actively participates in economic 
and social life of the regions where 
the company facilities are located. 
PJSC “RusHydro” implements 
sponsored and charitable acts 
in accordance with a prin 


of a transition from one-time 
donations to the complex social 
responsibility taking into account 
transparency, targeting and 
effectiveness of funds use. A basis 
of the charitable program “Clean 
ener gy” is an activity related to 
child ren from vulnerable families 

Green energy

Young participants of ecological act «oBEREGAy»
organized within the charitable program of Zeyskaya HPP

aid, youth professional orientation, 
environmental education and 
estate maintenance in the cities 
where the company has a pre-


Hydro Power 


Branch of PJSC “Rus Hydro” –

Bureyskaya HPP supports educa-
tional institutions of Bureysky 
district of the Amur River region 
annually. That support involves 
redecorations, aid for the chess 
club, physics competitions, the 
school pool functioning assis 


tance etc.

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Continuous support is lent to 

children’s homes and boarding 
schools. Among the projects which 
were implemented in collaboration 
with children’s homes and boarding 
schools there are sports grounds 
construction, purchase of tourist 
equipment and Christmas gifts. 
School bus purchased by PJSC 
“RusHydro” for Novoraychikhinsky 
children’s home became a real gift 
for orphans.

In cooperation with admini-

stration department for education 
of Bureysky district of the Amur 
region Bureyskaya HPP orga-
nizes a competition of children’s 
creative projects  every year, invit-
ing pupils from children’s homes, 
schools, after school facilities and 
teachers as participants. The pur-
pose of the competition is a pro-
fessional orientation of preschool 
and school age children and in-
crease of knowledge in the 


 eld of 


In cooperation with power 

engineering department of Amur 
State University the event “Bring 
up ener getic generation” realizes 
annually. Within that event stu-
dents get acquainted with the 
power engineering profession. 
Besides in cooperation with afore-
mentioned university a special 
scholarship of “RusHydro” was 
established for the best students 
in the 


 eld of power engineering. 

Also a competition of student 
research papers is funded every 

Supporting water sports en-

thusiasts, Bureyskaya HPP spon-
sors swimming competitions in ice 
water annually. Such competitions 
gained international status during 
last years.

In addition to the annual 

charitable assistance, “RusHydro” 
develops corporate volunteering, 
supports participation of individual 
employees in social projects. The 
company organized charitable 
events to raise funds for those 
who need it urgently, fairs with 
participation of charitable foun-
dations, blood drives. Such events 
were carried out at the Burey-
skaya HPP, and caused enthu-
siastic support of the HPP staff.

“Born of energy” is an an-

nual federal charitable act imple-
mented by “RusHydro” on the 
eve of the professional holiday – 
Power Engineers’ Day. The goal 
of that charitable act is supply-
ing maternity hospitals, perinatal 
centers and maternity wards of 
hospitals with modern diagnostic 
and rehabilitation equipment in 
the cities, where the company has 
a presence. Amur perinatal center 
became a bene


 ciary within that 

charitable act. Medical devices 
were purchased in accordance 
with the needs of the hospital.

As a company representing 

“green” power, “RusHydro” places 
emphasis on the implementa-
tion of environmental activities 
within the Program of charitable 
and sponsored activities. Among 
those activities there are the act 
“oBEREGAy”, creation of ecologi-
cal trails, stocking reservoirs with 


 sh, cooperation with natural re-

serves. Charitable environmental 
program “My baby crane” imple-
ments jointly by Bureyskaya HPP 
and Khingansky State Nature 
Reserve. The program has been 
continuing for 7 years. More than 
a thousand children became its 
participants. That extensive pro-
gram consists of several events 

taking place during a year: cranes 
counting by means of acoustic di-


 nding, the events “Lend 

a helping hand” and “Grow togeth-
er”, ecological holidays “Crane’s 
day”, sessions in the camp “Khin-
ganiya Country” on the shores of 
Dolgoe lake. Among the program 
participants there are pupils from 
boarding schools and social adap-
tation facilities. Cooperation with 
“RusHydro” helps Khingansky Na-
ture Reserve not only to expand 
the work in the 


 eld of environ-

mental education, but also to con-
tribute to the strengthening of its 
material and technical resources. 
It increases ef


 ciency of the na-

ture reserve environmental activi-

PJSC “RusHydro” was organ-

izing 20 charitable environmental 
acts related to stocking reservoirs 


 sh in seven regions of the 

country from 2003 to 2015. As 
a result, reservoirs received about 
2.7 million of juvenile 


 sh. Among 



 sh there were very impor-

tant species listed in the Red List of 
Threatened Species. “Rus Hydro” 
implemented the 


 rst  charitable 

acts related to replenishment of 


 shery resources in the Far East 

in 2003. At that time 36 thousand 


 sh (sturgeon and carp) 

Charitable environmental program

«My baby crane» is realized

by Bureyskaya HPP in cooperation with 

Khingansky State Nature Reserve

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were placed in the reservoir under 
Bureyskaya HPP when its con-
struction was at its age. In 2015–
2016 PJSC “RusHydro” together 
with LLC “Amurrybvod” realized 
two stocking with 


 sh of Zeya river.

