Cooperation in the field of intelligent energy

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DIGEST, February, 2014


Smart Grid

— The 4th Interna-

tional Exhibition “INT’L 
is held within the scope of 
the World Smart Energy 
Week together with other 

events like the exhibition of rechargeable accumulator 
batteries (Battery Japan), exhibition of hydrogen and 
fuel components (FC Expo), exhibition of solar system 
(PV System Expo), exhibition of environmental-
friendly construction (Eco House & Eco Building 
Expo), exhibition of solar power generation (PV Expo), 
exhibition of wind power (Wind Expo), exhibition of 
processing technologies (Enetech Japan). How does 
INT’L SMART GRID EXPO relate to these events? Are 
they competitors?

— Such a format of showcasing of world industry and 

energy modern achievements in the 


 eld of intelligent 

networks is chosen not accidentally. Each of the events 
within the World Smart Energy Week allows professionals 
of relative skills and directions the most in-depth studying 
of selected topics, to build dialogue with a range of experts 
dealing with the same issues and the same interests.

At the same time all the exhibition shows complement 

each other, creating a uni


 ed information space around 

the «Smart grids» topic. This allows specialists in various 
areas of energy meet and discuss with other professionals 
related cross-border issues and generate balanced technical 
solutions, build business relationships.

The proposed concept is maximally comfortable for 

heads of enterprises operating in the 


 eld of «Smart grids». 

Depending on the objectives pursued, the leaders are able 
to get an integrated view of prospects for the development 
of this trend, to visit as quickly as possible all interested 
exhibitors, to hold business talks with the participation of 
all the parties concerned or delve into the discussion of a 


 c problem.

Thus, all shows presented at the World Smart Energy 

Week work to achieve a common outcome: provide all 
persons concerned with necessary information on prospects 
for the development of «Smart grids», facilitating the 

establishment of business connections and the promoting 
best ideas and technologies in the 



— In recent years many exhibitions and business 

events are held under «Smart Grid» and «Smart 
Energy» marks. What is unique about INT’L SMART 
GRID EXPO in Tokyo?

— Recently the subject of «Smart grids» is extremely 

popular. However, despite the similarity of names, our 
observations show that the thematic content of exhibition 
and business activities carried out by various organizers 
differs. We believe that the reason for such differences in 


 rst place lays in the lack of unanimous understanding 

in professional circles of Smart grids ideology, various 
degree of readiness of the power grid to implementation 
of this ideology and the differences in the development 
of appropriate technologies. Many experts and energy 
industry specialists who have a thorough knowledge of the 
structure and features of the existing power grid believe that 
the implementation of the «Smart grid» ideology is related 
to the automation of production processes and building 
a corresponding management system. Accordingly, 
given these views and the interests of the participants, 
many events on the smart grid ideology are devoted to 
the development of information and communication 
technologies in the energy sector.

In our view, the «smart grid» ideology is much broader 

than general organization of process control automation 
system in a single grid. The latest world trends in the 
power sector de


 ne direction of development for power 

system interconnections; building an effective system 
of energy resources exchange and overall strengthening 
energy security. To solve these fundamental problems 
power system automation, no matter how intelligent it 
is, is not enough. It requires an examination of a set of 
technologies aimed to achieve these goals.

That is why the World Smart Energy Week invites 

all visitors to get an integrated view on the issues of 
smart grid building. Our show not only covers the IT/
communication technologies and services, it covers other 
important segments such as wind power, PV, hydrogen & 
fuel cells and rechargeable batteries. Also what’s unique 

Cooperation in the field of 

intelligent energy

Interview with Takeshi TANAKA,

Show Director, World Smart Energy Week

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about our World Smart Energy Week is that the individual 
8 shows are independently all world class/Asia’s leading 
specialized B-to-B shows.

— What are the main objectives of INT’L SMART 

GRID EXPO holding? What results do organizers 
expect to obtain?

— Our main aim is to support the business between 

exhibitors and visitors and contribute to further 
development of the industry through our show. 

We believe this will be achieved by the following 

•  increase in the number of smart city projects 

implemented by various countries, regions subsequent 
dissemination of best practices on a global scale, taking 
into account regional peculiarities;

•  raise awareness of energy companies specialists 

about the features and capabilities of technology 
and equipment for the construction of «smart grids», 
which in turn will create conditions for increasing the 
number of purchases of products and technologies and, 
consequently, their distribution;

•  increase in the number of partnership established 

between exhibitors and visitors.

— Many global companies that establish trends in 

the industry for years to come take part in the exhibition 
and business events. Do they expect world premiere of 
new developments (equipment, technologies) in the fi eld 
of smart grid construction during the 4th International 

— INT’L SMART GRID EXPO is annually gaining 

popularity, gaining credibility among professionals and 
experts of Energy and Industry. It is expected that the 
INT’L SMART GRID EXPO — 2014 will bring together 
over 1,510 exhibitors from more than 30 countries. Total 
number of visitors of the exhibition will exceed 80,000 

We certainly hope that the 

exhibition would be a strategic 
and effective platform for the 
development of new products 
and technologies. A lot of 
promising new technologies 
in virtually all areas of the 
development of «smart grid» 
were presented at the 2013-year 
exhibition. Most of them were 
highly appreciated by experts 
in this 


 eld and received a 

lot of recommendations for 
further improvement.


EXPO — 2014 you have 
the opportunity to meet with 
well-known world-class 
companies that will present 
to the participants their latest 
developments and the results 

of many-year perfection of known technologies; and with 
debutants, in the course of communication with which 
you may change your view on the now traditional notions 
of intelligent networks. In any case each of exhibitors and 
visitors will 


 nd and open a lot of interesting and new, and 

will become a full member of the expert community in the 


 eld of building smart grid.

— What business events are scheduled during the 

exhibition and what are most special of them, in your 

— The list of World Smart Energy Week events is 

very long and is formed so as to satisfy interests of almost 
any exhibitor. Each of the thematic platforms holds a 
lot of events it would take too much time to make a full 
enumeration of it here. Besides I draw your attention that 
the exhibition is visited by many organized delegations of 
various countries, each of which has its own program of 
business events. To navigate through all this variety we 
recommend using the of


 cial guides, information posted 

on the of


 cial website, as well as the services of on-site 

staff and help desk working directly with the exhibitions.

— Generally speaking, the conception of the term 

«Smart Grid» is different in countries and companies. 
Does INT’L SMART GRID EXPO set the objective to 
support unifi cation and standardization processes in 
this fi eld (terminology, concepts, data communication 
protocols, etc.)?

— Given the global trends which we talked about 

above, the solution to the issue of standardization in the 


 eld of «smart grid» is indeed one of the main tasks. We 

respect the open competition so we would like to leave it 
up to the industry professionals to develop the uni



standardization. We try to contribute by putting the best 
efforts to provide the best platform and environment to 
carry out the business negotiations.

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Interview with Takeshi TANAKA, Show Director, World Smart Energy Week.


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