New Prospects of the Far East Power Industry

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The Russian Far East is much 

reliant on TASED foundation. It is 
supposed that the organization 
of these platforms will allow to 
realize large-scale projects on 


 table terms at the expense 

of the particular tax regime and 
other preferences, and as for Far 
Easterners, it will help to improve 
living circumstances due to the 
development of infrastructure and 
new vacant positions.

The corresponding infrastruc-

ture shall be developed according 
to the requirements of the advanc-
ing social and economic develop-
ment territories. At this stage of 

the law implementation in all ter-
ritories there is the preparation 
for construction of thoroughfares, 
erection of TASED objects and 
engineering infrastructure. But 
the power engineering is still the 
basis point for implementation of 
almost all projects. It is important 
to organize the electrical network 
infra structure in TASED creation
areas, the other production sphe-
res will make their way after power 

Ambitious targets for connection 

of TASED installations to power 
supply are assigned to Far East 
power engineering specialists. 


ower supply

In the spring of 2015 the Federal law “About the Territories of the Advancing 

Social and Economic Development in the Russian Federation” came into force. 

The law became a starting point for economy of the Far East encouragement and 

various state programs running.

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Specialists of the companies have 
already started the preparation of 
energy infrastructure units in six 
regions of the Far East. As a result 
of the adopted laws on TASED 
this work became possible in the 
Amur River and Sakhalin regions, 
Primorsk, Khabarovsk and Kam-
chatka regions, the Republic of 
Sakha. All units have to be con-
nected to power supply during 

Besides, DRSK (part of PJSC 

“RAO Energy Systems of the 
East”) power engineering specia-
lists are preparing for large-scale 
construction of electric substation 
and the HVTL for the connection 
to power supply of units of the gas 
and transportation system “Force 
of Siberia” and the Amurskaya gas 
processing plant.

Today the companies of the 

Holding “RAO ES of the East” 
order projects of future power 
facilities, the equipment, lay 
tracks of the new high voltage 
lines on maps, look for contractors 
for the construction – generally, 
they are actively busy by the 
implementation of requests for 
technological accession of TASED 
future units, “Power of Siberia” 

gas transmission system and 
Amurskaya gas-processing plant.

“One of the key problems of 

the Far East power engineering 
is a small amount of large con su-
mers”, Sergey Tolstoguzov, PJSC 
“RAO Energy Systems of the 
East” CEO, tells. Also he notes 
that today the situation is a little 
changed. Construction of new 
power facilities is an indicator of 
industrial and economic growth of 
the region. The huge work has to 
be done in the future. It is required 
to contribute more 


 nancial  and 

human resources. But gradually, 
step by step, we will complete the 
task that the government has set 
for us”.

Estimating the scales of units 

construction within TASED power 
engineering specialists clearly 
understand the discrepancy of 
capacity of the existing electrical 
network infrastructure to qualify-
ing standards. According to the 
available requests to DRSK for 
the connection of units in TASED 
until the end of 2018 DRSK needs 
to provide the load till 210 MW for 
customers with the subsequent 
load gain till 250 MW. Kamchatks-
Energo needs to provide a load 

gain of 43 MW, YakutskEnergo – 
4 MW. 

“The company has already 

started the preparation of new 
power facilities for TASED 
development in three regions 
of the Far East. It is important 
to emphasize that the power 
engineering is a basis point of 
construction not only in TASED, 
but also all infrastructure for that. 
We are short in time. Therefore 
today the support and coordination 
of actions of authorities and 
investors are very important”, Yury 
Andreenko, CEO of JSC DRSK 



Among the largest applicants 

on ful



llment of technological 

connection to the electrical 
networks in the Amur River region 
is TASED “Priamurskaya” oriented 
to import-substituting production 
of construction materials and oil 
products, and also to rendering 
the transport and logistic and other 
services. Within the creation of 
this territory there is planned to 
construct the Amurskaya petroleum 
processing plant near the village 

DRSK power engineering specialists have started new

power facilities preparation for the development of TASED

in three regions of the Far East

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Beryozovka of the Ivanovskiy 
Region. The contracted capacity of 
the connected unit will be 50 MW. 
Power engineering specialists 
have to build the high voltage line 
of 110 kV about 35 kilometers long 
and a new electrical substation of 
110 kV.

For power supply of oil-extract-

ing and formula-feed plants of 
agro-industrial Amurskaya TASED 
“Belogorsk” total load of 7 MW 
there will be necessary to recon-
struct the electrical substation of 
35/10 kV and to build the high volt-
age line of 10 kV with the electrical 
substation of 10/0.4 kV.

There is planned to con-

nect such large units as TASED 
“Mikhaylovsky” and “Bolshoy Ka-
men” (A Big Stone) to the DRSK 
network in Primorsky region. 
TASED “Mikhaylovsky” speci-
alizes in location of agro-industry 
and the centers of processing and 
logistics of agricultural products 
in Chernigovsky, Spassky and 
Mikhaylovsky municipal districts of 
Primorsky region. The maximum 
capacity will be 56.65 MW. For 
TASED “Bolshoy Kamen” where 
a ship-building cluster is based on 
the Far East center of shipbuild-
ing and ship repairing, the capac-

ity of the connected units will be 
about 31.7 MW. PDA in Primorsky 
region will allow to enhance the 
effect of shipbuilding development 
based on the complex “Zvezda”.

