Distributed resources control system for rescue and recovery operations

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4–7 September, 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia

Asset and Risk Management

Distributed resources control 

system for rescue and 

recovery operations

By Ruslan MAGADEEV (




), Director,

 Oleg SUKHOV (





 director deputy, Department of operations and process management,

 Sergei KUZHEKOV (




), director deputy

 of Department of automated systems of technological management, JSC “Russian Grids”


ecently industry and agriculture, and residen-
tial customers have faced the increased signi



cance of the effects of major, including bulk 
contingencies in the integrated power grid, 

which in turn is conditioned by a progressive growth in 
power availability in all spheres of human activity and its 
involvement in direct dependence on electricity. 

One of the possible ways to accelerate considerably 

process of restoring electricity for consumers can be the 
use of automated control systems based on geo-informa-
tion technologies, allowing to improve the effectiveness 
of decision-making in emergency rehabilitation, the con-
trol of their implementation, reporting of power grid com-
panies, Federal Executive agencies and other interested 
organizations and agencies on the progress of works on 
liquidation of consequences of accidents.

Distributed resource manage-

ment system for disaster recovery 
(the System) which is currently 
being implemented in JSC Hol-
ding IDGC


 and its subsidiaries 

and af


 liates can serve as an ex-



Analysis of a number of ma-

jor accidents and emergencies 
occurred in recent years in the 
integrated power grid of the asso-
ciated companies of JSC Holding 
IDGC including exposure to natu-
ral weather phenomena (snow de-
posits and slush build-up, ice de-
posit, strong wind, etc.) led to the 
need to enhance the effectiveness 

of decision and control of the management decisions in 
rescue and recovery operations (R&RO).

The expedience of the immediate creation of the Sys-

tem was preconditioned by management practices and 
experience in the management of the consequences of 
«sleet» at the end of December 2010 — January 2011 
that resulted in failure of more than 200 of 35—220 kV 
overhead lines, de-energizing of 130 substations of 35—
220 kV and more than 10 thousand of 6—10/0.4 kV 
transformer substations as well as brownout of more than 
350 000 residents of the Moscow region.

In order to resolve the problem and inform JSC Hol-

ding IDGC authorities, federal executives and other inter-
ested communities about rescue and recovery operations 
on a timely basis, in March 2011, JSC Holding IDGC 
started to develop the System. 

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info@eepr.ru,   www.eepr.ru


This automated system is designed as a referral system 

operating as in normal operation of JSC Holding IDGC 
integrated power grid as under emergencies and contin-
gencies, federal level including, to coordinate emergency 
response and restoration operations, display incoming of 
current, reporting, reference and other information neces-
sary to make corresponding decisions. 

The System is a software package based on geo-infor-

mation platform ArcServer 10, designed to:
•  automatic data acquisition, processing and storage of 

current, reporting information related to contingencies, 
emergencies and referral information of subsidiaries 
and associates of the company and providing access 
to this information for all persons, communities and 
authorities concerned; 

•  effective asset management (manpower and resources) 

necessary to contingency and emergency response 
including correspondence of attracted resources (number 
and team, special-purpose machines, equipment and 
materials specialization) to the scale and concrete forms 
of emergency response and restoration operations;

•  information mapping with reference to site-speci



contingency and emergency response, scaling feature, 
availability of information of the grid equipment and 
allocation of resources used for emergency response 
and other referral information. 




At present specialists of JSC TC “Geoinformatika”, 

LCC «Data+» and JSC «Sitroniks» in cooperation with 
other operating teams of JSC Holding IDGC technical 

unit implemented into the System the following functional 

  visualization of mapping and thematic layers over the 

whole RF territory:

•  cartographic base using “Public Cadastral Map” free 


•  cartographic base using OpenStreetMap (as reserve 


•  cartographic base using ArcGIS Online free resource;
•  administrative-territorial division of the RF;
•  time zone information;
•  overhead transmission lines of 35 kV and over (the sys-

tem contains more than 20 000);

•  substations of 35 kV and over (more than 14 000);
•  mobile crews (more than 500);
•  emergency storages (more than 1.5 thousand);
•  events (incidents, disturbances, emergency situations 

and other contingencies);

•   grid operator, its subsidiary companies and operating di-

visions (OD), operational responsibility areas;

•   climatic zonation (wind loading, thunderstorm activity, 

ice wall thickness, conductor galloping);

•   dangerous unfavorable meteorological weather fore-

cast over the RF territory;

   map control: 

•   map content control;
•   map scaling;
•   real-time time map scale display;
•  real-time cursor coordinate display;
• distance 


• surface 


•  map extent history control;
•  overview map control;

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4–7 September, 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia

• map 


•  map section print;

  getting rated values of objects:

•  OHL 35 kV and over;
•  substations 35 kV and over;
• mobile 


• emergency 


  search by attributes: 

•  line search by dispatch name and voltage class;
•  line search by names of subsidiaries and associates of 

the company, af


 liates and DO;

