Reliable Power Supply at the Universiade is the Result of Power Engineers’ Coordinated Work

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4–7 September, 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia



ead of Tatarstan Government Ildar Khalikov 
met with Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia 
Andrey Cherezov, who supervises preparation 
of electric power facilities for holding the 

Olympic Games in Sochi, in order to summarize on the 
power supply of Universiade-2013 in Kazan. The meeting 
was attended by members of the Government of Krasnodar 
Krai and chief managers of power companies of the 
Russian Federation (RF) and the Republic of Tatarstan 
(RT). Unanimously, the participants of the meeting highly 
praised the work of Tatarstan power engineers on the 
power supply of the Universiade. “The positive experience 
of JSC “Grid Company” in organizing power supply of 
the facilities of XXVII World Summer Universiade should 
be thoroughly studied and analyzed, while Tatarstan 
power engineers’ best practices, especially in the 


 eld of 

their interaction with the owners and managers of sports 
facilities, should be implemented in preparation of electric 
power facilities for holding the Winter Olympic Games in 
Sochi”, emphasized Andrey Cherezov.

The power grid of Kazan Energy Region (KER), as 

well as the schemes and devices of internal power supply 

Reliable Power Supply at the 

Universiade is the Result of Power 

Engineers’ Coordinated Work 





), JSC “Grid Company”, Kazan

systems of 35 Universiade key infrastructure facilities 
were prepared in accordance with the aims and objectives 
set by RF and RT Governments and the International 
University Sports Federation (FISU). The power supply 
systems operated without fail and in compliance with the 
key conditions for holding large-scale sporting events with 
more than 100 thousand people participating.

In order to prepare for the Universiade JSC “Grid 

Company” carried out major reconstruction of the 
facilities of KER bulk and distribution power grids. The 
most extensive and complex works were required at 
Kinderi Substation 500 kV, Central Substation 220 kV and 
ZaiGRES—Kinderi overhead line 500 kV. Two combined 
cable and overhead lines 220 kV — Kinderi-Central and 
Bukash-Central — were built with liquidation of the 
Y-joint of Kinderi-Bukash-Central overhead line 220 kV; 
in addition, a number of other works were conducted and a 
number of other measures were taken as regards the power 
grid 6—110 kV. The KES system reliability was greatly 
improved by JSC “FGC UES” by means of preemptive 
construction of Pomary-Udmurtskaya overhead line 500 kV. 
Commissioning of this line provided for an additional 

external connection 500 kV in the 
intersystem section of the united energy 
system “Centre-Middle Volga-Urals”.

In cooperation with the Regional 

Dispatch Of


 ce (RDU) of Tatarstan, a 

complete set of works on modi


 cation of 

emergency control operation algorithm 
and settings in KES and the adjacent grid 
was performed. Observability and control 
of main power supply centres of sports 
facilities were improved. Moreover, there 
were conducted calculations, adjustment 
and selectivity matching of protection 
devices in the distribution network 
0.4—6(10) kV and internal power supply 
schemes 0.4 kV of the Universiade 

FISU imposes strict requirements to the 

provision of uninterrupted power supply 
of the Universiade facilities as regards 

From left to right: Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia Andrey Cherezov, Head of 
Tatarstan Government Ildar Khalikov.

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continuous electric power supply during competitions, 
ceremonies and TV broadcasts. Modern equipment 
of sports facilities is extremely sensitive not only to 
voltage dips and outages, but also to voltage 





 cant by time and amplitude. Every sport and every 

facility have their own key electric loads and peculiarities 
of their power supply, failures of which can suspend sport 

The company experts thoroughly studied the 

requirements of FISU, IOC and FIFA as well as the world 
and Russian practices in holding similar sporting events. 
A concept was developed following the examination 
of facilities, which was further used for developing a 
technical solution for power supply of every facility, with 
regard to speci


 c requirements to a given sport and current 

condition of schemes and equipment.

A temporary operation and maintenance structure was 

developed for the internal power supply schemes of the 
Universiade facilities. Then, additional personnel were 
•  energy managers and their deputies — 35 ppl.;
•  electric engineering personnel for operating the internal 

power supply schemes — 85 ppl.;

•  senior students of Kazan State Power Engineering 

University — 35 ppl.
All the personnel were accredited and trained in 

“Energetik” Training Center to acquire rights of work with 

consumer electric installations and functions of operating 
switching. The electric engineering personnel of sports 
facilities attended advanced training courses there as well.

During the period of preparation for the Universiade 

a power supply scheme for the following facilities was 
developed and commissioned.
•  Power supply of critical sections of consumer loads 

was carried out from temporary diesel-generator units 
(DGU) generally connected to buses of transformer 
substation 0.4 kV or section boards. The connection 
was executed in accordance with the schemes of 
temporary power supply from DGU, with performance 
of a set of commissioning works to their full extent. 
The electrical network was in a standby mode, with 
possible manual and (or) automatic activation. This 
group of loads included lighting systems of sports 



and racing tracks, judging equipment, server rooms, 
TV equipment, mobile TV studios and other auxiliary 
TV devices, short-time voltage dips at the terminals 
of which could lead to breaks in the course of work. 
The power supply scheme with DGU connection and 
continuous operation was implemented at 17 sports 
facilities with live broadcasts (at 5 facilities broadcasts 
were recorded), as well as at the Kazan Arena Stadium 
and the Universiade International Information Centre.

•  The power supply of other critical electric power 

consumers was carried out from the DGU-redundant 

July 6. The Opening Ceremony of XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in “Kazan Arena” stadium. Kazan, Russia.