About 6000 


 ngerlings  of  Amur 

sturgeon and great Siberian stur-
geon (very valuable 


 sh  species) 

were released to that river.

Zeyskaya Hydro 

Power Plant

Branch of PJSC “RusHydro” – 

Zeyskaya HPP fully supports the 
policy of the company. That HPP 
is the main social partner of Zeya 
city administration, city and district 
education departments, Zeya 
nature reserve, social and other 

Supporting the development of 

science and education, the branch 
helps students who have reached 
high results in studies, sport,
science and creative activity. Zey-
skaya HPP organizes a competi-
tion “The best student of the year” 
annually, paying scholarships to 
the most exceptional children. 

Also the HPP organizes popular 
games in the youth club “Erudite” 
and intellectual competition “Ge-
niuses”, as well as professional 
orientation activities for students.

Particular attention is paid to 

the development of sports and 
promotion of a healthy lifestyle, so 
Zeyskaya HPP supports various 
urban sports and entertainment 
competitions. The competitions in 
gymnastics, swimming, handball 
are realized by assistance of 
Zeyskaya HPP funds. Traditionally, 


 nancial support provides to the 

sections of basketball, shooting, 
skiing, as well as the Amur 
federation “Akvays Sports” which 
orginizes competitions in the 



of swimming in cold water.

Zeyskaya HPP has been 

helping social service center “Rod-
nik” for many years. The funds of 
that HPP provide a construction of 
mini park with small architectural 
forms “U Lukomoriya” on the 
“Rodnik” territory for special needs 
children. Due to the HPP support 
a sensory room equipped with 


 c equipment intended for 

psychological safety valve special 
needs children is opened there.

Vulnerable people receive 

assistance as well. Children from 
needy and large families receive 
backpacks equipped with all the 
things needed for a new school 
year annually. Christmas parties 
“The brightest Christmas tree” 
with gifts for children from needy 
families are organized as well.

An important area of the 

Zeyskaya HPP charitable pro-
grams is environmental care. The 
observation deck on the side of
the ridge Tukuringra was im-
proved by the HPP. Also nature 
trail in real mountain cold desert 
was opened. The piece of nature 
for lessons with children was 
decorated in the building of Zeya 
nature reserve. The environmental 
sessions, large-scale ecological 
act “oBEREGAy” related to clea-
ning a bank of the river from 
garbage are organized for young 
naturalists every year.

The company supports projects 

oriented to the development and 
support of the city and district 
infrastructure. Due to the federal 
act “Born of energy”, the maternity 
ward of the hospital named after 
B.E. Smirnov in Zeya city was im-

Opening of the maternity ward of the hospital
named after B.E. Smirnov repaired within
the act «Born of energy», in Zeysk city

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Pupils of children’s homes visited JSC «Far Eastern
Generating Company» «Energy school» at the
WorldSkills Russia National Championship

proved after renovation. Besides 
new equipment was bought, so 
that the hospital be 

came one

of the best medical facilities in the 
Amur region. A boarding school
and a preschool were fully 
renovated and equip ped with new 
furniture with the aid of the company 
funds in Ovsyanka village. 
Zeyskaya HPP provided 



assistance in order to purchase 
attractions for the City Park of 
Culture and Re creation. It brought 
a lot of hap piness for children living 
in Zeya city. New computers were 
placed for the study of modern 
tech nologies related to artistic 
direction at Children’s Art School 
in that city. Besides 





and playground were built on the 
territory of school number 1 in 
Zeya city.

But not only funds of chari-

table programs can produce 
acts of kindness. Zeyskaya HPP 
staff helps people in need. Due 
to funds which were subscribed 
by HPP staff, assistance was 
provided for children with con-
genital diseases, veterans and 
people who were in dif


 cult situa-


The Holding “RAO

Energy Systems 

of the East”

The Holding “RAO Energy Sys -

tems of the East” is  a subsidiary 
of PJSC “RusHydro”. That Holding 
has been implementing charitable 
programs and participating ac tive-
ly in a social life of the regions of 
the Far Eastern Federal District 
for many years.

Large-scale work related to 

support of sports programs and 
deve lopment of cooperation with 
sports teams of the Far East is 
carried out in the each region 
where the company has a pre-
sence. Support is provided to 
at-risk group: orphaned children, 
disabled people, and seriously ill 
patients. Much attention is given 
to the problems of children with 
health limitations by means of the 
help to various centers and foun-
dations within implemen tation the 
programs of children aid.

