“ELSIB” Contribution to the Far East Power Engineering

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Blagoveshchenskaya CHPP (2nd 
construction stage); CHPP in 
Sovetskaya Gavan (Khabarovsk 
Territory); Sakhalinskaya SDPP-2 
(1st construction stage). It is planned 
to construct and put into operation 
the Heat Power Plants in 2017. 
RPE PJSC “ELSIB” is a participant 
of two projects: the Heat Power 
Plant in Sovetskaya Gavan and the 
Sakhalinskaya SDPP-2.

In construction of the CHPP 

in Sovetskaya Gavan RPE PJSC 
“ELSIB” acts as a single-source 
manufacturer of turbine units: two 
home-produced turbo-generators 
TF-63-2UZ, two steam turbines 
and service equipment. The con-

tract was signed in 2011 with PJSC 
“RAO Energy Systems of the East”. 
The equipment has already been 
produced and it will be completely 
delivered to the unit in 2016.

It should be noted that a new 

Combined Heat and Power Plant 
in Sovetskaya Gavan will play 
a prominent strategic role in the 
power engineering infrastructure 
of the city providing the realization 
of the projects concerning engi-
neering procurement construction 
of the multi-pro


 le harbor and ship 

repairing center, container anchor-
age terminals and coal terminals, 
production for 


 sh and seafood


Shipment of the TF-63-2UZ turbo-generator stator
to the Sakhalinskaya SDPP-2


PJSC “RusHydro” completes the large-scale projects in the Far East. Next year 

520 MW of new generating capacities will appear there. 252 MW are the generation 

equipment including turbo-generators of Research and Production Enterprise


Extension of a huge territory 

from Baikal to the Paci


 c  Ocean: 

large-scale engineering procure-
ment construction, turn to the East 
of such basic industries of the Rus-
sian economy, as petroleum, gas, 
transport – is the engine of moderni-
zation and strategic reserve of Rus-
sia in the 21st century.

By the Decree of the President 

of Russia dated the 22.11.2012 
50 billion rubles have been con-
tributed to the registered capital of the 
federal hydro-generating company 
“RusHydro” to 


 nance a construction 

of four power generation facilities on 
the territory of Far East: Yakutskaya 
SDPP-2 (1st construction stage); 

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According to the signed contract 

of RPE PJSC “ELSIB” two turbo-
generators TF-63-2U3 will be deliv-
ered to the Sakhalinskaya SDPP-2.

Putting into operation of the 1st 

construction stage of the Sakha lin-
skaya SDPP-2 will allow repla cing of 
the dropout equipment of the power 
supply system of the island. The 



turbo-generators were put into oper-
ation in the mid-sixties of the XX cen-
tury. And also it will create strict 
power reserve and as surance fac-
tor of power engineering infrastruc-
ture for prospective develop ment of 
economy of Sakhalin. It is planned 
the construction and the commis-
sioning of two construction stages 
that will help to increase the ca-
pacity of the power plant till 360 MW.

Proven for Use

According to Dmitry Bez 


nitsyn, CEO of the company, the 
RPE Public joint stock company 
“ELSIB” has been chosen as 
the partner and as a supplier of 
the reliable effective generation 
equipment for several reasons:

 First, power engineering equip-

ment from “ELSIB” is widely pro-
vided on the territory of the Far 
East. So, 61 turbo-generators by 
aggregate capacity of 4 653 MW 
were delivered to the PJSC “RAO 
Energy Systems of the East” at dif-
ferent times. That has 55.1% of in-
stalled capacity of the generation 
company. 46 turbo-generators are 
delivered to the construction sites 
of JSC “Far Eastern Generation 
Company”. The share of our turbo-
generators in the balance of 
Sakhalin island constitutes 87.5% 
of the installed capacity. It means 
that the company has already 
been successfully proved to be 
one of the most reliable and it has 

The performed overhauls of “ELSIB” for the last 3 years in the Far East

2014 Southern Sakhalinskaya CHPP-1 

of JSC SakhalinEnergo

Overhaul of the TVF-63 turbo-

generator stator

2015 JSC KamchatksEnergo

Overhaul of TVF-110 with 

production and replacement of 

retaining rings in the conditions 

of the station

2015 Khabarovskaya CHPP-1


Replacement of TVF-100 

primary winding

2015 JSC DGK, branch LUTEK

Overhaul of the TVF-120 rotor

gained a solid reputation in the
Far East.

Secondly, the high level of the 

operational integrity has been shown 
by a long experience of operation 
of 46 air cooled turbo-generators 
like TF with capacity of 32-160 MW 
of our enterprise production in 
Combined Heat and Power Plants 
of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus 
and Kyrgyzstan. I note that the 
production is performed by classical 
technology of vacuum pressure 
impregnation of isolation and the 
curing of stator winding bar with the 
subsequent dressing in the stator 
slots. The technology of separate 
preparation and installation of stator 
winding bar provides a high repair 
capability of the turbo-generator 
in the conditions of the pant. Air 
cooled turbo-generators can be 
installed not only in case of new 
building blocks construction, but 
also in slightly modi


 ed  existing 

bases of the hydrogen cooled 
turbo-generators that outlive useful-

Thirdly, the consumers pay 

much attention not only to the qual-
ity of products, timely execution of 
the liabilities under the contracts, but 
also convenient and operational ser-
vice. It is necessary to say that we 
cooperate with PJSC “RAO Energy 
Systems of the East” in the area of 
service for more than 20 years. A full 
range of services includes technical 
consultations of all types, technical 
support and technical guidance in 
case of repair, erection operations, 
remedial work and adjustment work, 
equipment inspection, upgrade and 
reconstruction, preparation of ope-
rating instructions and repair docu-
mentation, assistance in forming of 
member lists and production sup-
ply and so on. At the same time the 


 c list of service and degree 

of “ELSIB” employee engagement 
are custom-tailored. Development 
of complex service is one of our 
strategic areas. First of all, since it 
is a logical continuation of the made 
equipment lifecycle.

Touch Points

Today Russia claims the status 

of one of the world leaders. The real 
help to perform this role contains 
in timely crucial decisions aimed at 
the development of internal capacity 
of the country and the certain, 
strategically important regions, such 
as the Russian Far East.

Task set by the government for 

public joint stock company “Rus-
Hydro” is to update the Far East 

The engineering procurement 

construction project work – CHPP in 
Sovetskaya Gavan and the Sakha-
linskaya SDPP-2, capable to make 
the essential contribution to the in-
crease of the energy ef


 ciency  of 

the Russian power engineering in-
dustry, meeting the requirements of 
upgrade of the Russian economy 
for RPE PJSC “ELSIB” – the heavy 
responsibility and an excellent op-
portunity to show the competence. 
Relying on the production and sci-


 c base “ELSIB” has proved that 

it is capable to perform the tasks of 
federal level, turning out products 
conforming to the highest quality re-

In prospective plans of power 

engineering development in the 
Far East are construction and 
upgrade of the Vladivostokskaya 
CHPP-2, Artemovskaya CHPP 
and the Khabarovskaya CHPP-4. 
RPE PJSC “ELSIB” will take part 
in tenders and it 


 ghts for the right 

to deliver the generators and other 
electric power equipment. 


Tel.: (383) 298-93-49

e-mail: pakorolev@elsib.ru


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PJSC “RusHydro” completes the large-scale projects in the Far East. Next year 520 MW of new generating capacities will appear there. 252 MW are the generation equipment including turbo-generators of Research and Production Enterprise PJSC “ELSIB”.


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