Photos by IT


ASS / Stanislav Krasilnikov

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4–7 September, 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia


electrical network. This group of electric loads included 
emergency lighting, 


 re extinguishing and smoke 

exhausting systems, control centres of facilities, video 
panel control posts, mobile TV stations with their own 
generator units and UPS, non-competition venues 
(changing rooms, doping and weight control rooms, 
etc.), the press center, the press-conference hall, Mixed 
zones, VIP boxes.

•  The power supply of non-critical loads of the facilities 

was carried out from the electrical network according to 
the project scheme with no additional undertakings on 
improving power supply reliability with an overhaul of 
their technical condition.

•  The power supply of temporary installations at the 

facilities was carried out from the electric network 
in accordance with Category 3 of reliability. The 
redundancy was provided with the use of the general-
service electrical network and in some cases — low-
power DGU. The total installed capacity of temporary 
constructions and additional equipment installed 
at the facilities made up 18 MW. The total length of 
temporary networks installed in compliance with the 
special technical conditions, which were speci


 ed by 

the internal power supply working group, was 158 km.
At the Universiade, the power supply supervision group, 

made up of the management of JSC “Grid Company” and 
representatives of JSC “FGC UES”, JSC “Russian Grids”


JSC “TGC-16”, JSC “Generation 
Company”, System Operator “RDU 
of Tatarstan” and JSC “Tatenergos-
byt”, worked on a daily basis. For the 
duration of the Universiade the Situ-
ation Analysis Center was organized 
in order to interact with external or-
ganizations of all levels.

The information control 

scope of the on-duty dispatching 
personnel included the equipment 
of internal power supply networks 
of the Universiade facilities, diesel-
generator units providing their power 
supply, as well as information about 
those events at the facilities of other 
power companies which in



the power supply reliability in KES.

In addition, they provided 

for round-the-clock personnel 
attendance at 15 substations 110 kV, 
at distribution and transformer 

substations 6—10 kV feeding power to the Universiade 
facilities with connected DGU, as well as the presence 
of two additional emergency crews in every region of 
electric networks and an additional emergency crew of the 
dispatching department of “Kazan Electrical Networks” 
in order to maintain substations 110—220 kV. During the 
Universiade the personnel continuously monitored the 
technical condition, organization of operation and power 
supply schemes of 34 Universiade facilities and 



problems that arose.

The reliability of KES was improved with additional 

measures consisting in the suspension of scheduled 
works, restricted operation of emergency control at the 
Universiade facilities, restriction of power consumption by 
industrial enterprises, reduction of interchange power 



at all dispatching levels of “ODU of Middle Volga” and 
“RDU of Tatarstan”. For the duration of the Universiade 
the generating capacities of all substations in the Energy 
Region were used in full.

With the aim of reducing the risk of outages on the 

overhead line 35—500 kV special-purpose crews were 
formed, which conducted round-the-clock monitoring 
of transmission lines and their protected zones. Another 
special-purpose crew was formed to perform daily 
engineering examination of substations. With the aim of 
responding to emergency situations a number of emergency 
response crews were formed and fully equipped with 
vehicles and special-purpose machinery.

To ensure compliance with FISU requirements 103 

diesel-generator units with the total capacity of 44 MVA 
were installed at power supply centers of the facilities 
and section boards on the condition of parallel operation 
in sections. Stable operation of DGU was ensured by 
coordinated work of specialists of JSC “Grid Company”, 
JSC “Srednevolzhskelektrosetstroy”, LLC “NTT-Center”, 

General Director of JSC “Grid Company” Ilshat Fardiev and Head Foreman Konstantin 

Evsin introduce General Director of JSC “Russian Grids” Oleg Budargin to the power 

supply scheme of “Kazan Arena” stadium.


  At present, further integration of electrical grid facilities is 

going on – in 2012 JSC “Russian Grids” was established.  
The company has been arranged by renaming JSC «IDGC 
Holding» to JSC “Russian Grids» and contribution of JSC 
“FGC UES” shares being in federal ownership (79,55% of 
shares) into its authorized capital. The Russian Federation 
state continues to participate in JSC “FGC UES” authorized 
capital with at least one share.

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Energy managers, diesel engine operators and electricians of JSC “Grid Company”, 

who attended to “Rubin” stadium, where football matches were held.

The specialized educational center of JSC “Grid Com-

pany” trained 82 DGU operators, 32 managers, members 
of attestation commissions of branches and the head of



30 managers of DGU sections, with issue of certi



allowing special rights of operating DGU and fuel sup-
ply systems. During the period of training 
DGU were tested in full-load operation. 
All the equipment passed the commission-
ing tests successfully, was commissioned 
and started operating as expected. In the 
period preparatory for the Games the per-
sonnel of JSC “Grid Company” was as-
sisted in preventive and routine mainte-
nance of the equipment by representatives 
of European manufactures, who had been 
invited to Kazan speci


 cally to contribute 

to the technical support of the Universiade. 
Connection of critical loads to the power 
supply from DGU made it possible to pre-
vent negative consequences of probable 
faults on the side of the external network.

The competitions and events of XXVII 

World Summer Universiade in Kazan 
were a success and received high appraisal 
of the participants, spectators and the 

administration of RT and RF. The power supply scheme 
of the Universiade facilities proved its ef


 ciency in full, 

while the implementation of technical decisions taken by 
the management and specialists of JSC “Grid Company” 


 rmed their accuracy.

June 30. Campus of XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013. Kazan, Russia.

Photos by IT


ASS /  

Alexey Nasyrov

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Head of Tatarstan Government Ildar Khalikov met with Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia Andrey Cherezov, who supervises preparation of electric power facilities for holding the Olympic Games in Sochi, in order to summarize on the power supply of Universiade-2013 in Kazan.


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