Aesthetic and spiritual educa-

tion for the children living in the 
Far East is an important aspect 

of the social and charitable work 
of the Holding “RAO Energy Sys-
tems of the East”. Acts of protect-
ing the religious, historical and ar-
chitectural monuments are carried 
out in the areas where the compa-
ny has a presence. Besides funds, 
supporting indigenous people, re-
ceived an assistance there.

“RAO Energy Systems of the 

East” initiates and carries out 
acts “Help to prepare for school”, 
“New Year”, “Children’s Day”, 
“Day of the elderly person” in the 
most remote areas of the Far East 
annually. Veterans of the Great 
Patriotic War and labor front, get 
special care and attention of the 
company. They receive gifts on the 
eve of the Victory Day every year. 
Also concerts and tea parties are 
organized for veterans. Serious 
work is ful


 lled with employees 

of the company. For example, 
the company organizes volunteer 


lean-up, sports and other activi-

ties for the involvement of working 
people in social projects.

Another very important social 

project for “RAO Energy Systems 
of the East” is an implementa-
tion of the program related to so-

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Ruslan Masterskyh and Artem Dugin are
the youngest participants of the JuniorSkills 

cial and professional adaptation 
of pupils of “RusHydro” children 
homes. “RAO Energy Systems 
of the East” and its subsidiaries, 
such as JSC “FEGC” and PJSC 
“FEEK”, joined to the program of 
cooperation with children’s homes 
in the Khabarovsk Region, Pri-
morsky region, Amur River region 
and the Jewish Autonomous Re-
gion. Among volunteers there are 
more than 60 people from the 
company’s various subsidiaries. 
They helped 7 children’s homes 
in the afore-mentioned regions. 
Volun teers take part in the pro-
ject on a voluntary basis, but at 


 rst they received special train-

ing course organized by PJSC 
“RusHydro” in order to commu-
nicate with subordinate correctly. 
Volunteers help the children to 
adapt, become culturally ad-
vanced and, especially, determine 
with a 


 eld of future profession. 

The results of that work have been 
received this year. Those children, 
who visited  JSC “Far Eastern 
Generating Company” “Energy 
school” in Khabarovsk, won 



and second place in the nomina-
tion “Electrical installation work” 
in the semi


 nal of the unique Na-

tional Championship “Young pro-
fessionals” (WorldSkills Russia) 
according to JuniorSkills version. 
JuniorSkills was organized in the 
Far East in the 


 rst time. Training 

of children, who won top places, 

passed for 3 months in afore-men-
tioned “Energy school”. Children 
demonstrated the knowledge and 
skills gained from experienced
teachers, many of whom were 
staff of the power engineering 
companies. Additional practical 
training for future competitors was 
carried out by volunteers. The 
competition gathered over a thou-
sand participants and organizers 
from all over Russia. The com-
petition contained 42 competen-
cies, 3 of which were intended for 
young participants of JuniorSkills 

program. 7 teams took part in the 
junior version of the championship 
in the nomination “Electrical work”. 
3 teams of those were from child-
ren’s homes in Khabarovsk. JSC 
“FEGC” patronizes those chil-
dren’s homes according to profes-
sional and social adaptation pro-
gram for orphaned children and 
children without parental care.

PJSC “RAO Energy Systems of 

the East” employees from Moscow 
and Khabarovsk continued charity 
fundraising events in 2015. They 
helped volunteers, who taught 
local children. The 


 rst charity fair 

was in 2014.

“RAO Energy Systems of the 

East” employees from Khabarovsk 
and Moscow offered colleagues 
to buy their own culinary crea-
tions and hand-made goods. All 


 t from the products sale in the 

fair was spent on the computer 
classes equipment and organiza-
tion of lei sure for the children from 
several children’s homes in the 
Far East. Top-management of the 
company took part in the charity 
fair and even gave their per sonal 
lots for a special auction. The 
event not only helped to streng-
then communication among the 
employees, but also allowed col-
leagues to know more about each 
other, identify talents and hobbies, 
which not related with work. 

Mentor, deputy manager of the electrical service Khabarovskaya CHP-1, 
Alexander Chupikov  teaches in «Energy school»

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PJSC “RusHydro”, as a socially responsible company, considers the charity and sponsorship to be very important components of its activities. The company implements a long-term charitable program “Clean energy” and actively participates in economic and social life of the regions where the company facilities are located. PJSC “RusHydro” implements sponsored and charitable acts in accordance with a principle of a transition from one-time donations to the complex social responsibility taking into account transparency, targeting and effectiveness of funds use.


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