The work on ensuring power 

supply of air terminal complex of 
the Khabarovsk International Air-
port in Khabarovsk region is car-
ried out for development of TASED 
“Khabarovsk”. Within the next four 
years the airport of the regional 
capital will become one of the
largest air hubs of the interna-
tional importance in the Far East. 
The additional electric capacities 
will be necessary for it. For this 
purpose the events for overall re-
construction of the electrical sub-
station of 110/35/6 kV “GVR” sup-
plying with electricity the airport 
are carrying out. Today there was 
completed the installation of the 
third power transformer of 110 kV 
that will allow to increase the elec-
tric capacity of the electrical sub-
station by 25 MBA (or 50 percent) 
of the existing indicators. Power 
supplying possibilities of the reno-
vate center will meet not only cri-
teria of the extending air transpor-
tation center, but also it will allow 
to connect new applicants to the 
DRSK network. DRSK experts 

plan to complete the reconstruc-
tion of the electrical substation 
110/35/6 “GVR” by the end of this 

Within TASED “Khabarovsk” 

there is performed the preparatory 
work on connection of the objects 
for the platform “Rakitnoe”, in par-
ticular, the plant on recycling of 
scrap steel of nonferrous metals, 
the contracted capacity is 55 MW. 
The documents for technological 
connection of the industrial park 
“Avangard” objects in Khabarovsk 
(capacity is 14.6 MW) are pre-
pared. It will be necessary to con-
struct the electrical substation of 
110 kV with the high voltage line 
of 110 kV for power supply.

The issues concerning the pow-

er supply of objects of the platform 
“Parus” in TASED “Komsomolsk” 
in Komsomolsk-on-Amur (capacity 
is 9 MW) are discussed.

Within the engineering infra-

structure development for the 
territory of the advancing de-
velopment “Kamchatka” PJSC 
“KamchatksEnergo” will provide 
the energy to the future platform 
of a tourist cluster in borders of 
the Paratunsky rural village, the 
maximum capacity is 7.1 MW. The 
Kamchatka power engineering 

 Substation 110/35/10 kV «GVR» is the main supplying 
center of the Khabarovsk airport. Specialists plan


 nish reconstruction by the end of the current year

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spe cialists plan to construct a new 
electrical substation of 35/10 kV 
“Tourist cluster” (2×10 MBA), 
to perform seven complete and 
transforming substations of 
10/0.4 kV, to install about 14 km of 
new power lines in 2016-2017 in 
the village Paratunka. Besides, in 
2016-2017 within the investment 
program of the company for con-
nection of new objects there will 
be performed the reconstruction 
of own objects – air-lines of 35 kV 
“Bugry – Paratunka” and  “Sos-
novka – RPC”.

PJSC “YakutskEnergo” per-

forms the work concerning the 
construction of the power supply 
complex of the industrial park in 
the village Kangalassy, capacity 
is 2.955 MW. The input is planned 
in 2018. The project provides to 
enter the production of expanded 
polystyrene, sustained 


 re boilers, 

polyethylene pipes, insulating 
glass units, the plastic container, 
production of biological petroleum 
sorbents and chemical production 
near the capital of Yakutia.

In 2020 in the Megino-Kanga-

lassky ulus of the Republic of Sa-
kha (Yakutia) there is planned the 
input of the territory of the advanc-

ing development “Za rechie”. It will
include two plants: production of
methanol and the condensed na-
tural gas. “Yakutsk Energo” will pro -
vide technological connection of 
these objects with capacity of 56 MW.

Power Facilities 

for Gas Workers

“Gazprom”, the large industrial 

power consumer comes into the 
Amur River region. Taking into ac-
count the ful


 lment of all requests 

for technological connection that 
the company gets today from gas 
workers the load in the DRSK net-
works will grow almost by 10%.

In the Amur and southern Yakut 

DRSK branches there are already 
25 requests for technological con-
nection of objects of cross-country 
gas pipeline “Force of Siberia” and 
11 requests concerning the ob-
jects of the Amurskaya GPP. The 
total contracted capacity is about 
75 MW. 56 MW of them are in the 
Amur River region. 

“The representatives of authori-

 ties are involved in the organiza-
tion of power supply of the objects 
where it is necessary to provide 

the main work on connection of 
linear-type facilities and the Amur 
GPP. Together with the Amur re-
gion government we managed 
to reach the agreement on all is-
sues requiring joint consideration 
in short terms,” – Yury Andreenko 

The electrical substation “Za-

vodskaya” of 35/10 kV is erecting 
for providing technological con-
nection to electric networks of two 
objects of LLC “Gazprom Pro-
cessing Blagoveshchensk”. One 
of them is a platform of manufac-
tured buildings and constructions 
of the construction camp as a part 
of the “The Amurskaya GPP” 
building. The second is a building 
area and auxiliary objects of  that 
plant. According to two requests 
the general contracted capacity is 
9.8 MW. 

Today three objects of the gas 

pipeline are already connected 
to the electric network ahead of 
schedule. Now specialists calcu-
late the amount of construction 
of power lines and the electrical 
substations and also investments. 
All requests for the connection of
objects need to be ful


 lled until the 

end of 2017. 

New power units construction
is one more proof of economic
development of the region

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In the spring of 2015 the Federal law “About the Territories of the Advancing Social and Economic Development in the Russian Federation” came into force. The law became a starting point for economy of the Far East encouragement and various state programs running.


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