•  substations search by dispatch name and voltage class;
•  substations search by names of subsidiaries and associ-

ates of the company, af


 liates and DO;

•  mobile crew and emergency storage search by names of 

subsidiaries and associates of the company;

•  operating responsibility zone search;

  providing information exchange and reporting during 

rescue and recovery operations:

•  input and editing of operational information about the 

consequences of the accident 
and on the R&RO with geo-
referenced description of the 
event to the accident; 

•  the formation of consolidated 

operations, reporting, back-
ground information, as well as 
information on the R&RO on 
the basis of information coming 
from the SAC with the desired 
frequency, parameters and for-
mats set;

•  operating data SMS distribution 

to interested persons;

•  operating data e-mail distribu-

tion to interested persons;

  data protection and assignment 

of access privileges;





and loading of pass-
ports of transmission 
facilities — overhead 
power lines, substations, 
warehouses emergency 
stocks of mobile crews. 
It should be noted that 
system development 
process is ongoing. 
Currently, communica-
tion using similar GIS 
operating in the Min-
istry of Energy of the 
Russian Federation and 
JSC «FGC UES» was 
organized. This enabled 
to display the System 
power supply facilities 
and shared resources of 

JSC «FGC UES», as well as power generation facili-
ties. Expansion of the volume of information in the 
system makes it possible during the coming autumn 
and winter period 2012/13 to organize the sharing of 
the System for the elimination of major accidents in-
volving objects of both companies.


The use of GIS technology in the power industry has 

great prospects. In the near future it is planned to expand 
the System functionality in terms of the following options:

  integration with other automated systems: 

•  ERP-systems and systems of JSC «IDGC Holding» 

asset management of subsidiaries and af



•  GIS electric power industry entities, organizations and 


  creation of additional groups of layers on 


 res, thun-



 oods, and other hazards with the built-in 

array of risks operating in real time and having the fol-
lowing features:

Asset and Risk Management

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info@eepr.ru,   www.eepr.ru

Transmission facilities 

and distribution re-

sourses of «FGS UES»

Geographic location of 

OHL, electric power 

substations, line sectors, 

emergency stocks, etc.


And more electric power 

substantions 35 kV

geographic locations, main 

technical characteristics, 

substation schemes


Mobile crews 

basing geographic 

locations, crew 

and logistic staff


Emergency stocks 

of equipment and 


stock geographic loca-

tion, full stock-list, stock 



And more OHL 35 kV 

geographic location with 

electivity pylons, main tech-

nical characteristics

•  estimate the severity of the consequences of hazards; 
• identi


 cation of objects in a high-risk, warning of the 


•  issue appropriate recommendations to operational and 

maintenance personnel;

  creation of the monitoring subsystem and logistics 

movement of vehicles of mobile crews involved in the 
R&RO with the following features:

•  real-time monitoring of special-purpose machines and 

technology vehicles, display mobile crews vehicles in 
the system;

•  mobile crew vehicle optimal route determination to 

R&RO site basing on the nature of rescue and recovery 
operations, road condition, level of completeness of mobile 
crews with spare parts and accessories, emergency 
storage completeness and location etc.;

•  delivery management of emergency stocks to R&RO 

with the laying of opti-
mal routes when there 
are constraints (roads, 
bridges, tunnels, fer-
ries, etc.) along with 
movement monitor-

•  preparation of reports 

and documents needed 
for the route approval 
and providing escorts 
to the corresponding 
services (EMERCOM 
of Russia, State Auto-
mobile Inspectorate, 



crew” layer to all 
crews of the subsidiar-
ies and af


 liates (



service, repair and 
other crews);

 creating analytical subsys-

tem with the following capa-
• failure analysis/equipment 
downtime, identi


 cation  of 

the cause of electricity net-
work equipment damagea-
• identi


 cation of duplicate 

or similar accidents, complex 
technological violations and 
emergency situations and 
their causes;
• development of emergency 
response plans, elimination 
of complex technological 
accidents and violations of 
emergency situations, as well 
as measures to prevent them 

taking into account the experience and achievements 
of the associated companies of JSC IDGC Holding;

  Add layer groups «Cadastral map of the Russian Fed-

eration (the subject of the Russian Federation, district, 
cadastral unit, land security and subsidiaries and af



ates protection zones);

  cartographic application of the progress of current re-

pair and reconstruction works as well as the execution 
of investment programs of the associated companies of 
JSC IDGC Holding;

  maintain and update the network topology (the for-

mation and maintenance of up to date power grid 
model objects information allowing to structure and 
register the equipment with reference to land and 
protection zones as well as to keep the history of 
repairs and maintenance of the power grid equip-

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Recently industry and agriculture, and residential customers have faced the increased significance of the effects of major, including bulk contingencies in the integrated power grid, which in turn is conditioned by a progressive growth in power availability in all spheres of human activity and its involvement in direct dependence on electricity.


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