CHP in Sovetskaya Gavan: Power Plant of Bright Hope

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New Energy

of the Far East

150 meters long chimney has 

been built for three months. It is 
possible to see it from all corners 
of the city. Hundreds of power 
transmission towers were built 
in Sovetskaya Gavan District 
and Vaninsky District. 55 meters 
long main building is erecting. 
All those facilities will provide 
reliable power supply, year-round 
hot water, business development 
and construction of houses in the 

A new power plant is growing in the port city on the coast of the Tatar

Strait. New CHP is  being built at the very heart of Sovetskaya Gavan.

After commissioning phase, the city will reach a new level of development.

Ports, terminals and railway, which will have more load by reason

of new plants presence, wait for energy.

What Do We 


Power engineering facilities 

construction is in its most active 
phase on the mainland shore 
of the Tatar Strait. Construction 
activities take place in all areas. 
The erection of three boilers and 
construction of main building are 
carried out on the main building 
area. The foundations for the two 

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turbine sets are also built in the 
main building. Both turbine sets 
have already been delivered. 
A huge number of foundations were 
situated on the place of the future 
outdoor switchgear 110 kV. The 
outdoor switchgear will connect 
the power plant generators to the 
electrical grid and provide high-
quality and reliable power supply 
for consumers. The complex of 
equipment for unloading coal 
and feeding coal to boilers is 
constructed. In case of full CHP 
loading, it will be necessary to 
have 90 tons of solid fuel per hour 
or about 40 carloads of coal per 
twenty-four hours.

In order to deliver such quan-

tity of coal from the Baikal-Amur 
Mainline to CHP, power engineers 
have built a railway line with a to-
tal length of 13.8 km. 334 power 
transmission towers for transmis-
sion of electric energy from the 
CHP have already been erected. 
One part of such power transmis-
sion towers was built in November 
last year. Currently it is supplying  
the building area. In the future it 
will provide the customers with 
electric energy. Construction of the 
second part of those power trans-

mission towers, which includes 
a 37 kilo meters long power trans-
mission line for the neighboring 
village of Vanino and a 14.2 kilo-
meters long one for a new electric 
substation “Okocha”, is nearing to 
completion. All power transmis-
sion towers will be ready for elec-
tric energy transmission next year.

Vacant Positions 

for Employees

The building area and others 

CHP facilities offer job oppor-
tunities to more than 700 workers. 
Nevertheless, the number of 
people is still not enough for the 
con struc tion. Builders of power 
engineering facilities constantly 
recruit new staff. However, it is 
not so easy as it was expected to 


 nd people for work under rough 

conditions of remote areas, which 
can be equal to those of the Far 

Despite the harsh climate and 



 cult working conditions, power 

engineers strive to make the 
surrounding better. For instance, 
the employees of the customer 
and developer of JSC «CHP 
in Sovetskaya Gavan» station 
actively participate in the social 
life of the city like fund-raising to 
assist children from poor families, 
supporting projects for the 
development of recreational areas 
and helping a local animal shelter. 
Undoubtedly, such initiatives 
together with the construction of 
large power facility will give a great 
impulse to the development 
of social life in Sovetskaya

Hundreds power transmission towers

were erected in Sovetsko-Gavansky

and Vaninsky regions

CHP facilities provide

more than 700 vacancies

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The builders do not forget 

about professional staff for the fu-
ture CHP. For example, JSC “CHP 
in Sovetskaya Gavan” helped 
a technical school of Sovetskaya 
Gavan to obtain a license in order 
to train thermal engineers for the 
CHP. It is assumed that the new 
CHP will become the main suppli-
er of the vacant positions. The 



student recruitment has already 
started, and three company em-
ployees have entered to magistral 
staff of the technical school.

What Shall We 


The most important part of the 

work will be in the future. It will be 
necessary to complete the erec-
tion and make a success ful com-
missioning of boilers and turbines. 
The plan of com 

mis sioning and 

overall tests of the main power 
plant equipment has been pre-
pared and approved. It is also 
necessary to perform the con-
struction of scheme of heat ca-
pacity distribution from the CHP to 
consumers. The tendering results 
of the general contractor selection 
have already been announced. 
The work will begin very soon.

The new CHP is uninterrupted 

and cost-effective energy supply 





satisfying the growing demand for electricity and heat 
energy in Sovgavansky District,


assurance a reliable power supply for local consumers and 
facilities of seaports


Electrical capacity:  

120 MW


Heat capacity:


200 Gcal/h



coal from Urgalsk



opulation of the

Khabarovsk Territory:


1.3 million people


Population of

Sovetskaya Gavan city:


25 thousand people

and all-year hot water supply 
for the city. Moreover, new CHP 
gives a possibility to disuse the 
ecologically unclean oil-



boi lers, which are about ten in 
number in the city. Particularly, 
the new power facility is im-
portant for developing port area
and special economic
zone “Sovetskaya Gavan”. Gene-
 rating capacities of Sov 


skaya CHP will give a part of 
energy in order to implement 
capital investment projects for 
the development of the Vanino-
Sovetsko-Gavansky transport and 
industrial hub.

“Now we are creating energy 

infrastructure, which is strategi-
cally important for the economic 
development of Sovetskaya Ga-
van, and also we are working on 
the future economic development 
of the Far East. Obviously, the 
city will become more convenient 
for life, as a result”,  JSC “CHP in 
Sovet skaya Gavan” General Di-
rector Ivan Provodin stated. It  is 
hard to argue with such a state-
ment. Evidently, the construction 
of a new CHP gives a right for 
the people to hope that the life 
in the taiga city by the sea will

Boiler room. Erection of boilers # 2 and # 3



t s





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A new power plant is growing in the port city on the coast of the Tatar Strait. New CHP is being built at the very heart of Sovetskaya Gavan. After commissioning phase, the city will reach a new level of development. Ports, terminals and railway, which will have more load by reason of new plants presence, wait for energy.


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